This article argues that the proper place for new aviators to start flight training in is a simple, fixed-wing trainer.

This article is the fourth in the TRADOC/SWJ’s latest “Mad Scientist” call for papers.

One of history's most recent and successful COIN campaigns proved so successful that few, even in the military community, are aware that it ever took place.

Flynn is one of the few professional intelligence officers to cut through the fog of Obama era apologetics and tighten the focus on the war we are fighting, not wars we might...

The purpose of this paper is to discern why the Soviet Union intervened in Afghanistan, and why the United States and its allies delegated to the Mujahedin.

This article is the third in the TRADOC/SWJ’s latest “Mad Scientist” call for papers.

This article is the second in the TRADOC/SWJ’s latest “Mad Scientist” call for papers.

This is the first article in the second round of the TRADOC “Mad Scientist” call for papers.

This article presents a red team exercise that posits requirements for an Afghan Taliban victory in Afghanistan over a 5-year timeline.

Humans encroach on the wilderness, but nature extracts its own not so subtle revenge with the tools of drought and fire. Such as it is today.

Based on a request from SOCOM to the Director of the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies, the author and his instructor briefed this paper and its ideas to...

Alex first reported on this issue for The Washington Times.  Here's the rest of her story.

It is important to assess the progress of the PLAAF’s degree of progress toward achieving the capabilities it requires by the early 2030s and this paper intends to do...

This article examines Islamic State’s decision-making, focusing specifically on its pivots between temporal and ideological priorities.

The role of CA in denied areas is a hotly contested topic among members of the special operations community. Feedback is mixed - in favor and against.

Only the withdrawal of American and NATO boots on the ground will begin to allow the process of near-frantic emotions to subside within Pakistan, and for the region to start...

This paper looks at the genesis, evolution and growth of the Syrian Army’s “Tiger Forces” and their leader Suheil al-Hassan.

American special operations support efforts aimed at building West African military capability over the last five years have been largely successful. 

Does the NATO treaty “automatically” require the U.S. use force to defend a NATO ally?  The short answer is “no”.

What happens when social protection runs awry – rather than enabling market-led development, al-Shabaab creates a structure that rejects it.

With catastrophe and resiliency, there is a clear movement away from bio-politics and the antics of social engineering.  Populations are becoming more viewed as...

As the US peers into the future of irregular conflict, there are historical trends of the likely prevalence of Unconventional Warfare in the coming decades as a policy tool...

Scholars and students of warfare have yet to look at military occupations collectively to see if any common themes, trends or correlations emerge.

During the campaign against Islamic extremism, policymakers were more concerned about the conduct of organizations which wanted to assume power in various states.

As ISIS continues to employ capable means to radicalize individuals and encourage directed and inspired attacks, the threat of homegrown attacks is unlikely to cease anytime...

Given the military’s privileged position in Burma, US organizations experienced in capacity development could build partnerships that foster healthcare and professional...

If global government were possible today, the end of national and local democracy would begin.

ISIS supporters have taken to twitter to unofficially claim responsibility for the attacks as retaliation for the death of Abu Omar Shishani.

While the details of the current SOF mission in Yemen are few, there are several one can glean from recent press that assist in evaluation of the mission.

Asymmetric tactics are not Russia-Ukraine unique; they are employed against the United States and have been for quite some time.