The Obama administration reversed the policies of its predecessor, and established a counterterrorism strategy that appears to exactly mirror the European model.  In a...

With Sri Lanka’s defeat of the Tamil Tigers in 2009, should the US pursue establishing a naval base in Sri Lanka?

How the Media, the Military, and the World Struggles with Telling the “Real Story” in Afghanistan

There is neither a shortcut to knowledge nor a process that forces critical and creative thinking on those individuals incapable of or unprepared for its complexities. ...

Author argues that the MDMP is burdened by linear procedures that do not reflect natural cognitive processes and proposes an alternative model based on six concurrently...

Guía de Prácticas Recomendadas en la Evaluación de Medidas Contrainsurgencias (...

How Corruption Affects National Security of the United States: An Explorative Hypothesis on Mexican Transnational Criminal Networks Operating in the United States

If money is a weapon system, then it must surely be targeted as precisely as any other weapon system. 

The French Army´s Failed Counterinsurgency Effort

If money is a weapon system, then it is imperative to know how to operate the safety less we face fratricide

Placing the current Libyan conflict in historical perspective by focusing on the dynamics between the country’s two main regions (Tripolitania and Cyrenaica) during key...

A Critique of Michael Walzer's Just and Unjust Wars

The challenge presented by competing forms of centralization may have become clearer in the wake of the Arab Spring, especially in comparing events in Egypt and Libya....

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Cities are likely to play major roles in the distribution of future global power.

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The purpose of this paper is to provide research information on doctrinal convergence and divergence, and elaborate upon the role of language and culture in counterinsurgency...

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Examining the structure and relationships between lines of operations (LOOs), measures, and indicators at various organizational levels