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5 June SWJ Roundup

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NATO Strikes Transport Deals Through Central Asia to Bypass Pakistan - AP

Taliban Leaders Quietly Freed without Trial after Paying Off Officials - TT

As Afghan Exit Looms, U.S. Debate Rages Over Haqqani Militants - Reuters

Afghan Government Praises Dead British Soldier - AP

Multiple Amputations from IEDs Increase - USAT

Afghan Women, Children Held in Addiction's Grip - USAT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Strike Said to Target al-Qaeda’s No. 2 - WP

Drone Strike in Tribal Belt Targets Al Qaeda’s No. 2 - NYT

US Targets Senior Al Qaeda Leader, Further Strains Pakistan Ties - AP

US Drone 'Kills 15' in Pakistan - BBC

Pakistani Police Question U.S. Diplomats on Weapons - Reuters

Pakistani Court Bars Interior Minister Over Dual-Nationality Claim - NYT



Syrian Rebels Kill 100 Soldiers as they Repudiate UN Ceasefire - TT

Free Syrian Army Rebels Abandon Annan Ceasefire - BBC

Syria Rebels No Longer Respect Truce, Blame Assad - Reuters

Dozens of Syrian Soldiers Killed as Diplomacy Stalls - VOA

Syria Rebels 'Kill 80 Soldiers' - BBC

Syria on Agenda as EU Leaders Meet Russia's Putin - LAT

Sources: Annan, Clinton to meet on Syria - CNN

China Says it's Not Protecting Syria's Assad - AP

Why We Shouldn't Intervene - CNN opinion

How Taking Out Assad Hinders Iran - FP opinion

Bashar Assad's Pact with the Devil - DS opinion



US: Iranian Accusations Will Not Derail Moscow Talks - VOA

UN Nuclear Chief Announces New Talks with Iran - NYT

UN Nuke Reps to Meet with Iranian Officials - AP

IAEA Sees Demolition at Iran Site, New Talks Set - Reuters

Fresh Iran Nuclear Talks to be Held this Week - BBC

Iran Rallies to Aid of Iraq's Embattled Leader - AP

Baghdad Dreaming about Iran - WT opinion

How Taking Out Assad Hinders Iran - FP opinion



Iraq: 23 Killed, Scores Wounded in Baghdad Blast - VOA

Iraq: Violence Spreads In Struggle For Shrine - NYT

Iraqi Officials: Car Bomb in Central Baghdad Kills 23, Wounds Dozens - AP

Iran Rallies to Aid of Iraq's Embattled Leader - AP

Basra Rises from the Ruins of Saddam's Reign - TT



Protests Loom in Egypt, Targeting Mubarak’s Premier - NYT

Egypt's Brotherhood Faces Tough Popular Test - AP

Hearing Against Pro-Democracy Workers in Egypt Resumes Tuesday - WP

Bedouin Tribesmen, Police Clash in Egypt's Sinai - Reuters

Mubarak's Long Fall - CNN

Railroading Mubarak - WP editorial

Mubarak's in Jail, But Little Has Changed - TG opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Turkey Presses Case Against Israeli Officers in Raid - NYT

