February, 2015

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February, 2015

LtCol Kilgore:  Mugabe don't surf.

Internet:  Yes, he does.

Robert Mugabe, the spry 90 year old who has been grinding Zimbabwe to ashes for decades, tripped on Wednesday, February 4 while dismounting his plane. His camp ordered photographers to delete images of the fall. That didn't work,. The internet responded with Bob in all manner of poses. More here or at your favorite funny Photoshopper's site.

Cover image c/o Twitter public domain via that Daily Mail article. Hat tip to Tom Odom for the first link that we saw.

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02/02 - Urban Siege in Paris: A Spectrum of Armed Assault by John P. Sullivan and Adam Elkus
02/13 - Military Medical Implications of Future Megacity Operations by Michael Bailey and John Via
02/14 - Thoughts from Garmser and Kabul by Octavian Manea
02/15 - A Cautionary Tale of American Intervention by John Fitzpatrick
02/16 - Analyzing the Effectiveness of Australian Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) after 15 Years of ‘Small Wars’ by Mark Smith
02/17 - Colombian Peace Negotiations: A Critical Juncture for Positive Change? by Philip K. Abbott
02/17 - Cyclics, Souls, Service and Shepherds by Keith Nightingale
02/20 - Latino Gangs in Catalonia: Latest Police Operations Expose Extent of the Problem, Signal Policy Shift by Alex Calvo
02/25 - Predictions by Morgan Smiley
02/26 - The ISIS Beheading Narrative by Doyle Quiggle
02/28 - Book Review: America’s Modern Wars: Understanding Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam by Shawn Woodford

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