While it may be convenient to write off "spoilers" as intractable enemies of peace to be dealt with solely by coercive force, there do exist possibilities for their...

This is a follow-up companion piece to the Small War Journal article ‘...

The Royal Road: A Mission-Oriented Service for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict

One More Thought on Unconventional Approaches to Dealing with al Qaeda: If the Afghans Kick Us Out, Let’s Hire the Haqqanis

Thrilla in Minnesota: Al-Shabaab vs. The Somali Diaspora

People do not live in history, they live in the narrative. Nowhere is this truth more evident than between three countries in East Asia.

Most aviators and intelligence professionals agree that something about tactical aviation intelligence just isn’t working.

Radical Islamic Terrorism: An Evolving and Enduring Threat

Mexican Cartel Op-Ed No. 8: Will Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera be tried in Mexico or the United States?

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Colombian Cartel Tactical Note #1: The Evolution of ‘Narco-Submarines’ Engineering

As many analysts searched for what our Army must do for America, they envisioned their answer as finding the Holy Grail or a golden nugget. Instead they should have been...

In the struggle against the Jihadists of Al Qaeda and affiliated groups, we need to stop believing that we are dealing with terrorists.

Intelligence and Policy Making for the 21st Century: A Case-study of the Benghazi Attacks and the Relationship Between Policy Makers and the Intelligence Community

Cultural Intelligence has once again become a much sought after commodity in the wake of the September 11th attacks and its ensuing wars.

An Uncomfortable War in the Graveyard of Empires: Applying the Manwaring Paradigm to the Soviet-Afghan War

Although categorized differently, ISAF’s counterinsurgency campaign and MONUSCO’s robust peacekeeping have much in common.

The definition of cross-border violence fuels current debate and influences the level of cross-border violence within jurisdictions.

Our stability efforts implemented on a national scale, in someone else’s nation, invariably - sometimes sooner, sometimes later - have been a spectacular failure.

Common questions in the minds of policymakers include “How far can fundamentalist Islam be practiced without interfering with the daily lives and cultures of our...

This article discusses the issues and challenges with targeting for an advising Battalion and how the Battalion’s leadership, staff, ANSF advisors, and Company...

The Army continues to debate the use of the term Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance. This debate was triggered when ISR became a synonym for Unmanned Arial Surveillance...

His views and observations are personal, simple and quite visceral.  They may be skewed, wrong, right or something in between.

Village Stability Operations and the Future of the American Way of War. SWJ Book Discussion with Linda Robinson on “One Hundred Victories. Special Ops and the Future of...

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