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1 June SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP



UN Says Civilian Death Rate in Afghanistan is Unacceptable - VOA

Suicide Car Bomber Kills 5 Police in Afghanistan - AP

Marines Expand Probe of Urination Video - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



US Liaisons Are Restored to Border Outpost in Pakistan - NYT

Pakistan Denies Return of US Trainers - VOA

US, Pakistan Military Coordination Improves - AFPS

Pakistani Militant Group Denies Link to Doctor - AP

Pakistani Taliban Vow to Kill bin Laden Doctor - CNN



Russia to Block Syria Military Intervention  - VOA

US Slams Russia, Warns of Promoting Civil War in Syria - VOA

Clinton Says Russian Inaction May Lead to Syrian Civil War - NYT

Clinton Says Intervention in Syria Requires Russian Support - AP

Putin Visits Berlin, Paris Amid Divide Over Syria - AP

Russian Church Is a Strong Voice Opposing Intervention in Syria - NYT

European Voices Go Silent on Syria - WP

For the White House, a Wary Wait as Syria Boils - NYT

Probe: Syria Not at Fault in Houla Massacre - WP

Syria: Military Not Behind Houla Attack - CNN

Pro-Assad Militias Under Scrutiny After Syrian Massacre - VOA

Syria Blames Rebels for Massacre - BBC

New Video of 'Mass Killing' Ahead of UN Meeting - BBC

Europeans Want War Crimes Probe of Houla Massacre - AP

4 Dead as Syrian Troops Shell Massacre Town - VOA

Syrian Rebel Group Says It Kidnapped 11 Lebanese - AP

What to do in Syria - WP editorial

Syria Not a Problem from Hell, Yet - FP opinion

The Case Against Intervention in Syria - Time opinion

Is Syria Becoming the New Iraq? - CNN opinion



Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran - NYT

Flame Virus Looms in Debate Over Regulation of Internet - VOA

Israel Rejects Flame Malware Link - BBC

Images Show Alleged 'Sanitization' at Iran Nuclear Site - VOA

Satellite Photos Said to Show Iran Nuke Clean Up - AP

Buildings at Iran Site 'Razed': Think-Tank - Reuters

Iran's Guards Commander Visits Disputed Island - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Israel to Indict Reporter over Possession of Secret Documents - WP

Israel Returns Bodies of Palestinian Militants - VOA

Palestinian, Israeli Killed in Shootout Near Gaza - AP

Two Killed in Gaza Border Clash - BBC

Lebanese Action Film Takes on Israel-Hezbollah War - AP

Iraq: Baghdad Hit by Deadly Bomb Blasts - BBC

Bomb Attacks in Iraq Kill 18 People, Wound 53 - AP

As Violence Rises, US and Allies Pulled Into Yemen - Reuters

Yemeni Militants Say They Release 27 Soldiers - Reuters

Egypt's State of Emergency Ends - BBC

Egypt’s Emergency Law Expires - WP

Top Egyptian Presidential Candidate Doubts al Qaeda Role in 9/11 - WT

Egypt: Kidnapped Sinai Tourists Released - BBC

Maliki Consolidates Power in Iraq - TN opinion


US Department of Defense

Deputy SECDEF Carter: Strategy Before Budget for Future Force - AFPS

STRATCOM Chief Discusses US Nuclear Deterrent Force - AFPS

Air Force Base Breast-Feeders Stir Controversy - S&S

The Rights of Female Soldiers - NYT editorial


United States

CIA Probes Publication Review Board over Selective Censorship - WP

Another High-Profile Failure for a Justice Dept. Watchdog - NYT

Hollywood a Longtime Friend of the CIA, Pentagon - S&S

House Takes Up Veterans Funding Bill - AP

VA Partnership Aims to House 10,000 Homeless Veterans - AFPS

VA Pleased with Early Response to Retraining Assistance Program - S&S

Barack Obama: Drone Warrior - WP opinion

The Dark Side of Obama's Drone War - Slate opinion

Obama’s Secret Kill List - WT opinion

Drone War Is a Stain on the West - DT opinion

Obama's Shadow Wars - AC opinion

Obama’s Holocaust Revisionism - WT opinion

Obama Stumbles into a Touchy Polish Debate - Tablet opinion
Obama Pours Salt on a Polish Wound - NYP opinion



