September, 2014

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September, 2014

Violent clashes between protesters and police on Hrushevskoho Street, Kiev, earlier in 2014. A bit dated, but the saga continues.

"Hrushevskyi street - 2014 Jan 22 - 23" by Amakuha - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Articles Published During September, 2014

09/01 - The Army’s Next Mission: Stability is the Best Offense by M. Shands Pickett and Annie Best
09/12 - Reflections on the Modern Battlefield: A Discussion with General Anthony Zinni by Octavian Manea
09/12 - If You Liked Vietnam, You’ll Love the War With the Islamic State by Gary Anderson
09/14 - Why Reasoning with ISIS is a Useless Concept by Steve Thomas
09/14 - Tactical Cyber: How to Move Forward by Andrew Metcalf and Christopher Barber
09/15 - Defeating ISIS and Their Complex Way of War by Aaron Bazin
09/15 - More Than a Mexican Problem: How the US Can Adapt Plan Colombia to Mexico by Michael Osborne
09/16 - The Rule of Law in the Context of US Military Operations by Thomas L. English
09/17 - Syria’s Foreign Fighter Dilemma by Raja Sutherland
09/17 - “Competitive Control”: How to Evaluate the Threats Posed by “Ungoverned Spaces” by Daniel Fisher and Christopher Mercado
09/18 - The Role of Conflict Minerals, Artisanal Mining, and Informal Trading Networks in African Intrastate and Regional Conflicts by Peter G. Chirico and Katherine C. Malpeli
09/22 - Challenging Army Force Design by E.J. Degen and John W. Spencer
09/23 - Unpacking the Anatomy of the Mpeketoni Attacks in Kenya by Herman Butime
09/24 - Sheriff and State Advisor Border Summits by Robert Bunker
09/24 - Sufism in Asymmetric Warfare by William Allen
09/24 - Thoughts for Units Conducting Military Engagement in the New Normal by Tom R. Przybelski
09/26 - Employing Armor Against the Islamic State: The Inevitable Urban Combined Arms Fight by Dennis A. Lowe

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