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In Marja: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way by Colonel Gary Anderson Download the full article: In Marja: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way It never ceases to amaze me how quick we are to lecture...
Failure in training is vital in unconventional and conventional warfare environments. Battalion and higher staff must fail in training and then correct their mistakes.
Recent budget debates have featured emotional discussions about reforming the military retirement system. This is not a new phenomenon; there have been more than a dozen official studies on...
As India’s ambitions and might grow, attachments to the UN and to UNPKOs are eroding in favor of more hard-headed assessments
This essay focuses on analyzing the different human security threats present in the region followed by an analysis of the traditional policy approach followed by the government.
This article thus aims to bring back to light India’s national security policies following the 2008 Mumbai attacks.
Indigenous Forces and Sanctuary Denial Enduring Counterinsurgency Imperatives by LTC Robert M. Cassidy Download interim version of article as PDF
Transitional justice, within a short period, has become one of the most dominating debates in rule of law, human rights protection, democracy and nation building.
Mad Scientist # 6: Social Media is becoming a powerful tool to recruit “foreign fighters” as well as to persuade groups and individuals to perform terrorist acts elsewhere.
Using interviews as background and Afghanistan as a case study, this article captures tactics that may allow future commanders to build the basis for sustainable governance.
This is the first article in the second round of the TRADOC “Mad Scientist” call for papers.
Information Counterrevolution by Adam Elkus, Small Wars Journal Information Counterrevolution (Full PDF Article) When Iranians took to the streets to protest vote-rigging by their nation's theocratic...
Information Operations on the Counterinsurgency Battlefield by Azriel Peskowitz, Small Wars Journal Information Operations on the Counterinsurgency Battlefield (Full PDF Article) Terrorism has always...
Information Sharing for Irregular Warfare by Lieutenant Colonel Ehsan Mehmood Khan Download the full article: Information Sharing for Irregular Warfare A sturdy string of irregular warfare is the...
Strategic, operational, and tactical actions the US should take in each dimension of the information environment to counter the ISIL's asymmetric, and apparently dominant, information campaign.
Should we focus more on creating ink spots and less on defeating the Taliban?
The defense establishment must embrace the energy and ideas already being produced and provide a way for them to have real impact - an innovation program that seeks true offsets.
We have no more real control over conflict (or the universe) than anyone else, in fact, sometimes we now have less.  If we cannot control, we must adapt.
Times of crisis can be a brief window of opportunity for large institutional bureaucracies to overcome jurisdictional boundaries and make changes to business as usual. 
The Russians have developed a new theory of warfare, and in the future, we can only expect them to perform it more effectively and on an even larger scale.
Inside the Surge 1-5 Cavalry in Ameriyah by Lieutenant Colonel Dale Kuehl, Small Wars Journal Inside the Surge: 1-5 Cavalry in Ameriyah (Full PDF Article) I had the privilege of commanding the 1st...
The Human Terrain System has found itself in the news again. A feat of considerable effort as the program ceased operations in September 2014.
In 2012, the U.S. Border Patrol transitioned from a resource-based to a new, risk-based approach for measuring border security and informing planning efforts along U.S. borders.
Imperatives for Confronting Irregular Challenges
Insurgencia Criminal en las Américas   por John P. Sullivan Transfiera el Artí­culo Completo: Insurgencia Criminal en las Américas Organizaciones criminales...
SWJ's Spanish version of Criminal Insurgency: Narcocultura, Social Banditry, and Information Operations.
Insurgencies and Countering Insurgencies: 21st Century Doctrine for an Ancient Way of War - Review of the new COIN manual.
Insurgencies in South Sudan: A Mandatory Path to Build a Nation? by Marc-Andre Lagrange Download The Full Article: Insurgencies in South Sudan The 2010 elections in Sudan were more than just a formal...
Alex Verschoor-Kirss provides an interesting look at a case of cultural insurgency: the Estonian Forest Brothers movement.
If one believes they are in the Clear/Hold phase and they are taking regular casualties, then I believe a change to disruption would make a difference.
Operations in Safar focused on ridding the area of enemy fighters and not mimicking the standard gain a foot hold and chasing ghosts through a minefield tactics.
“Mad Scientist” series - The need for an Integrated Global Health Surveillance and Response Program through a complex web of surveillance, education, and interactive coordination.
Overdue Bill: Integrating Counterinsurgency into Army Professional Education by Major Niel Smith Download the full article: Integrating COIN into Army Professional Education In the eight years since...
A model for actively integrating deception planning into the brigade level orders process, specifically during mission analysis, course of action development, and course of action analysis.
Alex first reported on this issue for The Washington Times.  Here's the rest of her story.