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29 May SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP



Obama Administration Defends Afghanistan Withdrawal Timeline - VOA

NATO Kills Senior al-Qaida Leader in Afghanistan - AP

Senior Qaeda Leader Killed in Afghanistan - Reuters

Helicopter Crash Kills 2 NATO Soldiers in Afghanistan - VOA

Tending to Bodies Near the Breaking Point - NYT

Afghan Insurgents Target Safest Province Bamiyan - Reuters



Pakistani Spy Chief Puts Off US Visit - WP

Brother of Jailed Pakistani Doctor Urges New Trial - VOA

Family of Doctor in bin Laden Hunt Slams Trial - AP

'Bin Laden Doctor' Appeal Urged - BBC

Pakistan Doctor in Bin Laden Case Called Corrupt, Womanizer - Reuters

Pakistan Court Shuts Plants, Angers US Investor - AP

Just Say No to Pakistan's Extortion - Fox opinion



International Pressure on Syria Grows After Killings - NYT

Assad Faces New International Pressure After Massacre - Reuters

Envoy Kofi Annan in Syria Amid More Violence - VOA

Annan Holds Crucial Assad Talks - BBC

Annan, in Syria, Denounces Killings - WP

UN Envoy Discusses Peace Plan With Syrian Leader - AP

'All the World Should Look at This' - CNN

China Condemns Civilian Deaths in Syria - VOA

Russia Condemns Ally Syria over Massacre of 108 - AP

Australia Expels 2 Syrian Diplomats Over Massacre - AP

Obama's Paralysis on Syria a Disgrace - WP opinion

Why Is No One Helping Syria? - AJ opinion

Only Russia, China Can Stop Carnage in Syria - CNN opinion



Iran Downplays Report Showing Higher Uranium Enrichment - VOA

Iran Urges West to Drop 'Illogical' Uranium Demand - AP

Iran Says Sanctions Threat Jeopardizes Nuclear Talks - Reuters

Israel Pours Cold Water on Big-Power Talks With Iran - Reuters

Russian Firm: Iran Victim of Another Cyberattack - AP



Islamist, Oldliner Confirmed for Egypt's Presidential Run-off  - VOA

Commission Confirms Results of Egyptian Presidential Vote - LAT

Runoff Set for Egypt's Presidential Election - CNN

New Turmoil in Egypt as Official Results Confirm Stark Choice - WP

Egyptians Torch Shafiq Headquarters as Vote Triggers Violence - Reuters

Violence Flares After Egypt Election Results - AP

Candidate’s Offices Burn Amid Egypt Demonstrations - NYT

Egypt Candidate Shafiq HQ Stormed - BBC

Egypt's Brotherhood Scrambling to Broaden Support - AP

Timeline : Egypt Since Revolt Against Hosni Mubarak - Reuters

Muslim Brotherhood's Demise Exaggerated - NR opinion

Egypt Election a Temporary Defeat for Islamists - PJM opinion

Turnout Reflects Egyptians' Mixed Feelings - TN opinion


Middle East

Hamas Takes Step Toward Palestinian Unity Government - NYT

UN Official: Israel Slow to Relax Gaza Blockade - AP

Israel Gas Finds Launch Navy Into Troubled Waters - Reuters

Turkish Court Indicts 4 Israeli Military Leaders - NYT

Yemen: US Drone Strike Kills 5 Militants - AP

Bahrain Activist 'to End Fast' - BBC

Fire Kills 19, Mostly Children, in Upscale Qatar Mall - Reuters

A Look at al-Qaeda in Yemen - WP opinion

New Mideast or Old Israel-Hatred? - JP opinion


US Department of Defense

Senate Committee Again Blocks Funds for Marines' Move off Okinawa - S&S

Army Seeks to Replace Combat Vehicles, But it Won't be Easy - S&S

Former AFRICOM Chief Ward Still on Active Duty Pending Probe - S&S


United States

US Marks Memorial Day to Honor Fallen Troops - VOA

