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27 April SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Taliban Closes Dozens of Afghan Schools WP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



UN's Ban: Syria Violating Pledge to Pull Weapons From Civilian Areas - VOA

Syria 'Not Complying' with Truce - BBC

UN Chief Demands Syria Withdraw Weapons, Troops - AP

Heavy Casualties Reported in Syria Explosion - NYT

Large Blast Reported in Syrian City of Hama - AP

Deadly Rocket Attack Prompts Call for UN Action in Syria - CNN

Syria Government, Opponents Trade Blame Over Massive Blast - VOA

Syria Blames Rebels for Blasts - AP

Russia Accuses Syrian Rebels of Using 'Tactics of Terror' - Reuters

Syrian Wants to Form 'Government' in Exile - AP

Author: US Averting Gaze from Syria Slaughter - CNN

While Syria Burns - WP opinion



Defense Minister Adds to Israel’s Recent Mix of Messages on Iran - NYT

Barak Restates Israeli Hard Line on Nuclear Iran - Reuters

Iran Might Sign NPT Protocol for Snap Inspections - AP


Middle East / North Africa

US Assessing Military Assistance to Yemen, Spokesman Says - AFPS

Attackers Blow Up Gas Pipeline South Yemen - AP

Iraq's Shahristani: Dispute With Kurds an Internal Affair - Reuters

Hard-Line Iraqi Cleric Urges Political Unity - AP

Iraq Cafe Bomb Attacks Kill Eight - BBC

Jordan King Blames Premier for Slow Reform - AP

Jordanian Prime Minister Resigns - BBC

Abbas Backs Arab VIP Jerusalem Visits - BBC

Egyptian Presidential Hopeful Promises Islamic, Inclusive Future - VOA

Egypt Presidential Race Boils Down to 3 Candidates - AP

Thirteen to Stand in Egypt Vote - BBC

Libya's Ruling Council Fires Cabinet - AP


Al Qaeda / Terrorism

US Reviews Potential Threats Ahead of Anniversary of Bin Laden’s Killing - VOA

Bin Laden Was Worried About Arab Spring, Says US Intelligence Chief - VOA

US to Screen Guantanamo Arraignment at 8 Sites - AP

Bin Laden Wives Deported to Saudi Arabia - BBC

Pakistan Deports Bin Laden Family to Saudi Arabia - AP

A Fresh Start for 2 Uighurs - WP editorial



Alleged Document Leaker’s Trial Set for September - AFPS

Manning Must Face Serious Charge - BBC



US Lawmakers to NATO: Pay Up for Missile Defense - Reuters


US Department of Defense

US Agrees to Reduce Size of Force on Okinawa - NYT

New Deal Calls for 9,000 Marines to Leave Japan - AP

US and Japan Reach Okinawa Deal - BBC

Dempsey: Overseas Stops Had New Strategy as Common Element - AFPS

DOD to Open New Assignments for Women in May - AFPS


United States

Nuclear Communication System Could be Used for Cybersecurity - WP

House Defies Obama Veto Threat in Passing Cyber Measure - Bloomberg

Obama Re-election Campaign to Target Military Families - S&S

VA Trying to Resurrect its Image Following Grave Mistakes - S&S

Report: Secret Service Involved in Second Prostitution Scandal - CNN

New Sex Claim Hits US Secret Service - BBC

Secret Service Agent’s Plea in Colombia Proved True - NYT

US Escalates Google Case by Hiring Noted Outside Lawyer - NYT

Obama’s Weak Spots on Counterterrorism are Open to Romney - WP opinion


United Kingdom

Murdoch Apologizes for Cover-up - WP

Testifying, Murdoch Cites a ‘Cover-Up’ in Phone Hacking - NYT

Why Murdoch's Inquiry Matters - CNN



Troops for Mali and Guinea-Bissau - BBC

West Africa Bloc to Send 3,000 Troops to Mali - AP

Ivory Coast: UN Maintains Arms Embargo and Diamond Ban - WP

UN Maintains Sanctions on Ivory Coast - AP

Sudan: NN Proposes Decrease in Darfur Force - AP

Arab League Condemns South Sudan 'Aggression' - AP

No Sudan Attacks for Another Day in South Sudan - AP

Sudan Civil Servant Pay Docked for War Effort - BBC

Newspaper Office Bombings Kill 7 in Nigeria - VOA

Nigeria Newspaper Hit by Blasts - BBC

Charles Taylor Convicted of War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity - VOA

Ex-President of Liberia Aided War Crimes, Court Rules - NYT

Sierra Leone: Charles Taylor Guilty of War Crimes - WP

On Day of Reckoning, Recalling Horror That Swallowed Liberia - NYT

Liberia Reacts to Taylor Conviction With Mixed Emotions - VOA

Charles Taylor Conviction Sends Warning to Tyrants - AP

Taylor War Crimes Verdict Praised - BBC

An Incomplete Justice - NYT opinion



Cash-Strapped Pentagon to Boost Latin American Partnerships - VOA

Panetta Reaffirms Partnership, Friendship With Chile - AFPS

US Trucker in Mexico Charged with Smuggling Military Ammunition - WP

Mexico: 2 Nephews of Sinaloa Cartel Leader Arrested - AP

Attorney General in Mexico Will Investigate Wal-Mart - NYT

3.3 Tons of Cocaine Seized at Venezuelan Seaport - AP

Move on Oil Company Draws Praise in Argentina - NYT

UK Curbing Exports to Argentina - BBC

Brazil Passes Divisive Forest Law - BBC

Why Mexican Immigration Has Stopped - CNN opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

US Is Seeing Positive Signs From China - NYT

With Bo’s Ouster, China’s Premier Pushes Reform - WP

In China, a Fall From Grace May Aid a Rise to Power - NYT

China Wants More Trade With Central and Eastern Europe - NYT

China OKs Project on Disputed South China Sea Isle - AP

Blind Chinese Lawyer Is Said to Have Fled House Arrest - AP

North Korea's Neighbors Oppose New Nuclear Test - VOA

New North Korean Missile Is Questioned - NYT

How to Tell if a North Korean Missile is Fake - S&S

North Korea's Big Show Visible From Space - AP

Malaysia Braces for Rally Seeking Election Reforms - AP

Cambodian Environmentalist Killed - BBC

Rights Groups Decry Killing of Cambodian Activist - AP



Russia: Medvedev, Unscripted, Admits Disappointments - NYT

The Growing European Rebellion Against Austerity - IHT

Economy Forces Portuguese to Look Toward Former Colonies for Work - VOA

S&P Reduces Spain's Credit Rating- BBC

Netherlands Agrees to EU Budget Targets - NYT

EU Protests Ukraine’s Treatment of Jailed Ex-Premier - NYT

Thousands Rally for Nationalists in Serbia - AP


South Asia

Bangladesh Signs Gas Deal with Russia’s Gazprom - VOA