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We collect lessons learned, but do we learn from the lessons collected?

Can Soft Power Take The Lead In Iraq?

A review of Sylvia Longmire's work on Cartels

We are woefully under-trained.  The troops can absorb and do far more than we tend to credit them.  Our training is mostly designed to be easy on the trainers and...

Perspective from the Tactical Level of Operations

Truth to Power with Information Operations in Khost Province

Examing small wars in Indonesia, East Timor, Sudan, and Kenya to see what lessons apply to Afghanistan

The Realpolitik behind the European Financial Crisis

Have FST and CSTs teams pushed the limits of the female exclusion in combat policy?  Is it time to adjust the policy?

Has there ever been an American way of war or simply a tactical way of battle?

Author compares and contrasts On Guerilla Warfare and The Accidental Guerilla

This essay proposes integrating elements of design thinking into the Mission Analysis and COA Development steps of the JOPP to develop the variety of options that the POTUS...

From Classic Conventional Deterrence to a “Lloyd’s of London” Posture

Population-centric COIN should only mean you understand the people—not that you necessarily do anything for them.

Testimony on Emerging Threats and Capabilities

A thorough guide for cyberwar practitioners

A synchronized national approach leveraging the Defense Department’s Reserve Component (RC) forces to secure the country’s critical infrastructure from growing...

Ground Assessment of a Helmand Province Political Advisor

The Growing Mexican Cartel and Vigilante War in Cyberspace: Information Offensives and Counter-Offensives by Dr. Robert J. Bunker.

Open Veins of Mexico: The Strategic Logic of Cartel Resource Extraction and Petro-Targeting by John P. Sullivan and Adam Elkus.

The Obama administration's accelerated drawdown of US forces has undercut a needed infusion of forces from RC South to the Afghan east that was an unspoken second act to...

Expose of the Writings of Dr. Abdel-Raheem Muhammad Ali

Marine Corps implementing lessons learned from SOCOM

It will take an entire generation to fully reform Afghanistan.  Are the people of Afghanistan and the Coalition partners prepared for such a commitment?

Engaging the villages is not enough to ensure success

Examining progress in the development of Afghanistan’s infrastructure from an Afghan perspective

Critique of recent budget cuts

Why have the post 9/11 wars not had the same degree of protests as Vietnam?

Spending an inordinate amount of resources in executing a relatively narrow segment of our national defense interests – COIN – will undermine America’s...

The whole concept of “nation-building” is flawed, because nations aren’t built, nations grow. We can no more build a nation than we can build an oak tree....