March, 2014

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March, 2014

Image: "Putin - Hands off Ukraine" via from Twitter, public domain.

Articles Published During March, 2014

03/01 - Water Tensions in Africa by Henri Boré
03/02 - Mexican Cartel Op-Ed No. 8 by Malcolm Beith
03/03 - Radical Islamic Terrorism by Joseph A. Warrick
03/03 - The Un-Tapped Potential of Aviation Intelligence by Jillian Marie Wisniewski
03/04 - It’s Not History, East Asia, It’s the Stories We Tell by David Hunter-Chester
03/05 - Thrilla in Minnesota by Michael Dennis
03/05 - One More Thought on Unconventional Approaches to Dealing with al Qaeda by Gary Anderson
03/06 - The Royal Road by D. Robert Worley
03/06 - After the Divorce: Clausewitz and the Center of Gravity by Dale C. Eikmeier
03/07 - The Perils and Possibilities of Engaging Non-State Armed Actors in Post-Conflict Peacebuilding by Andrew Watkins
03/08 - Responding to Crimea by Bolstering NATO’s Military Presence in Central and Eastern Europe by Octavian Manea
03/08 - Narco-Submarines: Applying Advanced Technologies to Drug Smuggling by Byron Ramirez
03/09 - Al-Shabaab and the Exploitation of the Subject Network Model by William Allen
03/10 - Co-Existence, Co-Ordination, and Crowding Out by Brett Doyle
03/10 - Reading Lawrence in Afghanistan: The Seven Pillars of Counter-COIN Wisdom by Evan Munsing
03/11 - BACRIM in Colombia by Juan-Camilo Castillo
03/12 - The Defense Innovation Imperative by Adam Jay Harrison
03/13 - Transitional Justice Mechanisms: A Case Study of Sierra Leone and Mozambique by Bianca De Bortoli
03/13 - Learning Rural Engagement: Afghan Agriculture and the Future of Rural Stabilization by John Groninger and Charles Ruffner
03/13 - Can the Afghan Security Forces Stand Up to the Taliban? by Jonathan Schroden, Patricio Asfura-Heim, Catherine Norman and Jerry Meyerle
03/14 - The Impact of Domestic Shale Oil Production on U.S. Military Strategy and its Implications for U.S.-China Maritime Partnership by Kris Michaud, Joe Buccino and Stephen Chenelle
03/17 - A Genealogy of Egyptian Islamic Radicalism by Shawn Green
03/18 - Hunting Che by Kristen Wood
03/19 - Man, The State and War Against Drug Cartels: A Typology of Drug-Related Violence in Mexico by Irina Alexandra Chindea
03/19 - The Dynamics and Value of “Trust” in the Military by David Sniffen
03/20 - The Trusted Shadow and Trojan Horse of the United States Government by Caitlin S. Hall
03/21 - Understanding the Sea by Patrick C. Brien
03/22 - The “Hidden” Power of Illegally Armed Groups in Latin America by Magdalena Defort
03/23 - The Art of Tailoring Competitive Strategies by Octavian Manea
03/24 - Government in a Box by Stephen A. Mackey
03/25 - War Amongst the People, Or Just Irregular? by Marcelo O.L. Serrano
03/29 - Reflections on the Continuities in War and Warfare by Octavian Manea
03/31 - Narco-Cities: Mexico and Beyond by John P. Sullivan

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