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24 May SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP



Allen Anticipates Much Summer Activity in Afghanistan - AFPS

Allen: Despite Pakistan Rift, Troops in Afghanistan Fully Supplied - S&S

Insight: Iran's 'Great Game' in Afghanistan - Reuters

Afghan Intelligence Says it Foiled Massive Bomb Plot - LAT

Afghan Civilians Flock to Army Medics with Ailments New and Old - S&S

Doctors: 120 Afghan Girls Poisoned - VOA

Afghans Say Kidnapped Aid Workers in Mountains, Talks Begin -Reuters

Crocker to Leave Job as US Ambassador to Afghanistan - WP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Allen: US-Pakistan Military Negotiations ‘Very Positive’ - AFPS

US-Pakistan Agreement ‘Critical to Both,’ Official Say - AFPS

Allen: Despite Pakistan Rift, Troops in Afghanistan Fully Supplied - S&S

Drone Strike Kills 10 Suspected Militants in NW Pakistan - VOA

Pakistan Says U.S. Drone Strike Kills Suspected Militants - NYT

US Drone 'Kills 8' in Pakistan - BBC

Pakistani Doctor Jailed for Helping CIA in Bin Laden Hunt - VOA

Pakistani who Helped CIA Guilty of Treason - WP

Prison Term for Helping CIA Find Bin Laden - NYT

Pakistan: 33-year Sentence to Doctor Who Helped CIA Track bin Laden - McClatchy

Tense Future of US-Pakistan Ties - WAJ opinion



Divided Syrian Opposition to Choose New Leader - Reuters

Six Dead in Syria, Government Shelling Intensifies - VOA

Human Rights Crimes Still Taking Place in Syria - Reuters

With Smuggling Choked, Syria Rebels Feel Arms Curb - AP

Hezbollah Appeals for Calm after Syrian Rebels Kidnap 11 Lebanese - WP

Lebanese Pilgrims 'to be Freed' - BBC

2 Dead After Shootout with Syrian Gunman  in Lebanese Capital - AP

UN: Syrian Forces, Opposition Committing Crimes - AP

Oil Sanctions Take Economic Toll, Syria Says - NYT

Turkey Says Syria is Helping Kurdish Rebels - AP

Syria’s Neighbors are Growing Restless - WP opinion

The Terrorists Ruining Syria's Revolution - FP opinion



Iran, World Powers Trade Proposals at Nuclear Talks - VOA

Iran Nuclear Talks Are Extended Into Second Day - NYT

Little Progress in Iran Nuclear Talks - WP

Iran Nuclear Talks Snag over Dueling Demands - AP

Extra Day for Iran Nuclear Talks - BBC

Report: Iran Holds Military Maneuvers - AP



Voting Resumes in Egypt's Historic Presidential Election - VOA

Egyptians Vote in First Free Election for President - NYT

Egypt's Landmark Election Resumes - BBC

Egyptians Vote in Presidential Election's 2nd Day - AP

Picking New Leader, Egyptians Search for Superman - AP

Shafiq Making Inroads in Egypt - WP

Ask About the Egyptian Election - IHT

Egypt Election Could Change Arab World - NP opinion
Game of the Least Bad Option in Egypt - TG opinion
Two Faces of the Muslim Brotherhood - DS opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Turkey May Indict Senior Israeli Officers over Gaza Flotilla Raid - NYT

