State: Clinton Emails Involving Benghazi Recovered by FBI


If people click on the title it takes you to the Military Times edition.

The American public is easily manipulated after decades of public education eroding peoples ability to ask questions and willing to accept partisan answers.
Several questions need to be answered about Benghazi.
Why was there no response to State to either beef up security or follow the exit of other nations that had embassy staffs in Benghazi?
Do a majority of Americans believe CIA failed in this instance to respond to the threat and does the public mind have Petraeus as the scapegoat when his resignation seemed timed to deflect and diffuse the American electorate?
The "tape" has been hashed over but what is not known is does the American public believe the Obama DNC run administration's explanation that a Coptic Christians video incited Islamic terrorists, or do they believe or know that this was not true and was a reelection manipulation? That question in my mind raises my wonder if Americans care or accept this sort of political bad behavior as an accepted commonplace practice?
Why are these questions treated as accusations by the Clinton campaign?