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The words,”put up or shut up” come to mind when talking about the advisor mission.
The ambush exposed Egypt’s main security weakness - its inability to effectively police the country and its long borders.
The United States and its partner nations in the battle against Islamic Extremist terrorists must discover new and improved courses of action.
Going Outside the Wire: Liaising With Special Operation Forces to Rebuild Agriculture in Afghanistan by Daniel Miller Download the Full Article: Going Outside the Wire: Liaising With Special...
Has the United States Air Force selected the most operationally capable strike aircraft for the future FID mission in Afghanistan?
Going Tribal: Enlisting Afghanistan's Tribes by Dan Green Going Tribal: Enlisting Afghanistan's Tribes (Full PDF Article) As United States policy-makers undertake a series of exhaustive reviews of U....
Simply put, interagency reformists have failed to understand the environment within which they are proposing change.
The Normandy invasion is usually depicted with great crashes, bangs and volcanic energy combined with broad scenes of masses of material and manpower.
As the US peers into the future of irregular conflict, there are historical trends of the likely prevalence of Unconventional Warfare in the coming decades as a policy tool of choice.
Governance in the Raw: A Primer on Tribal Political Systems by Stan Wiechnik Download the Full Article: Governance in the Raw This paper will introduce the reader to some different types of pre-...
Considered the “Islamic Fringe” by Muslim coreligionists, S.E. Asian Muslims embraced secular pursuits and have shunned the radical variants of Islam common in the Middle East.
A Civilian Expeditionary Force Defense Agency would promote creation of a readily deployable “Government in a Box” to meet contingencies.
Equipment that relies on GPS coordinates is highly susceptible to being spoofed, jammed, or the subject of malicious interference.
The current situation in Ukraine and, to some extent in neighboring former Soviet republics (primarily Baltic States), highlights the application of nonlinear war.
Peaceful Rise through Unrestricted Warfare: Grand Strategy with Chinese Characteristics by Dr. Tony Corn Download the full article: Grand Strategy with Chinese Characteristics As countless observers...
Gray Zone conflicts are not new, the El Salvador conflict in the 1980s and the Somalia Wars in the 1990s are examples of past Gray Zone or Shadow Wars supported by minimum US SOF Forces.
While frustrating to some, the United States’ increasing inability to dictate preferred outcomes should come as no surprise.
34 years ago the U.S. invaded Grenada, rescued some medical students, and rounded-up a gang of thugs and criminals, along with their Cuban communist backers.
The Company Intelligence Support Team (CoIST) can provide great value to their organization by developing refined geographic targets.
The definition of cross-border violence fuels current debate and influences the level of cross-border violence within jurisdictions.
Starting around 2008 Russia began providing military support to Nicaragua through the provision of funds, equipment and training.
Guadalajara could lose its protected status among drug lords and become the next epicenter for drug-related violence.
Guardians of the Machine - Defense Entrepreneurs Forum 2014.
Enabling our partners to conduct their own IO. There is no other way to get the message across the cultural divide.
Guerrilla Warfare and the Indonesian Strategic Psyche by Emmet McElhatton, Small Wars Journal Download interim version of article as PDF Some analysts of Indonesian affairs have tried to rebut "the...
Guía de Prácticas Recomendadas en la Evaluación de Medidas Contrainsurgencias (Best Practices Guide for Conducting Assessments in Counterinsurgencies)
Gun Control in Counterinsurgency A Game Theory Analysis by Chief Warrant Officer 3 Chad Machiela Download the full article: Gun Control in Counterinsurgency Throughout 2006, Multi-National Corps-Iraq...
Theory of elasticity suggests gun control measures are ineffective without a corresponding increase in security.
Stanford University has just conducted its first Hacking for Defense class and 8 teams have hit the ground running.
An update on week 5 of Stanford University’s Hacking for Defense course.
An update on week 6 of Stanford University’s Hacking for Defense course.
An update on week 7 of Stanford University’s Hacking for Defense course.
An update on week 2 of Stanford University’s Hacking for Defense course.
An update on week 3 of Stanford University’s Hacking for Defense course.
An update on week 4 of Stanford University’s Hacking for Defense course.
Haiti: Boots on the Ground Perspective   by Colonel Buck Elton Download the full article: Haiti: Boots on the Ground Perspective Buck Elton is the Commander of Joint Special Operations...