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18 May SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Allen: NATO Summit to Define ‘Vision’ for Afghanistan - AFPS

US Redefines Afghan Success Before Conference - NYT

Obama Requesting Help to Pay for Afghan Army - AP

Catalog of War’s Wounded Could Be Model - NYT

Taliban Stage Deadly Strike on Afghan Governor’s Office - NYT

Insurgents Storm Governor’s Office in Western Afghanistan - McClatchy

Afghan Suicide Raid Kills Police - BBC

Obama to Meet Afghanistan's Karzai at NATO Summit - Reuters

US Blacklists Two for Alleged Ties to Al Qaeda, Taliban - Reuters

Survivors of Massacre Recall horror of Gunman’s Assault - McClatchy

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Undermining Afghanistan - WP opinion



Pakistani President to Attend NATO Summit - VOA

ISAF Commander Sees Positive Signs for Relationship with Pakistan - AFPS



UN Observers Face Daunting Challenges in Syria - VOA

Leader of Syria's Fragmented Opposition to Resign - VOA

Syrian Opposition Head Offers to Resign - AP

UN Chief Believes Al Qaeda Behind Syria Car Bombs- Reuters

Russia Says Action on Syria, Iran May Go Nuclear - Reuters

Syria Complains to UN About Tourism Downturn Amid Conflict - Reuters

Turn the Tide in Syria - WP opinion



US Envoy to Israel: US Ready to Strike Iran - AP

US Strike Plan on Iran 'Ready' - BBC

Russia Says Action on Syria, Iran May Go Nuclear - Reuters

OPEC Sees Drop in Iran Oil Production - NYT

Iran Parliament Approves Reduced Sanction-Hit Budget - Reuters

Senate Republicans Block Iran Sanctions Vote - Reuters

Iran Summons Bahraini Diplomat, Denies Meddling - Reuters

Ahmadinejad Wants to Attend London Olympics - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Panetta: US-Israel Security Cooperation Never Stronger - AFPS

