SWJ Reference Sites

These links are a collection of useful web resources.  This list is salvaged from our old site and presented here for your use in the interim, while we update them and load them into our new and improved reference library.



General Research  



Air War College Gateway (USAF) Armed Forces of the World
American Enterprise Institute Army Lessons Learned Centre (Canada)
Bonn International Center for Conversion Brookings Institution
Britain's Small Wars  
Cato Institute  
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Columbia International Affairs Online
Centre for Army Lessons (Australia)* Combat Studies Institute (USA)
Center for Army Lessons Learned* Combined Action Platoons - Vietnam
Center for Civil-Military Relations (USN) Combined Arms Research Library (USA)
Center for Contemporary Conflict (USN) Conflict Studies Research Centre (UK)
Center for Irregular Warfare (USMC) Correlates of War (Univ. Mich.)
Center of Military History (USA) Council on Foreign Relations
Center for Strategic and International Studies  
Defense and the National Interest Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance
G2mil Global Security
Foreign Military Studies Office (USA) Free Muslims Against Terrorism
Heritage Foundation Hoover Institution
Interagency Transformation, Edu., AAR International Policy Institute
Institute for National Security Studies International Relations and Security
International Crisis Group  
Jihad & Terrorism Studies Project Joint Staff Information Network (JDEIS)
Joint Electronic Library (JCS)  
Lexington Institute Lowy Institute (Australia)
Mackenzie Institute Marshall Center
Marine Corps Center for Lessons* Middle East Media Research Institute
National Security Archive Naval Open Source Intelligence
Olive-Drab Open Source Solutions
Peace Operations and Military Lessons Project on Defense Alternatives
Project on Government Oversight Potomac Institute for Policy Studies
Rand Royal United Services Institute (UK)
Rand Arroyo Center  
SITE Institute Special
Small Wars Center of Excellence* (USMC) Strategic Studies Institute (USA)
Small Wars Portal Strategy Page
Terrorism Knowledge Base Tufts Humanitianism and War Project
UK National Archives University of Military Intelligence (USA)
United States Institute of Peace Peacekeeping and Stab. Ops. Institute
USG COIN Initiative  
Washington Institute for Near East Policy  
2nd Battalion, 5th Marines Training  
Official US Military  
Department of Defense Southern Command
Joint Chiefs of Staff Northern Command
Army Special Operations Command
Marine Corps Transportation Command
Navy Strategic Command
Air Force Future Warfare
Coast Guard Joint Doctrine
DoD Unified Command Plan DARPA
Africa Command Defense Intelligence Agency
Joint Forces Command National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Central Command National Security Agency
Pacific Command National Reconnaissance Office
European Command  
Official US Government  
Agency for International Development Central Intelligence Agency
Center for Disease Control and Prevention Department of State
Congressional Research Service Federal Bureau of Investigation
Department of Justice Humanitarian Information Unit (US DoS)
Department of Treasury Library of Congress
Federal Emergency Management Agency Reconstruction and Stabilization (US DoS)
Interagency Transformation, Edu., AAR U.S. Embassies & Consulates
National Security Council USG COIN Initiative
Center for Democracy & Governance  
US Military Doctrine  
Joint Doctrine Navy Warfare Development Command
US Army Doctrine and Training Publications* Air Force Doctrine Center*
US Marine Corps Doctrine Publications  
Official UK Military  
Ministry of Defence Royal Marines
British Army MoD Publications
Royal Navy Royal United Services Institute
Royal Air Force  
Official Australian Military  
Department of Defence Royal Australian Navy
Army Royal Australian Air Force
ADF Peacekeeping Centre  
Official Canadian Military  
Department of National Defence Air Force
Army Pearson Peacekeeping Centre
North Atlantic Treaty Organization  
Other / Coalition  
ABCA Multi-National Force Iraq
Combined Forces Command Afghanistan  
United Nations  
