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“The president has a more realistic and tragic understanding of the dysfunctions afflicting Islam than his critics acknowledge.”

“There are two sins in evaluating development projects. The first is asking the wrong question. The second is drawing the wrong conclusion.”

Five tasks recommended as urgent and essential to the current policy of permanently defeating ISO.

Prepared remarks of John F. Sopko, Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, Watson Institute for International Studies, Providence, RI, November 18, 2015.

"Disenchantment with stability operations has led to a serious underestimation of what American forces achieved, as well as wishful thinking about avoiding such conflicts."

A reminder (listing) of our stated lines of effort concerning the U.S. strategy to counter IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh.

“Force won't succeed until we defeat the ideology that gives rise to Islamist terrorism.”

Continue on for the White House Fact Sheet (press release) concerning building maritime capacity in Southeast Asia.

“The more the West strikes, the more people are killed [in Syria], it only builds into the narrative that the end is coming.”

In relation to Syria and ISIS, contemporary France can learn much from their 1954 defeat at Dien Bien Phu.

"What won’t work, he said, is sending thousands more U.S. troops into the fight."

"The group behind the horrifying attacks in Paris has been spreading death and destruction in large parts of Iraq and Syria since 2013."

“A massive and perhaps coordinated U.S., French, European, and Russian military response against ISIS in Syria is both necessary and inevitable.”

What is Article 5 of NATO’s Founding Treaty? - Excerpts from "NATO and the Scourge of Terrorism"  - 9/11 Aftermath.

“A worst-case ‘pre-mortem’ analysis of the Marine Corps’ latest operating concept is the way ‘to avoid failure when failure is not an option.’”

Will fear of a few evil men (or women) lead us to sacrifice our basic moral commitment to fellow human beings fleeing war, oppression, and deprivation?

“The Islamic extremism that drives ISIS is only one of the world’s sources of terrorism and insurgency by non-state actors.”

“There’s a time for soft power and playing the long game. But the attacks in Paris prove the Islamic State is overdue for eradication.”

"In the last two weeks, the so-called soldiers of the caliphate appear to have demonstrated a chilling reach."

Continue on for links to BBC and Reuters for live updates on the attacks and hostage situation in Paris.

"The Pakistani armed forces claim to have entered the decisive phase in their counterinsurgency operations against the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan."

Continue on for links to eight SSI items of interest.

"An anticipated annual winter reduction in fighting has prompted international and regional partners to intensify efforts to encourage a revival of Afghan peace talks."

A look at the DoD’s language, regional expertise and culture program.

"There are six rules in wargame design. JFCOM batted a thousand in violating all of them."

Joe Galloway’s account from the Battle of Ia Drang Valley.

"To downplay the attack would not be smart, because it did not come out of emotions that are not connected to the general mood of the country."

"Iraqi forces’ hopes of recapturing the city of Ramadi from the Islamic State have stalled, largely because their efforts to cut resupply routes into the city have failed."

Happy 240th Birthday Marines. Continue on for Such as Regiments and Marine Corps Order No. 47, Series 1921.

"This symposium will bring together scholars, research institutes, practitioners and other interested parties to discuss Daesh Beyond the Levant."