Fulbright Scholars Want to Pave Way

Fulbright Scholars Want to Pave Way to Brighter Future for Iraq

by Hemin Sultan and Tenay Guvendiren

Fulbright Scholars Want to Pave Way (Full PDF Article)

The flagship international exchange program sponsored by the United States Government, the Fulbright Program, is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. It promotes leadership development through learning and international cooperation. The Fulbright Program operates in more than 155 countries and has provided over 285,000 participants - chosen for their academic merit and leadership potential - with the opportunity to study, teach and conduct research in each others' countries and exchange programs. Approximately 7,000 grants are awarded annually. Hundreds of Fulbright alumni worldwide currently hold top positions in government, higher education, journalism, law, and the private sector, but in Iraq, these organizations are barely functioning and the potential benefits of the Fulbright program to Iraq are not being maximized.

Fulbright Scholars Want to Pave Way (Full PDF Article)

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before about 6 years or more specific speaking after overthrow dictator regime of saddam, the fulbright begin its programm in iraq but its not wide spread but when many gratuated young people begin to interest in this programm and go to study in united states when they back they get jobs in high position, so in the last two years every one now compete to get fulbright scholarship.