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Small Wars Journal Admin Note # 2017-3

Small Wars Journal Admin Note # 2017-3

Congratulations to all the authors whose articles have been selected as the top essays submitted in SWJ’s latest writers contest. Article titles, authors and a brief synopsis can be found here. Small Wars Journal will begin publishing the articles tomorrow.

The SWJ News Page is undergoing a complete revamp that should be completed this week. The new look includes more focus on functional areas concerning irregular warfare and on professional journals and blogs and less on chasing down ‘all the news fit to print’ concerning current military and foreign affairs.

Thanks much to those who volunteered to write book reviews for SWJ. I’ll be contacting you this week to work out the details. Looks like Small Wars Journal will have a very talented and experienced team to cover the prepublication review copies offered up by publishers.

Knock on wood - once again it looks like the SWJ sign-up tech problem that has plaguing the site might be solved. The Journal switched to Mailgun in hopes this issue is finally put to rest.

Much, much more to follow…

Dave Dilegge

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