United Nations Economic and Social Development
High Commissioner for Refugees Humanitarian Affairs
International Court of Justice International Law
Peace and Security World Food Program
World Health Organization  
Non-Governmental Organizations  
Amnesty International CARE
Department of Public Information (NGO) Directory of Development Organizations
Doctors Without Borders Eldis Gateway to Development Information
Human Rights Internet Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Web InterAction
International Committee of the Red Cross Council of Voluntary Agencies (Directory)
NGO Cafe NGO Global Network
NGO Links (Associated with the UN) NGOs Network
NGO Voice Oxfam
Project Hope Refugees International
Reuters AlertNet  
CIA World Factbook Countries and Regions (US DoS)
Country Background Notes (US DoS) Country Data
Country Profiles (BBC) DoD Dictionary of Military Terms (PDF)
Library of Congress Country Studies Short History of War
MiniAtlas of Human Security  
Professional Military Education  
National Defense University Security Cooperation Education & Training
National War College Naval War College
Joint Forces Staff College College of Naval Warfare
Joint Special Operations University College of Naval Command and Staff
Defense Acquisition University Air University
Army War College Air War College
School for Advanced Military Studies Air Command and Staff College
Command and General Staff College Defence Academy (UK)
Marine Corps University Royal College of Defence Studies (UK)
Marine Corps War College Joint Services Command and Staff College
School of Advanced Warfighting (USMC) Australian Defence College
Command and Staff College (USMC) Australian Command and Staff College
Expeditionary Warfare School (USMC)  
Other Education  
Foreign Service Institute (US DoS) United Nations System Staff College
United States Institute of Peace  
Online Journal / Magazine (Free)  
Air Force Magazine Marine Corps Gazette
Air and Space Power Journal Military Review
The American Enterprise National Defense Magazine (NDIA)
Armor Magazine NATO Review
Army Magazine Naval War College Review
Australian Defence College Publications On Point Journal
Canadian Military Journal Parameters
Defense Watch Policy Review
Field Artillery Proceedings
Foreign Policy Rand Review
Foreign Affairs Signal Magazine
Homeland Defense Journal Smithsonian Magazine
Humanitarian Affairs Review Tech Central Station
Infantry Magazine War Times Journal
Joint Force Quarterly  
Journal / Magazine (Subscription)  
Atlantic Monthly Jane's Defence
Geostrategy Direct Small Wars & Insurgencies
Inside Defense  
Books / Papers / Articles / Studies  
Air University Maxwell Papers (USAF) Air University Wright-Flyers Online
AUSA Defense Reports United States Army Land Power Essays
Center for Contemporary Conflict (USN) Joint Electronic Library Research Papers
NDU Defense Horizons NDU McNair Papers
National Defense University Online Books NDU Strategic Assessments
NDU Strategic Forum Newport Papers (USN)
School of Advanced Warfare Monographs USAF Institute for National Security
US Army Foreign Military Studies Office War, Peace, and Security Papers (Canada)
BBC History Page Best of History Web Sites
Center of Military History History Channel
History Net Hyper History Online
Jensen's Web Sources for Military History Military History Online
National Geographic Naval Historical Center
PBS History Page  
Communities of Interest  
AFJ Forum Platoon Leader (USA)
Air Warriors (Naval Aviation) Professional Soldiers (USA SOF)
AR-15 Sailor Bob (USN SWOs) (Canada) ShadowSpear (SOF)
Books for Soldiers Small Wars Council
British Army Rumour Service SOCNET
Company Command (USA) Soldiers for the Truth
Lightfighter Strategy Page
Marine Corps Gazette Forum Strategy Talk STRATFOR Forum
Navy Stryker Brigade Forum
Platoon Commander (USMC) USCAV On Point
Small Wars Journal Daily News Links
American Forces Press Service Air Force News
Multi-National Force Iraq Coast Guard News
Army News Service Navy News Stand
Marine Corps News Voice of America
Stars and Stripes Radio Free Iraq
White House News  
NATO Review NATO News
United Nations News  
Google News (Directory) Yahoo News (Directory)