Israeli Leader Pledges Hard Line on Migrants - NYT

Africans 'Targeted in Jerusalem Blaze' - BBC

Israel Asks Arab Visitors to Open Emails to Search - AP

Kuwaiti Jailed for 10 Years for Twitter 'Blasphemy' - BBC

Yemen Democracy Opponents Could Face Sanctions - AP

30 Arrested after Libyan Airport Standoff - CNN

Libyan Government Retakes Tripoli Airport - AP

Libya Jails 'Foreign Mercenaries' - BBC


US Department of Defense

Elite Military Forces Are Denied in Bid for Expansion - NYT

US Navy Hopes Stealth Ship is Perfect Fit for New Focus in the Pacific - S&S

Fort Carson Soldiers Learn Old Skills for New Wars - TG

Marine Chief Tackles Lapses - USAT

Program Helps Soldiers Learn Athletes' Performance Techniques - S&S


United States

Markets Volatile Amid Fears of Political Impasse - WP

NASA Gets Two Military Spy Telescopes for Use in Astronomy - S&S

Ceremonies Arise to Recognize Military-bound Grads - AP

Protester Spurned in Bid To Sue the Secret Service - Reuters

Forest Service Hit for Border Patrol Call - WT

Obama Shoots Off His Mouth on Cyber-warfare Against Iran - NYP opinion



Imported Gangs, Guns, Cited in Toronto Shooting - Reuters



President: South Sudan Officials Have Stolen $4 Billion - Reuters

Key Political Risks to Watch in Sudan and South Sudan - Reuters

Sudan Security Confiscates Biggest Daily - Reuters

Nigeria Mourns Deadly Plane Crash in Lagos - VOA

Nigeria Air Record 'will Improve' - BBC

Rebels Say New Council to Govern Mali's North - AP



Gunmen Attack Mexico Drug Center - BBC

11 Killed in Attack at Mexico Rehab Center - CNN

Foreign Travel to Mexico Rises Despite Warnings - AP

Mexico Ex-President: Unite for Old Ruling Party - AP

Venezuela Prison Bullet-Pocked After Shutdown - AP

Argentine Grandmothers Running Out of Time in Search for Missing - WP

Mea Culpa, Economy Boost Chile Pinera's Approval - Reuters


Asia Pacific / Central

Former Enemies Vietnam, US Ramp Up Defense Ties - VOA

US, Vietnam Build Trust Through Exchange of Tender Relics - WP

Past, Present, Future Come Together in Hanoi Meeting - AFPS

Vietnam Opens Sites to Joint POW/MIA Investigators - AFPS

Vietnam to Open Three Sites to US Remains Recovery - S&S

Vietnam Opens New Areas in Search for Missing US Soldiers - BBC

Serviceman's Letters from Vietnam to be Returned to Family - S&S

Philippines: CJCS Visits Joint Special Operations Task Force - AFPS

China Rejects US Call to Release Tiananmen Prisoners - VOA

China: Activists Mark Date that Can't be Mentioned - CNN

Tiananmen Anniversary: China Arrests Activists - BBC

Dalai Lama Envoys Quit to Protest Chinese Posture on Tibet - VOA

UN Nuclear Agency Says North Korea Mission on Hold - AP

N. Korea Threatens Specific Attacks on S. Korean Media  -AP

Japan PM Noda Reshuffles Cabinet - BBC

Tokyo Cult Attack Suspect Relieved by Her Arrest - AP

Muslims Killed in Burma Attack - BBC

Gov't Calls for Calm after Western Burma Clashes - AP

2 Chinese Traders Abducted in Southern Philippines - AP

Thai Youth Seek a Fortune Away From the Farm - NYT

Observers: Cambodian Vote Improved but Problems Remain - VOA

Kazakhstan Court Jails 13 over Zhanaozen Riots - BBC

The Tiananmen Taboo - WP opinion

China vs. US: The Report Wars - CNN opinion

Back to the Future in Beijing - WT opinion



Europe Presses Germany on Plan to Aid Spanish Banks - NYT

Germany’s Merkel Open to Idea of European Banking Union - AP

Russia: Putin Backs 'European' Rules for Political Protests - BBC

Billionaire Prokhorov Launches New Political Party in Russia - WP

Russia Turns East to Embrace Looming China - AP

EU Condemns Serbian President's Denial of Genocide in Srebrenica - VOA

Serbia's New President Revives Balkan Tensions - AP

NATO to Remain Firm in Kosovo, Rasmussen Aays after Clashes - S&S

Austrian Military to Use Surveillance Drones - AP

Four Guilty of Danish Terror Plot - BBC

Four Convicted in Terror Plot Against Danish Paper - NYT

UK: IRA Supporters Force Olympic Torch to Alter Course - AP

Europe on the Brink of Chaos - WP