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6 June SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP



Panetta Tells India to Play More Active Role in Afghanistan - VOA

US Wants Greater Role for India in Afghanistan - Reuters

NATO: Central Asian Nations Approve Afghanistan Exit Routes - AFPS

China's Hu Sees Role for Regional Bloc in Afghanistan - Reuters

Afghan Police: NATO Night Strike Kills 2 Civilians - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS


Al Qaeda

US Strike in Kills al-Qaeda’s No. 2 Leader, Abu Yahya al-Libi - WP

Drone Strike Killed No. 2 in Al Qaeda, US Officials Say - NYT

White House: Elimination of al-Libi a Major Blow Against al-Qaida - VOA

Drone Strike Kills al Qaeda No. 2 - WSJ

Al Qaeda's No. 2 Killed in Pakistan by CIA Drone Strike - LAT

White House: Al Qaeda's No. 2 Man Killed - CNN

Strike 'Killed Top al-Qaeda Man' - BBC

White House: Abu Yahya al-Libi Death a 'Major Blow' to al-Qaeda - TT

Al-Qaida Number 2 Libi Killed in Pakistan Drone Strike, US Says - TG

White House Confirms Death of al-Qaida Second-in-Command - AP

Al-Libi Ran Al-Qaeda Centrals Propaganda Machine - TNI

Pakistan Taliban Leader Says Libi Death a 'Big Loss' - Reuters

Abu Yahya al-Libi - Wikipedia

Meet Abu Yahya al-Libi: Al-Qaeda’s Second-In-Command - Time



New Syria Clashes, Government Expels Envoys - VOA

Syria Expels Western Diplomats, OKs More International Aid - LAT

Syria Bars Western Diplomats, Allows Increased Aid Presence - NYT

Syria Grants Permission for Aid Workers to Enter 4 Provinces -WP

Syria Bars Diplomats, Gunships in Action - Reuters

Analysts: In Syria, Few Arab Spring Lessons Apply - VOA

China, Russia United Against Intervention in Syria - VOA

Russia Says Not in Talks on Assad's Exit - Reuters

Analysts Discuss Russia's Role in Syria - VOA

Syria Crisis Causes Spike in Draft-Dodging - AP

Annan’s New Syria Plan - WP opinion

Toppling Syria's Assad - LAT opinion
Syria Is Not America's Fight - AC opinion

Why World Can't Stop the Killing in Syria - DS opinion
Time to Consider Military Option on Syria - FT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iran and Azerbaijan, Wary Neighbors, Find Less to Agree On - NYT

Iran: EU Ignores Request for Early Nuclear Talks - AP

Iran Urges Powers to Accept Nuclear Rights in Talks - Reuters

US to Iran: Allow IAEA Probe of Alleged Nuke Site - AP

Congress Considers Pick for US Ambassador to Iraq - AP

Amnesty to Israel: End Detention Without Trial - AP

Egypt’s Military Council Sets Deadline for Charter - NYT

Egyptians Protest to Reclaim Their Revolt - Reuters

Egypt: Mubarak’s Health Worse Since Sentence - WP

Mubarak's Health Deteriorates in Egypt Jail - Reuters

Egypt NGO trial fuels rift with US - CNN

Libya's Main Airport Reopens After Militia Raid - VOA

Libyans Ask 'Where Is the State?' After Airport Seized - Reuters

Libya's Former Spy Chief in Court - BBC

A Glimmer in Israel? - NYT editorial

How Israel Can Finally Win the Six-Day War - Bloomberg opinion

How Iran Would Respond to an Israeli Strike - WI research / opinion

Iran's Calculus of Terror - G&M opinion


US Department of Defense

What Happens to All that Excess Military Gear? - WP

Plan for a Greener US Navy Dealt a Setback in Congress - S&S

F-35 Production Quality Worries Senate Panel - Reuters

New Flight Restrictions Haven't Curbed F-22 Operations - AFPS

US General in South Korea to Be Replaced After Spy Report - NYT

US General Replaced Following Espionage Comments - AP

The End of Counterinsurgency - Stratfor opinion


United States

McCain Says Classified Leaks Done to Boost Obama - AP

NM Scientist Accused of Giving Research to China - AP

Seattle Terror Suspect Wants Evidence Tossed - AP

Veterans Pension Program Is Being Abused, Report Says - Reuters

Military Disputes TV Contestant's Claim of Combat Injuries - S&S


United Kingdom

Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee Concludes With Expressions of Appreciation - NYT

