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Mabus tells NPR’s David Greene the military benefits from an integrated force, cites ‘lack of standards’. Continue on to listen to a NPR interview.

Continue on for the Special Issue: The Al-Qa`ida Threat 14 Years Later

“Fourteen years after terror struck the U.S., our strategy to defeat terrorism is failing.”

"In a changing global security environment, the United States is pursuing a third offset strategy to bolster a weakened conventional deterrence."

"The head of the Army Capabilities Integration Center said yesterday the service will unveil its combat vehicle modernization strategy at the ASAU's annual convention next month."

"When classes began Aug. 17, the U.S. Army War College introduced a new seven-day introduction to strategic studies course, which includes a four-day Gulf War case study."

Continue on for a link to the Marine Corps Gender Integration Research Executive Summary.

"No other American commander in recent years has had as much power within the Afghan military establishment and top government echelons."

"It’s being called a 'revolt' by intelligence pros who are paid to give their honest assessment of the ISIS war—but are instead seeing reports turned into happy talk."

"The intelligence services remember how seriously the Department of Justice dealt with former CIA directors Deutsch and Petraeus. They will demand equal treatment here (Clinton)."

"One of the disclosures based on documents leaked by Edward Snowden prompted the shutdown of a key intelligence program in Afghanistan, the nation’s top spy said Wednesday."

The Special Operations Research Association is pleased to announce the 2015 Annual Symposium, 11-12 December 2015. Continue on for additional information.

"The apparent Russian military preparations and the Obama administration’s attempt to block them have escalated long-running tensions between the White House and the Kremlin."

"The changes follow an attack on rebel graduates by members of NSF. The rebels were ill-prepared, too few in number, lacked local support and were deployed during the Eid holiday."

The Bridge interview with former DIA Director Lieutenant General (Retired) Michael Flynn.

The Pentagon Insider - Check it out - “A Comprehensive Policy and Defense Event and Publications List.”

"Although President Obama will probably not need to send U.S. ground–combat forces to Iraq and Syria, he should not publicly rule out that option."

If there is one thing we should have all learned, especially those of us who spent years there is that half measures when it comes to Iraq avail us nothing.

"There is an entire unit at USSOCOM dedicated to lessons learned. But those who don’t work there can learn a lot via a new book."

"In an acknowledgment of severe shortcomings in its effort to create a force of moderate rebels in Syria, the Pentagon is drawing up plans to revamp the program."

"We were blindfolded by our conventions of seeing extremism as a product of male violence. That is not true. Extremism is very much a systemic thing in which women have been involved."

Former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell joined NBC News’ “Meet the Press.” In this interview he addressed the fight against ISIS.

"The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps projects Iranian military power across the Middle East. But it has become entangled in protracted conflicts that are testing its limits."

"Secretary of State Kerry expressed U.S. concern about reports of Russia's enhanced military buildup in Syria in a telephone call Saturday with his Russian counterpart."

"The situation is so dire that some analysts told VOA they worry the 'good guys' might never catch up."

Continue on for the video, H/T John Q. Public

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"At a time of constrained budgets, shuffling fiscal priorities, and escalating global instability, national defense choices must be as maximally informed as possible."

"IS has intensified its systematic destruction of treasured ruins, destroying pieces of an ancient city. They claim to be destroying idols, is that the whole story?"

"President Johnson and his team deserved honest analyses in order to optimize their decision-making during the 1960s. President Obama and his team deserve the same today."