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13 October 2014: I thought that I might build on the previous essay on how to develop an understanding of war and warfare through the study of military history in width, depth, and context.
29 May 2015: A Small Wars Journal discussion with Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster.
29 March 2014: Reflections on the Continuities in War and Warfare: SWJ Discussion with Major General H.R. McMaster
Mad Scientist series - In light of the contemporary operating environment, terrorist activity and political violence will continue to have direct and indirect effects on European security.
Identity, Insurgency & Healing by Dianna Wuagneux See Full Article: Identity, Insurgency & Healing A constant challenge faced by the Coalition Forces in Afghanistan is the ability of the Anti...
The Syrian civil war has to be understood as a conflict that is surpassing national borders and which can’t be solved by military and diplomatic concentrated on only one small region.
President Obama is repeating three key strategic mistakes that President Johnson made in Vietnam.
NATO rarely, if ever, exercises the deployment to and operation of the force in an environment that is under “hybrid” attack.
Asian support for ISIL will largely be based in Southeast Asia, which possesses the largest Muslim population in the region and will manifest through Asian nationals traveling to the Middle East.
Cocaine and illicit-timber trade are linked by their profitability, industrial proximity, and smuggling convenience.
What is done and what should be done? Insights into political-criminal nexuses.
From the outset, the U.S. treated Al Qaeda as a military objective instead of an organization to be understood, penetrated, and permanently dismantled. 
Knowing how insurgencies last so long can help to understand why they last so long
Implementing a Population-Centric Counterinsurgency Strategy Northeast Afghanistan, May 07 -- July 08 by Major Nathan Springer Download the full article: Implementing a Population-Centric COIN...
Implementing COIN Doctrine in the Absence of a Legitimate State by David C. Ellis and James Sisco Download the Full Article: Implementing COIN Doctrine in the Absence of a Legitimate State The...
It is time to unleash US irregular warfare capabilities. All the controversy over today’s “gray zone” challenges leads one to believe that the US is an amateur player in this game.
In future conflicts against near-peer enemies, hybrid 4th and 5th generation threats will challenge allied air superiority and limit the ability for CAS aircraft to loiter and provide on-call fires.
This article discusses an alternative defensive strategy which addresses human performance capabilities and limitations to disrupt spearphishing attacks.
Improving Information Operations in Iraq and the Global War on Terror by Farook Ahmed and Oubai Shahbandar, Small Wars Journal Download interim version of article as PDF The Surge of US military...
This essay provides an examination of current thought on how to build a team capable of performing at a high level.
In Afghanistan, Less is More by David Malet Download the Full Article: In Afghanistan, Less is More Two recent developments have brought optimism to some Afghanistan-watchers. The first is the...
On 16 January 2013 the BP and Statoil ASA In Amenas gas facility in Algeria was attacked by al Qaeda linked terrorists resulting in the deaths of 40 workers.
Concerning the sorry performance of the Afghan National Army since 2012, the military and Pentagon planners need to ask themselves some hard questions.
In Marja: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way by Colonel Gary Anderson Download the full article: In Marja: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way It never ceases to amaze me how quick we are to lecture...
Failure in training is vital in unconventional and conventional warfare environments. Battalion and higher staff must fail in training and then correct their mistakes.
Recent budget debates have featured emotional discussions about reforming the military retirement system. This is not a new phenomenon; there have been more than a dozen official studies on...
As India’s ambitions and might grow, attachments to the UN and to UNPKOs are eroding in favor of more hard-headed assessments
This essay focuses on analyzing the different human security threats present in the region followed by an analysis of the traditional policy approach followed by the government.
This article thus aims to bring back to light India’s national security policies following the 2008 Mumbai attacks.
Indigenous Forces and Sanctuary Denial Enduring Counterinsurgency Imperatives by LTC Robert M. Cassidy Download interim version of article as PDF
Transitional justice, within a short period, has become one of the most dominating debates in rule of law, human rights protection, democracy and nation building.
Mad Scientist # 6: Social Media is becoming a powerful tool to recruit “foreign fighters” as well as to persuade groups and individuals to perform terrorist acts elsewhere.
Using interviews as background and Afghanistan as a case study, this article captures tactics that may allow future commanders to build the basis for sustainable governance.
This is the first article in the second round of the TRADOC “Mad Scientist” call for papers.
Information Counterrevolution by Adam Elkus, Small Wars Journal Information Counterrevolution (Full PDF Article) When Iranians took to the streets to protest vote-rigging by their nation's theocratic...