Diamond Jubilee Comes to a Close - WP

Queen 'Humbled' by Jubilee Events - BBC

After Jubilee Success, Monarchy Faces the Future - AP



ICC Prosecutor Urges UN to Consider Sudanese Arrests - VOA

War Crimes Prosecutor Urges Tougher Action Against Sudan President - NYT

ICC Asks UN to Help Arrest Sudan's President - AP

Malawi Ready to Arrest Sudan's Bashir If he Comes for Summit - VOA

Military: 19 Killed in North Nigeria Violence - AP

Nigeria Forces Say Kill 16 Islamists in Fire Fight - Reuters

HRW Calls for Rwanda to Arrest Congolese War Crimes Suspect - VOA

Nigerian Airline Grounded Following Deadly Crash - AFPS



State Partnerships Promote SOUTHCOM’s Theater Engagement - AFPS

4 Latin America Nations Pull Out of Defense Treaty - AP

Thorny Human Rights Reform Put Off at OAS Meeting - Reuters

OAS Meeting Backs Argentina's Claim to Falklands - AP

Mexico's Peso Recovers, Political Rumors Denied - AP

7 Dismembered Bodies Found in Coastal Mexico State - AP

Outcry in Colombia Over Savage, Fatal Rape - AP

Cocaine Shipment Seized by Colombian Navy - AP

Defections Over Tough Tactics Sting Peru's Humala - Reuters

Haiti PM: 6 Ex-Election Officials Arrested - AP

Brazil's Odebrecht Sues Florida Over Cuba, Syria Law - Reuters

Florida anti-Cuba Law Challenged - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

Chinese Media Issue Warning on US Military Shift - VOA

China 'Wary' of US Focus on Pacific Military Power - CNN

China Not Focus of Asia-Pacific Rebalancing, Spokesman Says - AFPS

China's Economic Growth Slows. Leaders at an Impasse - WP

Putin Arrives in China, Seeking Stronger Ties - NYT

China and Russia in Group Talks - BBC

China Asks Other Nations Not to Release Its Air Data - NYT

China Tells US to Stop Tweets on Beijing's Bad Air - AP

North Korea Political Caste System Behind Abuses - Reuters

Dempsey: US-Thailand Partnership Holds Growth Potential - AFPS

Burma Article Hints at Strains Between Top Figures - NYT

Hope, Worry From Myanmar State Press Over Leaders - AP

VOA, Burma Sign English-Language Programming Deal - VOA

Malaysia's Anwar Says Opposition Can Win Elections - AP

US Military Strategy in Asia - AEI research / opinion

Taiwan Needs to Fight for Peace - JT opinion
Tiananmen Villain Tries to Shed Guilt - AT opinion

Forgotten Conflict in Thailand's South - TD opinion



Germany Confirms Existence of Operational Cyberwarfare Unit - DPA

Clinton in Georgia to Bolster US Ally's Defenses - AP

Azerbaijani Troops Reported Killed in Armenia Border Clashes - VOA

8 Killed in Renewed Fighting on Armenia-Azerbaijan Border - NYT

Azerbaijan Troops Killed in Armenia Border Clash - AP

Ukraine's Parliament Backs Language Bill Amid Protests - VOA

Russian Lawmakers Take Steps to Impose Steep Fines on Demonstrators - NYT

Russian Parliament Shows Defiance in Fighting Fines for Protesters - WP

Russian Parliament Approves Harsh Bill on Protests - AP

Greece Warns of Going Broke as Tax Proceeds Dry Up - NYT

Spain Pleads for Help in European Crisis - WP

New EU Plan to Stop Banks Failing - BBC

ROP Corruption in Europe Could Slow Recovery - Reuters

Norway: Far-Right Extremists Testify in Breivik Trial - AP

Too Late to Stop Europe's Impending Doom? - FP opinion


South Asia

Panetta Explains New Strategic Guidance to Indian Leaders - AFPS

Panetta Hails India Security Role - BBC

US, India Maintain Good Military-to-Military Relations - AFPS

Panetta Tells India to Play More Active Role in Afghanistan - VOA

Panetta: India a Key Partner from Afghanistan to Asia-Pacific - S&S

Pakistan Says It Tested Nuclear-Capable Missile - NYT

Sri Lanka Reporter's Fate 'Unknown' - BBC

Nepal, on the Brink of Collapse - NYT opinion