November, 2014

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November, 2014

100th Anniversary of the War to End All Wars. The Tower of London’s installation Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red has grown throughout the summer. By 11 November, the moat will be filled with 888,246 ceramic poppies, each poppy representing a British fatality during the First World War. The display will be removed on Nov 12, 2014. More here. Photo credit to Historic Royal Places.

Articles Published During November, 2014

11/03 - Marksmanship & Eyesight by Arnold Hammari
11/03 - The Great Firebase Shootout by Keith Nightingale
11/04 - Nuclear Weapons and the Korean War: A Precarious Beginning for the Tradition of Non-Use by Nathan A. Jennings
11/04 - How the Limited Use of Lessons Learned Failed to Form a Cohesive Strategy in Operation Enduring Freedom by Joel Lawton
11/04 - The Exigency for Mission Command: A Comparison of World War II Command Cultures by John Case
11/04 - The American Endgame in Iraq and Afghanistan: Euphemism for Risk Management? by Ilwoo Lee
11/05 - Keeping a Large War Small: Offshore Control vs. Air-Sea Battle – and the Case for Area Denial by Robert M. Klein
11/05 - Decentralization: The Future of ISIS by Nicholas B. Pace
11/05 - Foreigners in a Foreign Land: Complexity and Reductionist Staff Approaches in Stability Operations by Christopher Varhola
11/05 - Ebola and the African Responsibility by Henri Boré
11/07 - The Rise of the Islamic State and How to Reverse It by Mbaye Bashir Lo
11/16 - The Intractable Conflict: Why Colombia’s War Against the FARC Eludes Resolution by Philip K. Abbott
11/18 - A Case for Reflection: On the Ground in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Detroit by Kirby Dennis, Kris Karafa and Rebecca Patterson
11/18 - Reflections on the Militarization of American Law Enforcement: An Adaptive Consequence to an Irregular Criminal Threat by John Zambri and Usha Sutliff
11/18 - A Ticket to Turkey and a Desire to Fight: Why Some Foreign Fighters Travel to Syria by Chelsea Daymon
11/18 - The Hands, Head and Heart Leadership Model by Ted A. Thomas and Ted G. Ihrke
11/20 - What if the Military Has Been Focusing on the Wrong Thing the Whole Time? by Yinon Weiss
11/21 - Suicide Bombers and T-72s: Using Mission Orders to Defeat the Hybrid Threat by Chris Baldwin and Jeff Baldwin
11/22 - An Airborne Thanksgiving by Keith Nightingale

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