UN Report Predicts Increase in World's Displaced - AP



Is Nigeria’s Boko Haram a 'Foreign Terrorist Organization'?  - VOA

German Hostage Killed in Nigerian Rescue Effort - VOA

German Man 'Killed in Nigeria' - BBC

Status Quo Between 2 Sudans Is Not Quite War, Not Quite Peace - NYT

Sudan: Aid Worker Kidnapped in Darfur Returns Home - VOA

Death Penalty for Congo Mutineers - BBC

Taylor’s 50-year Sentence Sparks Justice Debate in Liberia - VOA

Life for Rwanda Genocide Planner - BBC

Somalia Conference Opens With High Expectations - VOA

Somalia Peace Conference Opens - BBC

Istanbul Conference Seeks to Help Somalia - AP

Al-Shabab Loses Major Somali Town - BBC

Mali Tuareg Leaders Call Off Islamist Pact - Reuters

Mauritania Slave Activist Charged - BBC



A New Front Line in the US Drug War - NYT

SOUTHCOM’s Officer Liaison Program Fosters Partnership, Understanding - AFPS

Mexican Youth Vote on the Streets Against Corporate Media - WP

Venezuela Bombs Airstrips in Anti-Drug Effort - AP

Venezuela Bans Private Gun Owners - BBC

New Honduras Top Cop Once Investigated in Killings - AP

Brazil's Ex-President Lula Says He May Run Again - Reuters

Venezuela's Top Party Prison - NYT opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

Panetta Heads to Asia to Back Allies, Avoid Riling China - S&S

Panetta to Stress Commitment to Asia-Pacific - AP

CJCS Dempsey Seeks to Learn From Asia-Pacific Partners - AFPS

ASEAN Sees Role as Regional Security Forum - VOA

China Exhibiting New Assertiveness in South China Sea - NYT

North Korea Proclaims Itself a Nuclear State - CNN

Witnesses Report Massive Chinese Crackdown in Tibetan Capital - VOA

Chen: China’s Communist Party Must Obey Its Own Laws - VOA

Activist Chen Calls on China to Abide by Its Own Laws - WP

Dissident From China Expresses Optimism - NYT

Chen Hopeful on Chinese Democracy - BBC

Blind Activist Hits China's Commitment to Rule of Law - WT

Taiwan President Ma Says Hopeful About China's Next Leader - Reuters

Relations Tested in Case of South Korean Activist Detained in China - NYT

China: Few Believed Still Jailed 23 Years after Tiananmen - AP

Japan Moves Closer to Restart of Nuclear Plant - NYT

Japan Making More Plutonium Despite Huge Stockpile - AP

Third Witness to Massacre in Philippines Is Murdered - NYT

Philippines: Paramilitary Force Out in 4 Years - PDI

Philippines: Extremists Stage More Attacks - AP

Suu Kyi Warns on Burma 'Optimism' - BBC

Suu Kyi Calls for 'Healthy Skepticism' on Burma - AP

Thai 'Yellow Shirts' Bring Parliament to a Halt - Reuters

Thai Politics Heats Up With Protest at Parliament - AP

Malaysia PM's Popularity Slips Ahead of Election - Reuters



Europe's Chief Banker Says Eurozone 'Unsustainable - VOA

ECB Chief Calls Euro ‘Unsustainable,’ Slams Spanish Bank Response - WP

Financial Crisis Sends Euro Zone to Tense Endgame - WP

Count Due on EU Fiscal Pact Votes - BBC

Early Results: Ireland Votes to Approve EU Treaty - AP

Spain Denies IMF Bailout Rumors - BBC

Greek Conservatives Warn of Euro Exit Nightmare - Reuters

Kosovo Serbs and NATO Troops Clash in Tense North - Reuters

NATO Troops Confront Serb Crowds in Kosovo North - AP

Blame Game, European-Style - NYT editorial

Spanish Slowdown - WT editorial


South Asia

India’s Manufacturing Hits Brick Wall as Economy Slows - WP

Indian Private Army Chief Killed - BBC