US Giving Israel $70 Million More for Iron Dome - AP

US Military Role Deepens in Yemen - VOA

Yemeni Army Pushing Into Al-Qaida Stronghold - AP

Qaeda Chief Urges Saudis to Topple Ruling Family - Reuters

Regional Crises Boost Turkey's Ties With Iraq's Kurds - VOA

Aboul Fotouh Courts Egypt's Broad Political Base - VOA

Egypt Brotherhood Forms Human Chain for Candidate - Reuters

Algeria Elections Look Good Abroad, Bad at Home - AP

ICC Judges to Consider Libyan Request to Try Gadhafi Son - VOA

Morocco Slams 'Biased' UN Western Sahara Envoy - Reuters


United Nations

Pirate Guards Need Global Guidelines - Reuters

A Conversation With Ambassador Rice - NYT


G8 Summit

Economic Crisis: Germany Cuts While US Spends - WP

G8 Summit to Focus on Africa Food Security - VOA

G8 to Discuss Range of Oil Market Options - Reuters

Germany, the Crisis and the G-8 - NYT editorial


NATO Summit

Allen: NATO Summit to Define ‘Vision’ for Afghanistan - AFPS

US Redefines Afghan Success Before Conference - NYT

NATO Members to Discuss Burden Sharing - VOA

Obama Requesting Help to Pay for Afghan Army - AP

Pakistani President to Attend NATO Summit - VOA

Obama to Meet Afghanistan's Karzai at NATO Summit - Reuters

Fighters to Fly Air Defense Exercise to Prepare for NATO Summit - AFPS


US Department of Defense

Future Joint Force Must Be Balanced, General Says - AFPS

Defense Contractors Eye Cuts to Jobs, Plants - WT

Exercise Introduces Students to Negotiating Tactics - AFPS

When War Reporting Becomes Crime Reporting - S&S

'Steering Malfunction' Suspected in Collision of Two Navy Ships - S&S

Panetta Honors Marine Corps Aviation’s Centennial - AFPS


United States

Counterterror Expert: ‘We’re Still a Ways Away’ from Defeating al-Qaeda - WP

Federal Judge: Terror Law Violates 1st Amendment - AP

Drug Trafficking Threatens National Security, Official Says - AFPS

Obama Seeks to Woo Military Vote from Republicans - WT

Customs Not Playing Hide-and-Seek with Carry-on Contraband - WT

Is There a Drone in Your Backyard? - WT opinion



G8 Summit to Focus on Africa Food Security - VOA

Niger Malnutrition Crisis Growing - BBC

AFRICOM First to Test New Regional Brigade Concept - S&S

DOD, Agencies Cooperate to Confront West Africa Trafficking - AFPS

South Sudan: SPLA Soldiers Hold Frontline Position - VOA

UN Council Calls for Sudan Agreement - AP

UN Council Demands Sudan Withdraw From Disputed Region - Reuters

Flood of Nuba Refugees Hits Camp Near Sudan Border - AP

US Lawmakers Want to Halt Aid to Nations Hosting Sudan's Bashir - Reuters

Congo Warlord's 'Days Numbered' - BBC

African Troops in Guinea-Bissau - BBC

West African Troops Start Arriving in Guinea-Bissau - Reuters

'Robbers' Killed in Nigeria Blast - BBC

Death Penalty for Somaliland Raid - BBC

African Jihadist Group Threatens To Kill Spanish Hostage - VOA

Aid for Africa - WP editorial



US Says Its Agents Fired No Shots in Honduran Gunbattle - NYT

Probe Opens into Honduras Drug Bust - WP

Reverberations From Drug Raid Felt in US, Honduras - AP

Inmates Take Over Honduras Jail - BBC

Mexico Army Generals Probed for Cartel Ties - AP

Judge Holds Mexican Generals Over for Drug Probe - Reuters

Colombian Ex-Lawmaker Arrested in Alleged Betrayal - AP

Gunfire Erupts at Venezuelan Prison - AP

US Grants Visa to Raul Castro’s Daughter, Denies Cuban Academics - WP

Cuban President's Daughter Gets US Visa - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

Commander Seeks Better Military-to-Military Relations With China - AFPS

Tibetan Exile Group Blasts Chinese Crackdown in Autonomous Region - VOA

‘Princelings’ in China Use Family Ties to Gain Riches - NYT

China Seeks to Assure Workers of Stability - VOA

US Sets New Tariffs on Chinese Solar Imports - Reuters

Thousands Practice Leaving Korea in Event of Northern Aggression - S&S

N. Korea Reportedly Resumes Work on Reactor - VOA

North Korea Said to Resume Work on Nuclear Reactor - NYT

UN Probes Possible N. Korea Arms Trade With Syria, Burma - Reuters

N. Koreans Demand Ransom for Detained Chinese Fishermen - VOA

N. Koreans Accused of Seizing Chinese Fishing Boats for Ransom - WP

Japan Launches South Korea Satellite - BBC

US Suspends Economic Sanctions on Burma - VOA

As Relations Warm With Burma, US to Ease Trade Limits - NYT

US Eases Investment Ban on Burma - WP

US Relaxes Some Burma Sanctions - BBC

US Eases Economic Sanctions to Reward Burma - AP



EUCOM Humanitarian Assistance Enhances Security Aims - AFPS

Italy Deploys 20,000 to Protect Sensitive Targets - AP

France's New Leader Faces First Test Overseas - VOA

French Government Takes Pay Cut - BBC

Greek Cabinet Sworn in Amid Bank Run Fears - VOA

Greek Party Most Extreme of Europe's Far Right - AP

Spain Banking Sector Shaken by Report of Bank Run - AP

‘Predictable Cooperation’ replaces Russia’s anti-American rhetoric - WP

US, Russian Soldiers Train Together in Colorado - AP

Russian Opposition Leader Sentenced to 10 Days - AP

Turkey Protests Israeli Flyover of North Cyprus - VOA

Trial of Former Bosnian Serb Commander Is Delayed - NYT

Judge Delays Serb Mladic Trial Due to Evidence Errors - AP

Germany, the Crisis and the G-8 - NYT editorial

Europe’s Moral Hazard - WP opinion

Apocalypse Fairly Soon - NYT opinion


South Asia

Love of Gold Strains India’s Finances - WP