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13 January SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


US Defense Chief Condemns Alleged US Abuse of Taliban Corpses - VOA

US Acts Quickly on Afghan Video - WP

DOD Out to Stem Backlash from Incendiary Video - S&S

Video Inflames a Delicate Moment for US in Afghanistan - NYT

Video of Marines Outrages US, Afghan Officials - LAT

'Urination' US Marines Identified - BBC

Taliban Say Marine Tape Won't Hurt Afghanistan Talks - Reuters

Analysis: Is Marine Desecration Video a New Abu Ghraib? - Reuters

Taliban 'Optimistic' About Peace Talks with US - WT

Afghan Minorities Cautiously Support Peace Talks - AP

UN: Value of Afghan Opium Up 133 Percent in 2011 - AP

Major Rise in Afghan Opium Price - BBC

Afghan Academy Seeks to Ease Pain of War With Music - Reuters

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Afghanistan's Future - LAT editorial

Negotiating Peace in Afghanistan - WP opinion

Why Talk to the Taliban? - WP opinion



Pakistan’s Civilian-Army Rift Simmers - WP

Tension in Pakistan as Zardari Travels, Military Meets - Reuters

Amid Crisis, President of Pakistan Visits Dubai - NYT

Pakistan President 'Not Worried' About Crisis - AP

Pakistan Party Lobbies Allies for Support; Tension High - Reuters



US Sends Top Iranian Leader a Warning on Strait Threat - NYT

US Boosts Military Presence in Persian Gulf - LAT

US Military Moves Carriers, Denies Iran Link - Reuters

US Drone a Tech Challenge for Iran - WT

IAEA to Talk to Iran About Alleged Secret Nuclear Weapons Program - VOA

Iran Accepts Nuclear Talks Offer - BBC

UN Visit to Tehran Set for Jan 28  - AP

Gulf Nations Aid US Push to Choke Off Iran Oil Sales - NYT

Iran Embargo Gathers Support in Asia, Europe - Reuters

Japan Pledges to Reduce Iran Oil Imports - VOA

Japan Will Cut Iranian Oil Imports - WP

Japan FM: Stable Oil Prices Key to Iran Sanctions - AP

US Imposes Sanctions on China Oil Company Over Iran Trade - VOA

US Slaps Sanctions on China State Oil Trader Over Iran - Reuters

West's Pressure on Iran May Squeeze US, Too - WT

Iran Signals Revenge Over Killing of Scientist - NYT

Iranian Leader Meets Fidel Castro - AP

Iran Tightens Internet Restrictions - LAT

Dangerous Tension With Iran - NYT editorial

Defusing a Crisis with Iran - WP opinion



Syrian Rights Group: More Arab League Observers Leaving Country - VOA

Arab League Head Warns of Possible Civil War in Syria - Reuters

Syria Halts Aid Convoy at Border - BBC

Russian Ship, Perhaps With Munitions, Has Reached Syria - NYT


Middle East / North Africa

US Embassy Workers Detained in Iraq - WP

No New Offers From Israel, Abbas Says - AP

Israeli Bar on Citizenship Upheld - BBC

Bahrain Police Break Up Protest - BBC

Britain to Investigate Claim of Torture by Libyans - NYT

Britain to Probe Whether its Spies Turned Over Pair to Libya - LAT

UK Police Launch Rendition Probe - BBC

South Africa President Criticizes UN Over Libya - AP

Figure in Egypt Religious Party Says Focus Must be Economy - LAT



Court Martial Recommended for Manning in WikiLeaks Case - WP

Court Martial Recommended in WikiLeaks Case - NYT

Officer: Manning Should Face Court Martial Over WikiLeaks - McClatchy

WikiLeaks Accused 'Must be Tried' - BBC


US Department of Defense

Cyber Defense Effort is Mixed, Study Finds - WP

Panetta: Military Will Be Smaller, More Agile, Deployable - AFPS

Non-Citizen Recruits Less Likely to Wash Out - S&S

Marine Testifies Squad Leader Told Him to Lie About Haditha Killings - LAT

Opponents of Guantanamo Prison Launch Jumpsuit Protests - S&S

Cutbacks a Blow to Our Military - WP opinion


United States

Obama Seeks $1.2-Trillion US Debt Limit Increase - VOA

Another ATF Weapons Operation Comes Under Scrutiny - LAT

Texas Coalition Sees Mixed Results on Spending on Border Security - WT

Destroying Old Court Records Raises Security Concerns - WT



Negotiations Fail to End Strike in Nigerian Fuel Subsidy Showdown - VOA

Nigeria Unions to Continue Strike - BBC

Union Threatens Oil Production Shutdown in Nigeria - AP

Born in Unity, South Sudan Is Torn Again - NYT

Catholics Criticize DR Congo Poll - BBC

Congo Catholic Leaders Seek Election Re-evaluation - AP

ICRC Suspends Food Aid to 1.1 Million Somalis - VOA

Kenyan Security Forces Accused of Abuses Against Somalis - VOA

Somali Islamists Seize Kenyan Officials - BBC

Piracy 'Boosts Somalia's Economy' - BBC



2nd Try to Extradite Mexican Accused Narco Denied - AP

Mexican Star Shocks with Praise for Drug Lord - LAT

Man Killed in Patio of Mexican Border Grade School - AP

Church Worried Over Rising Violence in Venezuela - AP

Salvadoran Soldiers Get Spain Extradition Request - AP

Guatemala Ex-First Lady Told Not to Leave Country - AP

Haiti Marks Quake Anniversary - BBC

Haiti Quiet as Quake Marked With National Holiday - AP


Asia Pacific

Japan PM Noda Reshuffles Cabinet - BBC

Final Push for Taiwan Elections - BBC

Candidates Make Final Push Ahead of Taiwan Vote - AP

Vote Holds Fate of Nuclear Power in Taiwan - NYT

China Uses Trade to Take Sides in Taiwan - AP

Dip in China's FX Reserves May Hasten Policy Shift - Reuters

China Writer Says Harassment Forced Him to the US - AP

Chinese Dissident Goes Into Exile in US, Says Was Tortured - Reuters

Official: N. Korea Test-Fired Short-Range Missiles - AP

North Korea to Punish Non-Mourners, Paper Says - WP

Burma Signs Cease-Fire with Karen Rebel Group - VOA

Burma Releases Senior Dissidents - BBC

Burma Frees Prominent Political Prisoners - NYT

Why Taiwan’s Future Matters - NYT opinion



Army to Replace 2 Brigades in Europe With Rotating Units - AFPS

Two Army Brigades to Leave Europe - WP

Panetta Hosts First Official US-Netherlands Defense Meeting - AFPS

Putin Site Ignores Russian Protests - WP

Russia: Online Suggestion Box a Peril for Putin - NYT

Albania Condemns Call for Blockade of Serbia - VOA

Poland: Suspended Sentence in Martial Law Case - AP


South Asia

India Scores Major Victory in Polio Battle - WP

India Marks a Year without Recorded Cases of Polio - LAT