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In 1948, the United Nations defined genocide as any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group...

The decentralized nature of purchasing decisions means that citizens may choose to organize, perhaps even informally through social media, regardless of government policy.

SWJ-EL Centro Fellow Nate Jones just published the book Mexico's Illicit Drug Networks and the State Reaction.

“The metaphorical Strategy Bridge links resources and power to policy and purpose. This is, indeed, an exceptional metaphor, if one describes strategy as a product…”

“This monograph creates a proposed insurgency typology divided into legacy, contemporary, and emergent and potential insurgency forms, and provides strategic implications.”

“If the Marines were called today to respond to an unexpected crisis, they might not be ready, a top Marine general told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday.”

“What strategy should the United States pursue to counter the problem posed by violent radical Islam?”

Check out the US Army Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute’s new website.

"A bipartisan resolution declaring that systemic violence committed by Islamic State against Christians, Yazidis, Kurds and other ethnic and religious minorities constitutes genocide."

"Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday he was instructing his armed forces to start pulling out of Syria over five months."

Continue on for a VOA video, interview and story.

"U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday accused Syria of “clearly trying to disrupt" the U.N.-sponsored peace talks."

“Modern methods allow the Islamic State to keep up its systematic rape of captives under medieval codes.”

A November 2015 Army report subtitled "Create a Healthier Force for Tomorrow". The statistics are quite disturbing.

A Look at Urban Warfare in the Syrian City of Aleppo - A Modern War Institute podcast with Dr. Rodger Shanahan, Research Fellow, Lowy Institute.

“A survey of nearly 54,000 found that two out of three male Marines and one out of three female Marines were opposed to opening all combat jobs to women.”

"U.S. officials are pushing a select group of allies to expand their sights beyond Iraq and Syria in the global effort to destroy the Islamic State terror group."

"Not only is the Human Terrain System alive... the Army could expand it if more money becomes available."

"... it would be a mistake to think that a 'same old, same old' policy is playing out again."

“Putting pressure on those political entities so far has not yielded any positive outcome.”

The Islamic State, despite its name is not a state and recognition of the group as such threatens to provide a self-fulfilling prophecy.

"The Pentagon has presented the White House with the most detailed set of military options yet for attacking the growing IS threat in Libya."

On February 13, Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev stated recent international developments have pushed the United States and Russia “into a new cold war”.

“The myth of a ‘British way in counterinsurgency’... judicious and humane application of minimum force and ‘hearts and minds’ has been comprehensively debunked.”

"The Pentagon says a U.S. airstrike in central Somalia has killed more than 150 Al-Shabab militants who were preparing for a large-scale attack."

The U.S. National Guard's cyber unit may join the fight against the Islamic State terrorist group in Iraq and Syria, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said.

Lost in the strident rhetoric of the election season is the fact that the President has several thousand constituents laboring on his and our behalf.

This report documents P2C options: financial sanctions, support for nonviolent political opposition to hostile regimes, and offensive cyber operations.

Continue on for a link to Malcolm Nance’s 2007 SWJ article. Our most read, by far.

"Carter said on Friday he planned to unveil proposals in a few weeks to reform the structure of the U.S. military."