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U.S. Military Must Focus Beyond Iraq and Afghanistan

Joint Chiefs Chairman Says Military Must Focus Beyond Iraq and Afghanistan by Thom Shanker of the New York Times. BLUF: "... the military now must revise how it goes about defending America and its interests. Admiral Mullen will make that official on Tuesday with the release of a new national military strategy. The 21-page document is the first top-to-bottom rewrite of national military strategy in seven years - reflecting an official assessment that the Pentagon must officially adjust its focus beyond Afghanistan and Iraq to prepare for a broad range of future risks."

Chairman's Corner: National Military Strategy

By Admiral Mike Mullen

Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

WASHINGTON, February 08, 2011 - Today, I released the 2011 National Military Strategy which provides a vision for how our Joint Force will provide the military capability to protect the American People, defend our Nation and allies, and contribute to our broader peace, security and prosperity.

While we continue to refine how we counter violent extremism and deter aggression, this strategy also rightfully emphasizes that our military power is most effective when employed in concert with other elements of power. This whole-of-nation approach to foreign policy, with civilian leadership appropriately at the helm, will be essential as we address the complex security challenges before us.

This strategy also acknowledges that while tough near-term choices must be made during this era of broader economic constraints, we will continue to invest in our people and our families. Working with our government and interagency partners, and our friends and allies, they, most of all, will bring this strategy to life as we meet our 21st century responsibilities in a dynamic, yet uncertain, future.

- Admiral Mike Mullen