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"A recent opinion piece at The American Conservative had a number of military officers scratching their heads."

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"To those who will listen, the lessons of Abu Ghraib are unmistakable."

I encourage everyone to think about their Personal Learning Network, and how they can strengthen it.

Rise of the Junior Officer by Joe Byerly, The Barefoot Strategist

"Major battles in the 21st century will be confusing and disorganized affairs more similar to the clashes of a pre-digital age than the ‘network-centric' combat we've become...

"As Iraq prepares for its first national election in four years on April 30 it is hard to imagine democracy activists rallying weekly in Iraqi streets."

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"It might be best for the United States to focus first on handing over the peacemaking to Afghanistan’s neighbors, as the most credible strategy for ending the war quickly."

"Unlike the old manual, which laid out the tactics that Petraeus implemented with some success in Iraq, the new one will give soldiers COIN tools that can be used anywhere in the world."

A casual remark by a U.S. general during a breakfast has made China mad, really mad, and Beijing’s response is far less than civil and humble.

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"Some have argued that after the frustrating wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is little American appetite to send the Army into foreign lands."

"We at Stability wanted to make sure you were aware of a number of fascinating recent articles by leading academics and experienced practitioners."

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"Analysts warn if Kabul’s neighbors do not start to cooperate, competing desires for influence could deteriorate into a bloody proxy war in the country."

The Association of Diplomatic Studies and Training is a NGO located at the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute. Continue on for more on this unique resource.

Chief of the Army Reading List by Lieutenant General David Morrison, Australian Army, and edited by Dr. Jeffrey Grey. Hat tip to Real Clear Defense.

As counterinsurgency operations come to a close the military today looks to regain its past prominence as a conventional fighting force.

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Today, SIGAR released an audit of the $198-million effort to develop Afghan customs revenue capacity.

"Whether you are interested in an unusual love story or in how the United States fights protracted wars, Ann Scott Tyson’s American Spartan is an important book."

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"There’s no doubt the Russian military has the means to invade mainland Ukraine. But whether it can hold conquered territory is another question."

In New Officers’ Careers, Peace Is No Dividend by Helene Cooper and Thom Shanker, New York Times

“American Actions Speak Louder Than Words.”

The Emergence of Feral and Criminal Cities: U.S. Military Implications in a Time of Austerity by Robert J. Bunker, The Land Warfare Papers

Hopefully, rational decisions can be made to maintain the balance among DoD’s military services and appropriations.