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Interview with Jeffrey Dressler An Interim Assessment on the Campaign for Regaining the Momentum in Helmand Province by Octavian Manea Download the full article:  Interview with Jeffrey...
Interview with Jim Thomas: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom on US Traditional Alliances from Protectorates to Partnerships by Octavian Manea Download the Full Article: Interview with Jim Thomas...
From Classic Conventional Deterrence to a “Lloyd’s of London” Posture
We are woefully under-trained.  The troops can absorb and do far more than we tend to credit them.  Our training is mostly designed to be easy on the trainers and to produce metrics
Retired Indian General and Small Wars Council extraordinaire Ray visits to talk all things India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan
Interview with Roger Hardister: The Global Partnership for Afghanistan by Bob Tollast Download the Full Article: Interview with Roger Hardister: The Global Partnership for Afghanistan Since 2004,...
The focus of this interview was ISIS and the current crisis is Syria and Iraq.  While the actual interview will be made available by SMA, I am providing the answers I prepared in advance.
Interviewing Tactics in Counterinsurgency by Stacy S. Lamon, Ph.D., Nahama Broner, Ph.D., John Hollywood, Ph.D., and COL Billy McFarland, USAR Download the full article There is a recent...
Is Pakistan in a low-level equilibrium trap or simply too focused on India?  Octavian investigates for SWJ.
SWJ Book Review: David Kilcullen, Out of the Mountains: The Coming Age of the Urban Guerrilla, New York: Oxford University Press.
Into Thine Hand I Commit My Spirit by Michael Yon Download the full article: Into Thine Hand I Commit My Spirit Arghandab, Afghanistan New Year's Eve, 2009 On this small base surrounded by a mixture...
Where does legitimacy derive from in the local populace?
Introspection and Emotional Vulnerability as Leader Development and Team Building Tools by Steven Rotkoff Download The Full Article: Introspection and Emotional Vulnerability as Leader Development...
The influence of family, ethnic and religious-based networks is an important component of the Nigerian political and social landscape.
Truth to Power with Information Operations in Khost Province
This paper examines two “Tri-Border” areas in Latin America. Criminal demographics and dynamics of illicit markets and related security concerns are reviewed.
Iran is destined to remain a “victim” because its leaders have determined it is in their best interest to do so. 
Iran Goes Nuclear: An Analysis of the Bushehr Nuclear Plant and Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks by Renanah Miles Download the Full Article: Iran Goes Nuclear Iran won't swerve first and Russia will...
One danger of increased proliferation could well be the commencement of an accelerated race to go nuclear across the Middle East.
In the first of several installments, we take a look at Iranian and Hizballah activities in Latin America.
Michael V. Rienzi lays out possible Iranian responses to a U.S. attack.
Many of the declassified letters from bin Laden’s “bookshelf” are about mundane concerns with reference to family and al-Qaeda members abroad, the remainder refer to jihadi...
Iran perceives itself as the underdog in a protracted conflict where it is outmanned, outgunned, militarily surrounded, and diplomatically isolated.
The present mimics the past, more dangerously, as we take a look back at the Shah's nuclear ambitions in Iran.
Unlike other major wars the US has fought, Iraq & Afghanistan demonstrate extremely low occurrence of troops who become POW/MIA & high injury survival rates.
The War on Terror has been coined our era’s Vietnam and there has been no shortage of opinions on how similar or different Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom are.
As sanctions bite and pressure mounts on Assad, Iran steps up its involvement in Iraqi affairs. But how extensive is their influence?
What role does Iraq play in the development of the Syrian crisis?
As the US Treasury imposes sanctions on an Iraqi bank, what defines our relationship with friendly autocracies?
An autocratic Iraq will probably be happier doing more business with China and Russia. But the idea of a Sino-Russian strategy in the Middle East is far from simple.
The subject of Israel’s relations with Iraq does not make for headline news. If Israel attacks Iran, that could quickly change...
The first part in a series of interviews of leading lights on Iraq and its environs.
When it comes to their old strategy of “zero problems with neighbors,” Turkey’s worst foreign policy headache might not be Syria...
In the final part of this series, Iraq expert Kirk Sowell shines a light on the country's murky foreign policy.
Iraq the Model? How Applying Lessons from our Successes and Failures in Iraq Can Shape a Winning Strategy in Afghanistan by Lydia Khalil Download the full article: Iraq the Model? "This was a...
Iraq's Hard-Won Lessons for Future Transitions in the Middle East   by Peter J. Munson Download the Full Article: Iraq's Hard-Won Lessons for Future Transitions in the Middle...