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The challenge presented by competing forms of centralization may have become clearer in the wake of the Arab Spring, especially in comparing events in Egypt and Libya....

Interviews with Eric Schmitt, Thom Shanker, and Matthew Kroenig

Poor performance erodes deterrence just as surely as good performance creates it

Bob Jones expands on his thoughts on modern insurgency

How violent will Syria become?

Not an Intifada: Reexamining “War” Amongst Israelis and Palestinians

Cities are likely to play major roles in the distribution of future global power.

Indian Perspective on on-going conflicts in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India

The purpose of this paper is to provide research information on doctrinal convergence and divergence, and elaborate upon the role of language and culture in counterinsurgency...

A glimpse into the history of the Phillipines

Defining differences between design theory and design planning

Decolonization, insurgency, and nation and state building in Africa

Critique of OIF/OEF memoires

Knowing how insurgencies last so long can help to understand why they last so long

Any future framework for operational adaptation must incorporate the effects of technological change, while avoiding the seductions of strategic paralysis theory.

Why Better Information Operations are needed

Kyrgyzstan as a tipping point for charters?

Examining the structure and relationships between lines of operations (LOOs), measures, and indicators at various organizational levels

Sometimes in the course of military operations ill-conceived ideas survive to produce unacceptable outcomes.  When this happens, frustrated leaders might ask, “...

The importance of leadership in insurgent mobilization, recruitment, and expansion of the base

Better understanding the plight of the Fatah

How do we get the "Big Picture" right?

The Story of the Ultimate Counterinsurgent: An Interview with William Doyle, Author of A Soldier’s Dream: Captain Travis Patriquin and the  Awakening of Iraq. SWJ...

Ditching Career Centric COIN:  Exhuming Robert Komer with the Drawdown in Afghanistan

Better understanding China

When is a child ready to fight?

Rebellion at sea

The creation of South Sudan leaves Sudan's doors open for the growth of terrorism, but the perilous situation is fertile with potential for focused U.S. engagement.

Smaller and weaker opponents do not have a monopoly on asymmetric warfare and it does not need to be left to Guerrilla movements for us to romantically read about in the...

A review of the use of new media in recent insurgencies.