Yemen’s Many Factions Wait Impatiently for a Resolution - NYT

US-Yemen Relationship ‘Unshakeable’ Despite Attack - AFPS

Donors Promise $4bn for Yemen - BBC

Panetta Meets with Acting Iraqi Minister of Defense - AFPS

Pair of Attacks Kill 5 People in Iraq - AP

Kuwait Cancels Parliament Session After Government No Show - Reuters

Not All Israeli Citizens Are Equal - NYT opinion



Clinton: US Wars with al-Qaida on the Web - AP

State Dept. Hacks Web Sites of al-Qaeda Affiliate in Yemen - WP

Bosnia-Herzegovina: 3 Plead Innocent in US Embassy Case - AP

Obama, Bush Testimony Sought in 9/11 Case at Gitmo - AP

Tracking Terror: Malaysian Tells Philippine Ordeal - APS


US Department of Defense

GAO: Military's Disability Evaluation System Steadily Slower - S&S

Pentagon Gave Hollywood Special Access for bin Laden Movie - S&S

GI Says Muslim Faith Motive for Ft Hood Bomb Plot - AP

DOD Combats Counterfeit Parts Threat - AFPS


United States

Defense, State Leaders Urge Senate to Ratify Law of the Sea Treaty - AFPS

Law of the Sea Treaty Is Found on Capitol Hill, Again - NYT

Clinton, Military Leaders Plead for Sea Treaty - AP

US Appeals Court Clarifies Piracy Definition - AP

Foreign Language Capabilities Remain a Priority - AFPS

Senators Detail Misconduct Cases at Secret Service - WP

Secret Service Chief Sees No ‘Systemic’ Problems - NYT

Officials Announce Government Mobile Device Initiative - AFPS

Baucus: Senate Investigating Veterans Charity - AP


United Kingdom

UK Bans Leaders who Abuse Rights from Olympics - AP

UK Minister: Press to Blame for Crowded Prisons - AP



Our Not-So-Friendly Northern Neighbor - NYT opinion



Amnesty Bemoans 'Lack of Action' - BBC

War Crime Accused 'Use Blackmail' - BBC

Nuclear Weapons Just Don’t Make Sense - WP opinion



Mali Coalitions Compete for Government Control - VOA

Somalia on Track to End Failed State Status - VOA

Thousands Flee Somalia Advance - BBC



Drug Trafficking and Raids Stir Danger on the Mosquito Coast - NYT

New Arrest in Death of US Activist Reporting on Mexico Protests - NYT

Mexican Democracy Under Siege - Bloomberg

Mexico Extradites 'Drug Kingpin' - BBC

Mexico Captures Suspect in Death of US Journalist - AP

1000s of Students Protest Media in Mexico -AP

Mexicans March for More Security - BBC

Officials: Prison Violence Leaves 3 Dead in Mexico - AP

Mexico's Former Ruling Party Distances From Ex-Gov - AP

Bomb 'Targets Colombia ex-Leader' - BBC

Mejia Decries Dominican Republic Result - BBC

Cuba Jail Population 'at 57,337' - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

Asian Nations 'Repress Dissent' - BBC

In China, Rising Anger at North Korea - WP

Chinese Activist's Brother Flees Guarded Village - AP

Philippines Looks to US Treaty in China Dispute - VOA

Concerns Grow over Stability of Japan Nuclear Plant - S&S

Unending Unrest in Thailand's Muslim South - AT

Vietnam Jails 3 for Anti-Government Leaflets - AP

Burma’s Suu Kyi to Make Thai Forum Visit - BBC

Burma Police Move Against Spreading Power Protests - Reuters

Facing Trial, Ex-Mongolia President Calls Charges a Political Ploy - NYT

Technology Reaches Remote Tibetan Corners, Fanning Unrest - NYT

China’s Economic Crisis - WP opinion

China Is Coming Apart at the Seams - FP opinion



Russia Tests New Missile to Counter US Shield - NYT

Russia Says it Test-fired New Missile  - AP

Russia Tests Secret New Missile - BBC

Russians See Wide Gap Between Democratic Ideals and Reality - WP

Russia: Putin Supports Sharp Rise in Fines for Protesting - NYT

Euro Zone Crisis Boils as Leaders Argue, Failing at Pact - NYT

EU Leaders Support Growth, Give Few Concrete Plans - AP

Greeks Face Decisive Vote as Anti-German Sentiment Soars - VOA

EU 'Wants Greece in the Eurozone' - BBC

EU Leaders Determined to Keep Greece in Eurozone - WP


South Asia

India’s Banerjee Draws Ridicule - WP

Gas Prices Get Steep Hike in India - WP

Indian State 'to Shoot Poachers' - BBC