March, 2012

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March, 2012

Articles Published During March, 2012

03/01 - Sayyid Qutb and the Origins of Radical Islamism by Youssef Aboul-Enein
03/02 - The 2006 “Divorce” of US Army Reserve and Active Component Psychological Operations Units by Alfred H. Paddock, Jr.
03/03 - Bringing Real Life to American Strategy in Afghanistan by Christopher Bassford
03/05 - Five Ps for a Violence Reduction Strategy in Mexico (Part I) by Guillermo Vázquez del Mercado Almada
03/06 - Arab Thoughts on the Italian Colonial Wars in Libya by Youssef Aboul-Enein and David Trandberg
03/07 - Five Ps for a Violence Reduction Strategy in Mexico (Part II) by Guillermo Vázquez del Mercado Almada
03/08 - Wartime Legacies: The Memoirs of Bush, Cheney, Rice, and Rumsfeld by Caleb S. Cage
03/09 - Five Ps for a Violence Reduction Strategy in Mexico (Part III) by Guillermo Vázquez del Mercado Almada
03/11 - The Strategic Consequences of Egregious, Avoidable Mistakes by Butch Bracknell
03/12 - On Counterinsurgency: Thoughts on the Re-write of Field Manual 3-24 by Grant M. Martin
03/13 - Romancing the COIN by Jason Thomas
03/14 - Yemen: A U.S. Strategic Partner? by Robert Sharp and Fahad Malaikah
03/15 - Will Hezbollah Attack Israel? Only if... by Kip Whittington
03/16 - Reconsidering the Operational Approach to Phase IV Stability Operations by Andrew G. Attar, Jr.
03/18 - Complexity Theory and Counterinsurgency Strategy by Lawrence Cline
03/20 - Language, Culture, and Army Culture: Failing Transformation by Richard Outzen
03/21 - Civil Resistance as a Form of Unconventional Warfare: Interview with Professor Erica Chenoweth by Octavian Manea and Erica Chenoweth
03/22 - Assessing the New York Police Department’s Intelligence Efforts Targeting America’s Muslims by Mark Munson
03/23 - Assessing Pacification in Vietnam: We Won the Counterinsurgency War! by J.R. Bullington
03/25 - A Primer for the Unique Language of Arabs who Sail the Persian Gulf by Youssef Aboul-Enein
03/26 - Nonviolent Struggle as Asymmetric Warfare: Interview with Srdja Popovic by Octavian Manea and Srdja Popovic
03/27 - The Only Game in Town: Assessing the Effectiveness of Village Stability Operations and the Afghan Local Police by Seth A. Shreckengast
03/28 - Design Versus the Center of Gravity by Dale C. Eikmeier
03/29 - Creative Thinking: Linking Environment, Vision, Change, and Strategy by Dan McCauley
03/30 - Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions under the Shah and Ayatollahs by Stephen McGlinchey and Jamsheed K. Choksy
03/31 - The Rationale Behind Assad’s Internal Military Crackdown by Daniel R. DePetris

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