Obama Honors Fallen Troops at Arlington Cemetery - AP

Obama Honors Veterans, Vows End to Afghan War - WT

Obama: All Americans Must Help Shoulder Burden of War - AFPS

Obama Praises Vietnam Vets at War's Anniversary - AFPS

Obama Begins Commemoration of Vietnam Era - NYT

Panetta Urges Nation to Remember Fallen Troops on Memorial Day - AFPS

Dempsey Reminds Americans to Remember Meaning of Memorial Day - AFPS

Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Will and Principles - NYT

Treaty on the Seas is in Rough Senate Waters - WP


United Kingdom

Antiwar Protester Disrupts Inquiry as Blair Testifies - NYT

Tony Blair Says He Ducked Fight With UK Media - AP

UK Politicians 'Bowed' Before Murdoch - Reuters

1 Arrest in Protest at London's Globe Theater - AP



Making Farming Better in Developing Countries - VOA

Computer Virus, Used for Spying, is 20 Times Size of Stuxnet - WP



Vatican Allows That Butler Scandal Is Hurting Trust - NYT

Pope's Butler Vows to Help Vatican Scandal Probe - AP



Kenyan PM: Nairobi Blast an Act of Terrorism - VOA

Kenya: Huge Nairobi Blast 'May be Bomb' - BBC

FBI Joins Investigation Into Kenyan Bomb Blast - AP

Analysis: Nigeria Oil Bill Waters Down Its Reforms - Reuters

UN Report Says Rwandans Recruited to Fight in Congo - NYT

Sudan Army 'to Quit' Border Area - BBC

Benin: American Kidnapped in West Africa - CNN

Somali Authorities Arrest 11 Pirates in Puntland - VOA

Malawi's Banda Moves Quickly on Economy - VOA

ECOWAS Marks 37 Years Since its Founding - VOA



Mexico: Virtual Therapy Helps Residents of Shellshocked City - NYT

Mexico: Life Stirs Anew in ‘Murder Capital’ Juarez - WT

Drug War Victims' Families Blast Mexican Candidates - Reuters

Peru Anti-mine Protest Crackdown - BBC

Peru Declares Emergency After 2 Killed in Protest - AP

Brazil: Rio Slum Dwellers Join Peace Run - BBC

Colombia: First Images of Abducted Reporter - BBC

Inside Honduras’ Prison Bazaar - WP

Haiti to Pay Benefits via Mobile - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

Economic Slowdown Challenge to China's Leadership - VOA

Tibetan Capital Sees First Self-Immolations - NYT

China Cracks Down Following Tibetan Immolations - VOA

Crackdown on Chinese Bloggers Who Fight the Censors With Puns - NYT

China Microblogging Site Boosts Content Control - AP

Chinese Man Kills Himself to Protest Son’s Death in Tiananmen Sq. - NYT

Taiwan Deploys Anti-China Missiles - DN

N. Korean Farmers Cite Grave Drought; Aid Unlikely - AP

Curtains Open Wide in Burma, a Crack in N. Korea - AP

Suu Kyi, in Burma Since 1988, Starts World Tour - AP

Japan’s Former Leader Condemns Nuclear Power - NYT

Japan's ex-PM: I was Frightened by Nuclear Crisis - AP

Kazakhstan Police Imprisoned - BBC



Euro Isn’t Loved, but Few Want to Drop It, Poll Says - NYT

Spanish Bank Bailout Heightens Pressure on Madrid - VOA

Greek Voters Tilt to Right, but Many Urge Caution - NYT

Danish Police Arrest 2 Men in Terror Plot - AP

Denmark Arrests in 'Terror Plot' - BBC

US Plans to Arm Italy's Drones - WSJ

Serbia Rivals Agree to Cooperate on New Government - AP

Greece, In or Out? - WP editorial

Lessons for Europe’s Disunion - WP opinion


South Asia

India PM Meets Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi - BBC

Nepal Fails to Adopt Blueprint, Braces for Turmoil - AP