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COIN, organizational culture, and leadership - how they have interplayed in Afghanistan over the past several decades.
Current strategic guidance documents rely upon catchphrases and hyperbole to defer tough national security decision-making.
The conflict between a need to maintain domestic political support for the government while also modernizing military leadership is not unique to Afghanistan.
A conversation on the United States military's history of manhunting.
This paper analyses the concept of War Amongst the People proposed by General Rupert Smith in his book “The Utility of Force: the Art of War in the Modern World”.
An erudite lesson on words and COIN from a Pakistani officer.
War by Any Other Name Is War by Jason Whiteley Download the Full Article: War by Any Other Name Is War In Starship Troopers, Robert Heinlein wrote that, "War is controlled violence, for a purpose."...
War Comes to Long An Back Story to the Writing of a Military Classic by Jeffrey Race Download the full article: Back Story to the Writing of a Military Classic Now being reprinted in an updated and...
An Address at the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Museum on 5 March 2009 General Christmas, General Gardner, Fellow Marines. It is an honor to be asked to speak about war-fighting in this...
War is about Killing and Destruction, It is Not Armed Social Science A Short Response to Andrew Mackay and Steve Tatham by Colonel Gian P. Gentile Download the full article: War is about Killing and...
A warning and call to action from the French criminologist.
Since 2006, Nepal is on transition from armed conflict to peace. However, in the last six years, Nepal’s peace process is in deep crisis.
War, "Like War", or Something Else? by Colonel Robert Killebrew Download the full article: War, "Like War", or Something Else? Bob Killebrew, a Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security...
There is a danger in the empirical mode of reasoning that it will lead us to think of a thousand locals or twenty counterinsurgents as homogenous units of human being. 
The doctrine for wargaming during COA analysis falls short for small wars.
Warlord's Writing Tips by Colonel John M. Collins Download the Full Article: Warlord's Writing Tips This short writing guide appeared as part of a larger article, Sharp pens sharpen swords: writing...
Frankly, it might be a good idea not to drop bombs on oil trucks with drivers inside.  However wise it may be, it is not legally required.
Committing months and years at a time to mentoring individuals and organizations takes a specific set of personality and character traits.
Warthog by Michael Yon Download the full article: Warthog Kandahar, Afghanistan 23 March 2010 The mission required crossing a bridge that had been blown up a couple hours earlier by a suicide car...
Caleb S. Cage takes on the memoirs of the four most powerful officials of the Bush Administration.
History falls under the realms of highly contested narratives and the Sino-Indian border war is no exception.
Water, water everywhere...  COIN and the pennance of life.
Water scarcity is an increasingly dangerous problem in the USCENTCOM AOR.
Water Tensions in Africa: Assisting our African Partners in Developing a Riverine Operations Capability
Continue on for a short excerpt and a link to this 31 October 2007 SWJ article. It is Small Wars Journal’s most read piece.
I am an anthropologist and with help from my creative course designer Jessica DeVisser, we just built a culture MOOC (massive open online course) within a multi-media iBook.
National security professionals would do well to consider the history of the American Civil War when pondering the strategic dilemmas of modern small wars.
Understanding the great paradox of the U.S. military: the better our conventional capabilities, the more likely we are to face increasingly irregular and asymmetric threats.
Small Wars Journal interview with Karsten Friis, Senior Adviser and Head of the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs’ Research Group on Security and Defense.
Jonathan Smith considers the impact of night raids on counterinsurgency operations in Afghanistan.
Prestige weapons, often symbols of power and policy, rarely affected the outcomes of tactical engagements.
How do we measure the on-the-ground costs of taking civilian lives?
West German law enforcement used combinations of intelligence analysis and HUMINT collection while simultaneously engaging and disrupting the Red Army Faction.
Some have questioned such a panel for cadets.  One officer/faculty member who exemplifies this attitude said this past April, “we don’t want second lieutenant strategic thinkers....
The Defense & Strategic Studies Program at West Point organized a multi-disciplinary, academic and professional forum to discuss the many perspectives on potential US military intervention in...
This article analyses the growing range of threats posed to military organizations by violent jihadists within the West.