August, 2013

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August, 2013

Image: an oldie but a goodie.

Articles Published During August, 2013

08/01 - Combating Transnational Organized Crime: Is the Department of Defense Doing Enough? by David E. Smith, Michael T. Clancy and Stephen J. Peters
08/01 - Hard Learned Lessons of Others: What the US Military Can Learn from Successful Development Groups in Today’s World by Adam Brady
08/02 - The Dogs that Do Not Bark: Prevention as the Path to Strategic Stability by William J. Flavin
08/03 - Counterinsurgency Lessons for Mexico’s Drug War: Interpreting Spasms of Violence by Eric M. Tope
08/04 - Cautious Hope in Sangin by Joe Falvey and Dom Pellegrini
08/04 - The Democratization of Grand Strategy by Sean F. X. Barrett
08/07 - A Case for a Joint Police-Military Special Operations Capable Task Force in Response to Mexican Drug Cartel Spill-Over Violence by John Zambri
08/07 - Building Partner Capacity in the 21st Century: How the U.S. Can Succeed by Alan Shumate
08/10 - Myanmar’s Child Soldiers by Chloe Gotterson
08/11 - 9 Things I Learned Crossing the Last Three Feet by James Thomas Snyder
08/12 - U.S. Geopolitics: Afghanistan and the Containment of China by Joseph E. Fallon
08/13 - Applications of the Memetic Perspective in Inform and Influence Operations by Erick Waage
08/13 - Fixing Afghanistan’s Broken Windows: A Low Tech Tool in the Fight Against Terror by Andy Bell
08/13 - The Limitations of Security Force Assistance and the Capabilities of the U.S. Army by Michael J. Simmering
08/15 - Visualizing Social Networks to Inform Tactical Engagement Strategies that will Influence the Human Domain by Molly MacCalman, Alexander MacCalman and Greg Wilson
08/18 - Ensuring U.S. Prosperity and Security: The Case for Nigeria by Christopher A. Cruz, Aaron A. Bazin and Charles E. Hewins
08/18 - On Guerrilla Warfare: Two Takes, Mao vs. Guevara by Kyle W. Fonay
08/18 - The 2012-2013 Mali Conflict: Considerations on the Human Battlespace and Strategic Outcomes by Juan-Camilo Castillo
08/20 - Thinking Differently: Unlocking the Human Domain in Support of the 21st Century Intelligence Mission by Robert R. Greene Sands
08/21 - The Mexican Undead: Toward a New History of the “Drug War” Killing Fields by Molly Molloy
08/22 - ADAPT: Training for Agriculture’s Seminal Role in Stability Operations for Afghanistan and Beyond by John Groninger, Charles Ruffner, Ryan Brewster and Paul Sommers
08/23 - A Four Dimensional Model of Insurgency and the Centrality of ‘Perception and Polarization’ to Strategic Success by Haroro Ingram
08/25 - Combat Identification in Cyberspace by Robert Zager and John Zager
08/26 - Algeria and Malaya: A Tale of Two Distinct and Dramatically Different Counterinsurgency Campaigns by Daniel T. Canfield
08/27 - Translating Lessons Learned in Colombia and Other Wars Among the People: Confronting the Spectrum of 21st Century Conflict by Max G. Manwaring
08/28 - Whole-of-Government Support for Irregular Warfare: How a New Law Will Make a Map Hit the Road by Edward J. McDonnell III
08/29 - Changing the Strategic Dialogue: New Definitions for Landpower and Land Control by Jeremy Sauer and Michael J. Kaiser
08/30 - Why Syrians in Turkey are Not “Refugees” and Why it Matters by Mark A. Grey
08/30 - The New Policy Map: Syria and Dealing with Regional Sectarian Strife by Harold “Hal” Kempfer
08/31 - The Young Ataturk: From Ottoman Soldier to Statesman of Turkey by Youssef Aboul-Enein

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