Small Wars Journal

SWJ - New and Improved?

“One of the most common characteristics of the small wars of the United States is that forces “dribble in” to the countries in which they intervene.”

USMC Small Wars Manual 1940

“No plan ever survives first contact with the enemy.”

Murphy’s Law on Warfare
Helmuth Von Moltke (the Elder)

The plan to upgrade the Small Wars Journal website evolved over the last couple of years. As with all good deliberate planning efforts, once we crossed the line of departure we made contact with the “enemy” we have had to adjust accordingly. The seamless transition envisioned in theory has become, in practice, like the Small Wars Manual quote above. We have found ourselves “dribbling in.”

We apologize for the ups and downs of SWJ of late. We are working to track, correct, and solve the myriad technical problems. We appreciate the helpful bug reports that have helped us shake out some issues faster than we could have on our own. As we have seen in recent years, transitions are easy to discuss and plan for, but complex when it comes to the actual execution.

We understand any impatience, but thanks for your patience and continued support. We will achieve victory in this endeavor, even if we have to just declare it. We will continue to provide a forum for thought provoking articles, engaged discussions on current topics of national importance, and an enhanced website that expands our engagement across the new forms of digital communications.