ABYZ News Links (Directory) Drudge Report (Breaking)
Reuters Alert Net Iraq News (Directory)
Terrorism News (Directory) Iraqi Pages (Directory)
Afghanistan News (Directory) Iraq in Transition (CSM)
Institute for War & Peace Reporting Real Clear Politics (Directory)
ABC News London Times
Agence France-Presse Los Angeles Times
Al-Ahram Weekly (Egypt) Manila Bulletin
Al Jazeera Manila Times
Al Mendhar (Iraq) Mexico Daily
Ariana Afghanistan Miami Herald
Arizona Republic Middle East Times
Asia Observer Moscow Times
Asia Times MSNBC News
Associated Press National Geographic
Atlanta Journal-Constitution National Post (Canada)
The Australian National Public Radio
Australian Broadcasting Corporation National Review
Azzaman (Iraq) New York Daily News
Baltimore Sun New York Post
Bloomberg New York Sun
Bolivia Times New York Times
Boston Globe New Yorker Magazine
Boston Herald Newsday
BBC News Newsweek Magazine
Canberra Times New Zealand Herald
CBC News Nicaragua News
CBS News Ottawa Citizen
Chicago Sun-Times Pakistan Today
Chicago Tribune Palestine Post
Chosun Ilbo (South Korea) Peru Times
Christian Science Monitor Philadelphia Inquirer
City Journal Philippines Inquirer
CNN News Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Colombia Times Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Daily Star (Lebanon) Pravda (Russia)
Daily Telegraph (Australia) Reuters
Dar Al Hayat (Lebanon) St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Dawn (Pakistan) San Diego Union-Tribune
DEBKA File San Francisco Chronicle
Der Spiegel Scripps Howard News Service
Detroit News Scotsman
El Khabar (Algeria) Seattle Times
El Universal (Venezuela) Sky News (UK)
Financial Times Slate
FOX News South Africa Post
Gazeta Mercantil (Brazil) The Spectator
Globe and Mail (Canada) Sudan Tribune
The Guardian (UK) Sydney Morning Herald
Haaretz (Israel) Tampa Tribune
Houston Chronicle Teheran Times
Human Events Time Magazine
The Independent (U.K.) Times of India
Indonesia News Toronto Star
Indonesia Post Toronto Sun
IRNA (Iran) Turkish Press
Inside Central America United Press International
Inside Middle East US News and World Report
International Herald Tribune USA Today
Islam Online Wall Street Journal
Jerusalem Post Washington Examiner
Jordan Times Washington Post
Knight Ridder Washington Times
Kuwait Times Weekly Standard
Le Monde World Tribune
London Daily Telegraph  
US Department of Defense US Northern Command
Joint Combat Camera* UK Ministry of Defence
US Army British Army
US Marine Corps Royal Navy
US Navy Royal Air Force
US Air Force Royal Marines
US Coast Guard Australian DoD (Select Operation for Images)
US Central Command Australian Army
US Pacific Command Royal Australian Navy
US European Command Yahoo News Photos
US Southern Command  
Maps / Overhead Imagery  
Air University Map Room Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century
Ikonos (Overhead Imagery) National Geographic Maps
Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection Relief Web Map Centre
Space Imaging Terra Server (Overhead Imagery)
UN Cartographic Section US Military Academy Map Library
Travel Insurance Review collection Google Maps and Earth
General Reference  
Google (Internet Search) AltaVista (Internet Search)
Military Domain Search Engine (CALL) Google (.mil Domain Search)
Search (.mil Domain Search) Search (.gov Domain Search)
Way Back Machine (Internet Archive) Northern Light (Internet Search)
Yahoo (Internet Search)  
RefDesk (Internet Index and More) iTools (Search, Translation, Language)
Alta Vista Babel Fish (Language Translation) Majstro Translation Dictionary
Cultural Awareness & Terrorism Studies Nonverbal & Cross-Cultural Com.
Languages by Country (CIA Factbook) Language Survival Kits (DLI)
Languages of the World Foreign Language Trainer Online (USA)
Pronunciation Guide (VOA)  
Encyclopedia Britannica Wikipedia (Encyclopedia)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary Acronym Finder
GIS Dictionary DoD Dictionary of Military Terms (PDF)
World Gazetteer Topographic Map Symbols (USGS)
Currency Converter Internet Domain & Country Codes (AWC)
Measures Converter World Clock Time Zone
Calendar World Flag Database
Military Clipart & Multimedia (AWC)