July, 2014

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July, 2014

ISIS with captured HMMWV. Public domain photo from Twitter via that trusted news source, the Duffel Blog.

Articles Published During July, 2014

07/05 - Criminal Groups: Multifarious Threats to State Security, Regional Stability and Individual Wellbeing by Irina Alexandra Chindea and Byron Ramirez
07/05 - Breakdownistan: U.S. Concerns in Central Asia and Afghanistan Going Forward by Charles J. Sullivan
07/06 - Threat Analysis and Spillover Effects of Organized Criminality by Irina Alexandra Chindea and Byron Ramirez
07/07 - Thucydides on Brasidas: The Most Athenian of Spartans by Nathan A. Jennings
07/07 - Integration to Increase the Likelihood of Collaboration by Richard O. Day
07/08 - Counterinsurgency and Community Policing: More Alike than Meets the Eye by John Zambri
07/09 - A Framework for NGO-Military Collaboration by Glenn Penner
07/10 - Responses and Reactions to the Threat of Organized Criminality Across Levels of Analysis by Irina Alexandra Chindea and Byron Ramirez
07/11 - On the Disappearance and Reacquisition of Bowe Bergdahl by Jai Singh
07/15 - After the Afghan Surge: Rapid Exit or Better Peace? by Joseph J. Collins
07/17 - Looking to the Stars: Imagining a Constellation of Capabilities by Dan Maurer
07/17 - ¿Escalada Explosiva? by John P. Sullivan
07/17 - Small Wars and Non-Lethal Force at Sea: The Wave of the Future? by Alex Calvo
07/19 - Raqqa: From Regime Overthrow to Inter-Rebel Fighting by Lucas Winter
07/19 - Factionalism of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan: Can the Pakistani Government Correct Past Deficiencies by Brian Perkins
07/20 - Intelligence Challenges in Urban Operations by James Howcroft
07/20 - Assessing Mombasa’s Credentials as a Battleground in Kenya’s War on Terror by Herman Butime
07/22 - Investing in Powerful Networks in Nigeria? by Henri Boré
07/29 - Solving Iraq’s Constitutional Problems: The Hard Way by Gary Anderson
07/30 - Bypassing the Graveyard: A New Approach to Stabilizing Afghanistan by Scott Mann
07/30 - Digging Our Own Grave? The Results of CT, COIN and Regime Change by Greg Simons
07/31 - Northern Mali Conflict 2012 by Jason Guffey

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