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“The retired Marine general has become a force for calm, order and, in the eyes of the president’s critics, quiet resistance.”

“The bulk of the roughly 4,000 additional troops headed to Afghanistan will probably be composed of thousands of paratroopers from two units.”

“Iraq's prime minister says Nineveh province has been "fully liberated" from so-called Islamic State, after the district of Tal Afar was recaptured.”

“SOUTHCOM’s switch from tactical to strategic means a mission to ‘detect, illuminate, disrupt’ criminal activities.”

“President Trump’s strategy is sadly more old than new. Fortunately, it is not too late to alter the course.”

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“Afghanistan has long been called the “graveyard of empires” - for so long that it is unclear who coined that disputable term.”

“James Mattis tells the troops that their president is failing them.”

Future wars may be fought using new technologies; however, they will be fought by people for social, economic, cultural, and political reasons.

The Pentagon is not ready to move forward with President Donald Trump's new strategy for the war in Afghanistan, since military officials say key decisions have yet to be made.

“Pakistan has long been a complicated counterterrorism partner.”

"It is the Afghan warrior culture that will ultimately delimit any proposed long-term resolution."

"There is an increased global demand for U.S. defense companies to retrofit aircraft for special operations missions, analysts and members of industry said."

“The United States must fully reward those who risk their lives to serve troops on the battlefield.”

“Defense Secretary James Mattis gave a pep talk to U.S. troops stationed abroad during his trip to three countries last week.”

“With more than three years of combat experience, Iraq’s security forces are eager to quicken the pace of the fight.”

“Jihadis in Europe appear to be linked up with well-organized criminal networks—a nightmare scenario for future carnage.”

The way Bana Umar tells it, VOA and other broadcasters helped convince him to leave Boko Haram.

“Last week, the top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan finally got his wish.”

Analysts say as IS militants are losing ground in Syria and Iraq, the terror group is attempting to expand in Southeast Asia, which is home to a number of separatist and militant groups.

“It took many years of fighting, reading, thinking, and writing to inculcate in me that warfare is not primarily physical; it is not about places—it is about people.”

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“The new U.S. plan for Afghanistan will support government reforms such as tackling corruption, economic development .”

“The two top U.S. diplomatic and military officials here sought Thursday to allay confusion and concern among Afghans about President Trump’s strategy.”

“There is a reason that Afghanistan’s conflict, then and now, so defies solutions.”

“The general got most of what he had sought in the strategy: increases in American military trainers and air support in targeting the Taliban, without deadlines.”

“A broad brushstroke version of history ignores a number of important cases where foreign powers have found success—albeit often fleeting—in Afghanistan.”

"The Taliban cannot win on the battlefield, it's time for them to join the peace process. We will not fail in Afghanistan, our national security depends on that as well."

“The so-called victory in Mosul should give us cause to question the limited options available to militaries forced to fight in cities.”

“Trump’s elevation of a cadre of current and retired generals marks a striking departure for a country that for generations has positioned civilian leaders above and apart from the...