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Urban Conflict / Operations

Iraq Launches Offensive to Retake Hawija From Islamic State (0)

US Confirms Syrian Army Crossed Deconfliction Zone in Deir el-Zour (0)

Steady Progress Marks Success in Iraqis’ Fight Against ISIS, Official Says (0)

US, Iraq Hammer IS Town (0)

Terror Fight, Rebuilding Marawi to Cost Philippines $1.1 Billion (0)

New Fires Ravage Rohingya Villages In Northwest Myanmar (0)

ISIS Loses More Ground in Raqqa, Deir Ezzor (0)

Hot and Hungry Cities: The Future of Urban Food Wars (0)

Syrian Army Makes Major Advance on ISIS Stronghold (0)

Mosul Holds Clues About a Post-ISIS Future (0)

Syrian Democratic Forces Clear Great Mosque of Raqqa (0)

Mosul Emerges From Islamic State, One Business at a Time (0)

Syrian Army Thrusts East to Break Siege of Deir al-Zor City (0)