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Making IPB an “entire staff” process is critically important to achieve shared understanding of the various mission variables. 
An edited volume by Williamson Murray and Peter Mansoor.
Frank Hoffman reviews David E. Johnson's Hard Fighting: Israel in Lebanon and Gaza.
Air Operations in Israel’s War Against Hezbollah: Learning from Lebanon and Getting It Right in Gaza & Eagle in the Sky.
In 1970 Secretary of Defense, Melvin R. Laird, proposed a defense strategy to President Nixon. This strategy sought to shift the defense focus from war to peace.
Reviving OSS Methodology for 21st Century Military Operations by Myrtle Vacirca-Quinn, M.D. Sternfeld and Luis Carlos Montalván Small Wars Journal Op-Ed Reviving OSS Methodology for 21st...
Revolution And The Egyptian Labour Movement by Gary K. Busch Download The Full Article: Revolution And The Egyptian Labour Movement Mubarak has gone and the spirit of revolution is in the air...
Jeremy Gwinn focuses on the "transition" phase of security force assistance in Afghanistan.
Riskless War Technology, Coercive Diplomacy, and the Lure of Limited War by Dr. Douglas Peifer, Small Wars Journal Riskless War (Full PDF Article) Just when critics have consigned the Revolution in...
Jason Thomas explores the romance of COIN theory and where it has gotten us in Afghanistan, suggesting instead we follow the less romantic, more focused "hedgehog concept."
Root Causes of Islamist Extremism: Nine Years Later by John D. Johnson Download The Full Article: Root Causes of Islamist Extremism: Nine Years Later The 9/11 attacks showed to the world that...
What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in the Middle East and South Asia spreads to the world.
The civil war is in full swing and Iran is driving it—it all goes back to the “Green Cresent” and the old “Silk Road”
The relationship between Russia and Iran since the collapse of the Soviet Union forms a necessary and essential aspect of international relations.
Dr. Kevin Woods and his colleague Williamson Murray have brought to life the Iraqi perspective on various conflicts, ranging from Operation Desert Storm to their latest work on the Iran-Iraq War.
Sandals and Robes to Business Suits and Gulf Streams: Warfare in the 21st Century by MG Michael T. Flynn Download The Full Article: Sandals and Robes to Business Suits and Gulf Streams: Warfare in...
SAS Secret War Operation Storm in the Middle East reviewed by Travis Weinger, Small Wars Journal SAS Secret War (Full PDF Article) SAS Secret War: Operation Storm in the Middle East. By Major General...
Saving the Kiowa: A Case for Augmenting the Reconnaissance and Security Brigade with the Aviation it Needs
Youssef Aboul-Enein offers a timely review of John Calvert's book on Sayyid Qutb.
While not democracy in the American image, the Arab Spring has the potential to bring Islamists into conflict with jihadists.
Schizophrenic Doctrine: Why We Need to Separate Democratization Out of Stability and COIN Doctrine
Second Land Armies and Excess Combatant Commands by Robert Jordan Prescott Download the Full Article: Second Land Armies and Excess Combatant Commands On August 12, 2010 Secretary of Defense Robert...
Declassified outline of Rhodesian Tips, Tactics, and Procedures in COIN.
Tactics, Techniques and Procedures basic to Infantrymen and modified to fit the Security Force Assistance Team environment.
Considerations for Organizing and Preparing for Security Force Assistance Operations by COL David Maxwell Download interim version of article as PDF
Security Force Assistance: Just Do It Appendix to Accompany CRS Report 41817 "Building the Capacity of Partner States through Security Force Assistance" by Thomas K "Doc" Livingston Download the...
Seeing the Other Side of the COIN: A Critique of the Current Counterinsurgency (COIN) Strategies in Afghanistan by Metin Turcan Download the Full Article: Seeing the Other Side of the COIN Though...
Back to the basics of deterrence, diplomacy, and defense to address potential nation-state employment of unconventional weapons?
After more than a decade of overseas operations since Sept. 11, 2001, there is a needed moment of reassessment as to how to equip, train and even fund the military.
A thorough guide for cyberwar practitioners
Sequestration is a once in a generation opportunity to address the changes needed to take the US military to the next level of capability. 
Continuing from Part I and Part II, this next section delivers the initial view of the restructured Pentagon.
A lot of people focus on the annual budget figures of DOD.  Not many realize DOD spends just south of $1T annually because of previous year appropriations. This is like crack cocaine to...
Given the exponential growth and popularity of digital fabrication, also known colloquially as 3D printing, it is timely to question the implications that it holds for state security.
Setting the Record Straight on Malayan Counterinsurgency Strategy: Interview with Karl Hack by Octavian Manea Download the Full Article: Setting the Record Straight on Malayan Counterinsurgency...
Seven by Michael Yon Download the full article: Seven American forces are stationed at bases far and wide around Afghanistan. Some bases are like towns, such as Camp Bastion, Kandahar Airfield, and...