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"Mad Scientist" series - Megacities and dense urban environments are firmly on the horizon as likely and potential environments for future warfare and humanitarian engagements.
Megacities are sure to challenge every member of a coalition. How these urban areas might do so in the intelligence realm in the near future is the primary focus of this offering.
The Closers Part V: Mentoring Host Nation Interagency Operations by Colonel Gary Anderson Download the Full Article: Mentoring Host Nation Interagency Operations Governments get in trouble when they...
Mentoring on the Edge or, "What you Don't Learn in a Classroom" by Colonel John Bessler Download the full article: Mentoring on the Edge The 'Afghan experience' for those who serve overseas...
The purpose of this paper is to describe social science research methods employed in Afghanistan during 2011-2012 and to report their use to clarify social issues related to conflict.
Mexican Cartel Op-Ed No. 8: Will Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera be tried in Mexico or the United States?
While cartel drones are typically considered a tool for smuggling, they are increasingly seen as having application for other purposes including espionage, surveillance, and as weapons.
Up until recently, weapons that provide for armor and bunker defeat capability at the levels that the RPG-29 is capable of, have not been seen in the hands of the Mexican cartels.
“Splinter Gulf Cartel drug groups fight for control of Matamoros/Reynosa.”Mexico DailyReview. 14 February 2015,
Mexican Cartel Tactical Note #24: Gendarmerie Ambushed in Ocotlan, Jalisco State by Narco Commando—5 Killed, 8 Wounded
Fifteen police officers were killed in a ‘military-style’ ambush in Jalisco on 6 April 2015. The attack resulted in the highest death toll in a single attack since 2010.
A Border Patrol agent with alleged ties to a Mexican drug cartel has been arrested in connection with the beheading of a Honduran man in March.
Bloodbath on the beaches: The Mexican drug gangs riding on JET SKIS to blast victims ‘James Bond-style’.
A Redeye Man Portable Air Defense System seized was in the possession of armed personnel belonging to La Linea.
Many in the academic and policy communities share the notion that organized crime groups operate similarly to legitimate businesses.
This article examines the current and emerging security situation faced by Mexico’s petro-energy sector.
Mexico's new president Enrique Peña Nieto has trumpeted its proposed reforms, but there are more similarities than differences with the Calderon Administration.
Despite the scope of the threat to Mexico’s security, violent drug-trafficking organizations are not well understood, and optimal strategies to combat them have not been identified.
Mexico's Struggle with 'Drugs and Thugs'   SWJ Book Review by John P. Sullivan Mexico's Struggle with 'Drugs and Thugs' (Full PDF Article) Mexico is in the...
Mexico: The Accidental Narco? by Paul Rexton Kan Download the Full Article: Mexico: The Accidental Narco? The Obama Administration's National Security Strategy clearly makes the case: "Stability...
Mexico: A Mosaic Cartel War   by Paul Rexton Kan Download the Full Article: Mexico: A Mosaic Cartel War A situation of high-intensity crime does not mean that a war is not occurring in...
Part 7 of a series that provides a retrospective look at the first year of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s Sexenio with comments on the prospects for 2014.
MIA in QDR: A Unifying Vision for Land Forces by Nathan Freier This paper is being published simultaneously in Small Wars Journal and the PKSOI Bulletin, an on-line publication of the United States...
This Spanish language SWJ-El Centro article is intended to stimulate debate among Latin American security professionals.
How operational planners applied military design to a wicked problem set in Afghanistan.
Military History and the Drafting of Doctrine FM 3-24, Relevant Case Studies or Seductive Analogies? by Andrew Salamone, Small Wars Journal Military History and the Drafting of Doctrine (Full PDF...
It is time to rethink the role of conventional U.S. military medical assets in COIN operations.
Given global urbanization trends, the Army must be prepared to confront challenges arising in megacities to remain a relevant instrument of national power.
Military Metrics: How Do We Know When We're Winning (or Losing) a War? by Ethan B. Kapstein Download the Full Article: Military Metrics How do governments know whether they're winning or losing a...
Continue on for three loosely related articles meant to inspire novel thought on military operations in the growing urban landscapes of the future.
Military Police Operations and Counterinsurgency by Major Matthew R. Modarelli, Small Wars Journal Military Police Operations and Counterinsurgency (Full PDF Article) Within the Department of Defense...
Within military coalitions and governmental organizations, the term ‘deep dive’ continues to gain in popularity and design application for complex conflict environments.
Militias can be essential assets to the establishment of security in coordination with effective counter-insurgency strategy, but they come with risks.
Mind Games From Above: The Use of Psychological Warfare and Direct Propaganda at the Turning Point of the Malayan Emergency, 1952-54 by Stephen J Fallon Download the Full Article: Mind Games From...
Going back to 1989, and certainly since 2001, the US has failed to construct a coalition of moderates that might be able to enhance legitimacy and increase stability.
Mission and Morality: Tough Choices for Advisors, Mentors and Teams Leaders by Gene C. Kamena Download the Full Article: Mission and Morality In a recent article published in Foreign Affairs, Robert...