April, 2012

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April, 2012

Image: RCT-5 Marines share dinner with Garmsir District Governor and local Afghan security forces leaders. Photo by Cpl Alfred V. Lopez. Source: DVIDS.

Articles Published During April, 2012

04/02 - 30 Years On: The Diplomatic Fight for the Falkland Islands by Matt Ince
04/03 - The Koran Burnings and Murder: The Afghan Response and Our Missed Opportunities by David Oclander
04/04 - Review Essay: Fighting and Learning Against Hybrid Threats by Frank Hoffman
04/05 - The Military Needs More Disruptive Thinkers by Benjamin Kohlmann
04/06 - Wrapping Your Mind Around the Arab Spring: Recommended Reads by Youssef Aboul-Enein
04/06 - Malawi on Edge as the “Warm Heart” Mourns the Head of State by Matthew P. Dearing
04/07 - Why Israel Will Attack Iran by Adam Harmon
04/09 - Disruptive Thinkers: Defining the Problem by Peter J. Munson
04/09 - Understanding Informational Features of Transnational Criminal Networks: Cases from Mexico and Guatemala by Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán and Luis Jorge Garay-Salamanca
04/10 - Egyptian Field Marshal Abdul-Halim Abu Ghazalah on the Combat Tactics and Strategy of the Iran-Iraq War by Youssef Aboul-Enein, Andrew Bertrand and Dorothy Corley
04/11 - Disruptive Thinkers: Military Entrepreneurship, Terms and Concepts by Jonathan Jeckell
04/12 - Ghazalah’s Phased Analysis of Combat Operations: Part Two of Three by Youssef Aboul-Enein, Andrew Bertrand and Dorothy Corley
04/12 - ¿Por qué es más difícil desarticular las actuales redes criminales mexicanas que los carteles colombianos de los años noventa? by Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán and Luis Jorge Garay-Salamanca
04/13 - Disruptive Thinkers: The PME Debate Needs More Informed Thinkers by Mike Mazarr
04/13 - Disruptive Thinkers and Opportunistic Leadership by Brett A. Friedman
04/16 - Malaya: The Myth of Hearts and Minds by Sergio Miller
04/17 - The Strategic and Operational Dynamics of Limited War by Adam Elkus
04/18 - Disruptive Thinkers: The Disruptive Poets Society by Grant M. Martin
04/19 - Flynn and the Prospects for Defense Intelligence Reform by Daniel Trombly and Robert Caruso
04/19 - Water and Sanitation: Decisive Effects in Modern Operations by Dennis Sugrue and Andrew Pfluger
04/20 - The Case of Mexico: A Hard Pill to Swallow by Justin Peele
04/20 - Yemen: Always on the Brink? by Robert Sharp and Sterling Jensen
04/23 - Five Questions for America to Answer about Afghanistan, the Arab Spring, and Nation Building at Home by Karl Slaikeu and Faieq Zarif
04/24 - The “Dawn of Victory” campaigns to the “Final Push”: Part Three of Three by Youssef Aboul-Enein, Andrew Bertrand and Dorothy Corley
04/25 - Changing Iran’s Cost-Benefit Analysis of Its Nuclear Program by Thomas J. Buonomo
04/25 - Book Review: Owen West's "The Snake Eaters" by Peter J. Munson
04/26 - Escalating from Terrorism to Nuclear War on the Asian Subcontinent by Varun Vira
04/27 - Q&A with Owen West: Advisors in Iraq by Peter J. Munson
04/30 - A Critical Perspective on Operational Art and Design Theory by Adam Elkus

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