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27 May SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP



Afghan Parliament Approves US Partnership - VOA

Afghan Parliament Approves US Partnership - AP

No End to Drug Traffic in Sight as US Nears Afghanistan Exit - NYT

US Troops Beating Taliban's IEDs - WT

4 NATO Service Members Killed in Afghanistan - AP

France Outlines Early Afghanistan Pullout - VOA

France: Hollande Defends Afghan Exit Plan - BBC

UK: Miliband Fears for Afghan Future - BBC

Munitions at Bagram Air Field Range Killing, Maiming Villagers - WP

Afghan Market Flourishing with Coalition Goods - S&S

Afghan Collapse Is Not Inevitable - CSM opinion



Jailed Doctor Case Strains US- Pakistan Ties - VOA

US Drone Strike Kills 3 Suspected Militants in Pakistan - VOA

Four Die in Pakistan Drone Strike - BBC

Pakistan: US Missile Attack Kills 4 in Northwest - AP

Pakistan Is Turning into Afghanistan - TS opinion



Dozens of Children Die in Brutal Attack on Syrian Town - NYT

Dozens of Children Killed in New Syria Attack - AP

Syria Child Massacre Confirmed by UN - BBC

UN: 32 Children, 60 Adults Killed in Syria Attack - AP

Activists: 90 Killed in Syrian Government Shelling - VOA

Outrage Grows Over Syria Massacre - BBC

Outrage Grows Over Syrian Massacre - CNN

US Hopes Assad Can Be Eased Out With Russia’s Aid - NYT

Strife in Syria Ripples Into Lebanon's Sectarian Divide - VOA



UN Report: Iran Gaining Ground with Controversial Uranium Plant - WP

Iran Enrichment 'at Higher Level' - BBC

Iran Downplays Report Showing Higher Uranium Enrichment - VOA

Iran: Enriched Uranium Traces a 'Technical Issue' - AP

Iran's Hard Bargain - WP editorial

Can US and Iran Get to 'Yes' on a Nuclear Deal? - WPR opinion

Iran and the West's Taxi Meter - TD opinion



Top Egyptian Vote-Winners Stress Cooperation - VOA

Egypt's Top Candidates Try to Broaden Support - AP

Islamist and Ex-PM Vie for Mantle of Egypt's Revolt - Reuters

Egypt's Presidential Race Heading Toward Runoff? - CNN

Losing Candidates in Egypt Allege Fraud  -WP

Some Disdain Both Options in Egypt’s Narrowed Race - NYT

Egyptian Candidate Vows Not to Re-Create Old Regime - VOA

Egypt's Shafiq Vows to Guard Revolution's Gains - Reuters

Leftist Seeks Egypt Vote Recount - BBC

Egypt's Brotherhood Would Keep Israel Treaty - Reuters

In Cairo's City of the Dead, Election Brings Hope - AP

Carter Says Minor Violations in Egypt's Vote - AP

Egypt: Surprise, But Not Catastrophe - TG editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Israel 'Denies Migrants' Rights' - BBC

Israeli Immigration Protest Turns Violent - CNN

Palestinian Shot, Wounded in Settler Attack - AP

Iraqi President Calls for Dialogue to Solve Crisis - AP

Yemeni Army Fights to Retake Town - Reuters

Salafists Clash in Tunisian Town - BBC

Tunisia Salafis Riot to Protest an Arrest - AP

Hardline Islamists Seed Terror in Tunisian Town - AP

Islamists Walk Out of Algeria Parliament in Protest - Reuters

Algerian Lawmakers Stage Walkout - BBC

Religion is Not the Real Issue - WP opinion

Israel About to Lose Its Best Arab Friend? - FP opinion

Yemen Must Not Become Another Somalia - FP opinion



Pope’s Butler Formally Charged With Leaks - NYT

Pope's Butler Charged Over Leaks - BBC

Vatican in Chaos After Butler Arrested for Leaks - AP


US Department of Defense

Army General Retracts Remarks Calling Suicide 'Absolutely Selfish' - S&S

Biden Tells West Point Cadets: Prepare for New Threats - Reuters

2 Reservists Sue Over Army’s Ban on Women in Combat - AP

A Disservice to Disabled Troops - NYT editorial


United States

Birthplace of Memorial Day? That Depends Where You’re From - NYT

'The Thing About Remembering is That You Don't Forget' - CNN

Obama Honors Veterans During Memorial Day Weekend - AP

CIA Remembers Those Lost in Covert War on Terror - AP

ISS Astronauts Inspect, Praise SpaceX Dragon - VOA

For Many Illegal Entrants, a Particularly Inhospitable First Stop - NYT

No More War-hero Presidents? - WP opinion

The Many Uses of Police Drones -NYT opinion

US Plods Forward, Much of World Slows - WS opinion

Romney Foreign Policy: Year One - FP opinion



Hunger Returns to Africa, Stalking 1M Children - AP

Key Somali Militant Town 'Taken' - BBC

Lift Zimbabwe Sanctions, UN Urges - BBC

BBC Presenter Held in Zimbabwe - BBC

Ethiopia Detains, Quizzes VOA Journalist - Reuters

Ethiopia Releases VOA Correspondent, Drops Charges - VOA

Ethiopian Diaspora Media Compete Over Message - VOA

Mali Rebels Agree to Sharia State - BBC

Islamic State Declared in Northern Mali - AP

Lesotho Votes in General Election - VOA



Center of Oil World Shifts to Americas - WP

Leftist Lopez Obrador Tries Again in Mexico - WP

Mexico's Former Ruling Party Suspends Ex-Governor - AP

Colombia Troops Jailed for Murder - BBC

Peru Forced to Confront Deep Scars of Civil War - NYT

Chile Mine Destroys Peruvian Car - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

Japan Ups Estimate of Fukushima Radiation Release - CNN

Spent Fuel Rods Drive Growing Fear Over Plant in Japan - NYT

In China, a Recoil Against Xenophobia - WP

In China, a Black Hood and 81 Captive Days - NYT

Chinese Urged to Spend More, Save Less - WP

Chinese Ex-Official Allegedly Raped Over 10 Girls - AP

China Hits Back on US Human Rights - CNN

Singapore's Ruling Party Loses By-Election - AP

Can China Escape the Low-Wage Trap? - NYT opinion



Medvedev Elected Chief of Russia's Ruling Party - VOA

Russia: Medvedev Named Ruling Party Chief - BBC

Putin Puts Medvedev in Charge of Russia's Ruling Party - Reuters

UK Plans for EU Immigration Rise - BBC

PKK Says It Carried Out Turkey Suicide Car Bomb - Reuters

Serbian Tells Putin He Will Not Trade Kosovo for EU - Reuters

Rooftop Gunman Kills 2 and Wounds 7 in Finland - AP

Finland Gunman in Deadly Rampage - BBC

Did Serbia Vote for War? - WT opinion


South Asia

Indian Prime Minister Heads to Burma to Strengthen Ties - VOA

India Seeks Stronger Burma Ties as PM Visits - Reuters

India's Female Infanticide Crisis - TA opinion