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Understanding 'The Death of American Strategy'

Understanding 'The Death of American Strategy' by Colonel Gian P. Gentile, Infinity Journal. (registration required - no cost). Here's the overview:

In the 3rd Issue of Infinity Journal (Summer 2011), respected U.S. Army Colonel, Professor of Military History at West Point, and combat battalion commander in Iraq, Gian P. Gentile writes on "The Death of American Strategy". In the article, Gentile relays to his readers that the tactics of so-called Population-Centric Counterinsurgency (Pop-COIN) has "slayed" American strategy. As was to be expected, some reactions to the article have been critical, including a post on the webpage of the highly respected and notable National Defense University's Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS). While that post in particular did contain some solid points that are more than worthy of further analysis, unfortunately they were overshadowed by personal attacks on Gentile. The purpose here is not to return fire on any specific critic but rather to offer a clearer interpretation of what the original article intended to get across — a message that has seemingly become distorted by faulty analysis and unfortunate assaults on character rather than on ideas.

Understanding 'The Death of American Strategy'.