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15 May SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Afghan Local Police Units Tangled in Criminal Activity - LAT

Blast Kills 9 in Afghan Market - VOA

Blast in Busy Afghan Marketplace Kills at Least 7 - LAT

7 Dead in Afghan Bombing - WP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Beyond the Sandbags and Steel, 12 Lanes to Another Afghanistan - NYT



Pakistan Signals NATO Supply Routes Could Be Reopened - VOA

Pakistan May Reopen Border to NATO - AP

Pakistan Drone Strikes Lead to Lawsuits - WP

2 Pakistani Soldiers Killed in Restive Southwest - VOA



Syrians Defy Leaders to Aid Those in Need - NYT

UN, Syria at Odds Over Control of Aid Distribution - Reuters

Syrian Activists Say 23 Soldiers Killed in Fighting - VOA

23 Syrian Soldiers Reported Killed by Rebels - NYT

Syria Unrest Still Spilling into Lebanon - AP

North Lebanon Calm After Syria Spillover Clashes - NYT

Kosovo Voices Strong Support for Syria Opposition - Reuters

What Options are Left in Syria? - CNN



Iran Sees Success in Stalling on Nuclear Issue - NYT

Iran Official Says Talks With IAEA Good, Constructive - Reuters

IAEA Presses Iran Ahead of P5+1 Talks - VOA

India Targets 11 Percent Iran Oil Import Cut in 2012/13 - Reuters

US Unimpressed With India's Efforts to Cut Iran Oil Buys - Reuters

Iranian President: Israel 'Nothing More than a Mosquito' to Iran - CNN

Iran Hangs 'Israel Killer Spy' - BBC

Iran Hangs Man for Killing Nuclear Scientist - AP

Rapper Faces Death Threats in Iran Over Song - NYT


Middle East / North Africa

Saudi Arabia Seeks Union of Monarchies in Region - NYT

Factbox: Gulf Arab Countries' Population, Economy, Military - Reuters

Fierce Clashes Between Yemeni Army, Al-Qaida - AP

At Least 32 Killed in New Yemen Offensive on Militants - Reuters

Palestinian Prisoners Agree to End Hunger Strike - VOA

Palestinians in Jails End Hunger Strike - NYT

Palestinians End Hunger Strike - BBC

EU Slams Israel over Settlements, Evictions - AP

Iraq: Secret Prison Still Open in Baghdad, Group Claims - AP

Egypt's Politics Move Ahead, Economy Lags Behind - VOA

Egypt: Presidential Candidates Bring Israel to Forefront - WT

Egypt Presidential Candidate Blasts Islamist MP - AP

NATO Disputes Libya Deaths Claim - BBC

Libyan Islamist Quits Militia to Enter Politics - Reuters

Perverse Palestinian Pride - WT editorial



NATO Summit to Focus on Afghanistan, Missile Defense - AFPS

Police, Protesters Prepare for NATO Summit in Chicago - VOA


US Department of Defense

Afghanistan Commander Allen in Line for Top Europe Post - S&S

Afghanistan Commander Allen  Eyed for Promotion - WP

Pentagon Opens 14,000 Jobs to Women - WT

Republicans Order Navy to Quit Buying Biofuels - DR


United Nations

2 More Years for UN Rights Chief - AP


United States

Budget Time Bomb Sends Shivers Across Economy - WP

Asian-American Vote Could Impact US Election - VOA

Hold Holder in Contempt - WT editorial

Overseeing Dangerous Skies - WP editorial

DC Grabs Guns from Soldier - WT editorial

Capture, Don’t Kill - WP opinion

Can Dual Citizens Be Good Americans? - NYT opinion

False-flag Operation on LOST - WT opinion



UN: African Growth Depends on Food Security - AP

Airlift Begins for South Sudanese Stuck in North - VOA

South Sudan Refugees Flown Home - BBC

Uganda Displays Captive Kony Lieutenant - CNN

Kenya Refugee Camp Fills Again With Sudanese Refugees - VOA

12 Killed, Villages Razed in Northeast Nigeria - AP

Somali Piracy: EU Forces in First Mainland Raid - BBC

EU Carries Out First Strikes on Somali Pirates - AP

EU Says Hits Pirate Targets on Somali Coast by Air - Reuters

ICC Seeks to Arrest Ntaganda, Mudacumura for DRC Crimes - VOA

ICC Seeks DR Congo Arrest Warrants - BBC

Seven UN Peacekeepers Shot at Congo Protest - Reuters

Congo Police Investigate Former PM for Corruption - VOA

ECOWAS Plans Action on Mali, Guinea-Bissau - VOA

ECOWAS Threatens Mali Sanctions - BBC

Islamists in Northern Mali Smash TVs - AP

A Landmark Ruling in South Africa - NYT opinion



Mexico’s Front-runner is Handsome, Popular and a Mystery - WP

NAFTA Key to Economic, Social Growth in Mexico - WT

Mexico Candidate Blames Opposition as Bodies Pile Up - Reuters

Mexico Cartel War Latest Toll: 49 Headless Bodies - AP

Mexico Massacre Highlights Unknown Drug War Victims - Reuters

Mexican Couple Admit to 27,000-Round Ammo Cache in Texas - Reuters

Mexican Pro-Migrant Priest Flees Death Threats - AP

Venezuela: US Must Turn Over Fugitive Judge - AP

Argentine Vice President Faces Inquiry - BBC

Illegal Enrichment Probe Looms for Argentine VP - AP

Second Retired General Joins Peruvian Cabinet - Reuters

Haiti's Wannabe Soldiers Say They Met With Leader - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

White House: Obama Won’t Attend Asia-Pacific Summit in Russia - AP

McCain: US Slow to Seek Trade Pacts in Asia - AP

Scandal Not Affecting China’s Political Calendar - NYT

China’s Obsession With Stability Can Come at the Cost of Laws - NYT

Foreign Investment in China Slips - BBC

China Military Paper Warns Officers to Toe Party Line - Reuters

China 'Raises Australia-US Ties' - BBC

South Korean President Visits Burma - VOA

South Korea's Lee Visits Burma Memorial - BBC

Prosecutors Say Philippine Chief Justice Had $28 Million - NYT



Greek Political Deadlock Fans Eurozone Worries - VOA

Europe Chain Reaction Feared in Greek Standoff - WP

Risk of Greek Euro Exit Rattles Markets, Hints of More Talks Emerge - NYT

Greek, European Woe Could Cause Problems for US - AP

Germany: Merkel Says Election Loss Won't Alter Europe Policy - AP

German Economy Returns to Growth - BBC

Francois Hollande Becomes French President - Reuters

President of France to Open Term by Getting to Know Neighbor Better - NYT

First on Agenda for New French leader? Woo Germany - AP

France's Economy Fails to Grow in 1st Quarter - AP

Czech Economy Remains in Recession - AP

Serb Mladic Tries Again to Delay War Crimes Trial - AP

Bosnian Victim Eager to See Ratko Mladic in Court - AP

A Chance for Ukraine - WP editorial