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“There has been a recent wave of fretting about our inability to train foreign militaries; one attempt to address this has been the establishment of new ‘Advise and Assist’...

“The U.S. has been relying too heavily on Shiites and Kurds. It needs to cultivate Sunni Arab partners.”

Growing up with Distributed Common Ground System-Army has been both painful and insightful.

RAND Report: How the Past Can Inform the Present and Future

“The White House is asked to designate ‘temporary areas of active hostility’, giving commanders same latitude to launch actions as in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.”

What does Kim Jung-un want?  He knows that the United States is not going to accept his country’s status as a nuclear weapons state.

“Dr. Mohib led a vibrant, gracious conversation about the struggles of his home country and displayed deep appreciation to the family members of the Americans lost on its soil....

No bugs. Thick book on a boring day. The first round of supporting artillery. The lazy red circle of Spooky working your front. Getting to the top.

The U.N. is facing its largest humanitarian crisis since the organization's creation. Without funding and full, safe and unimpeded access for aid workers, people will die.

“President Muhammadu Buhari has repeatedly declared the war with Boko Haram over. But the radical Islamist terrorist group is still waging deadly attacks across the countryside.”

John Sopko’s message to the Afghan people is simple: Corruption kills.

The new plan by the U.S. to counter Islamic State in Syria and Iraq involves the deployment of 1,000 soldiers to Kuwait, a U.S. military official told VOA on Friday.

“In a letter to Congress last month, more than 120 retired military leaders underscored their conviction that elevating and strengthening diplomacy and development are critical to keeping...

“In a final push to vanquish Joseph Kony’s murderous Lord’s Resistance Army, the U.S. is waging a psychological battle to draw the last rebels from the Central African bush.”

The Trump administration can’t shake off the specter of Russia and it’s well-established why Russian intelligence intervened in the US presidential election.

“The president’s proposal to boost military spending at the expense of diplomacy and foreign aid won't lead to victory.”

"Even if extremist groups in Africa were wiped out militarily, the continent's massive population of young people would continue to be susceptible to terror groups."

"If Tillerson doesn’t develop a stronger voice, control of foreign policy is likely to move increasingly toward Stephen K. Bannon."

"There appears to be no final agreement on the disposition of the Raqqa attack force - whether U.S.-backed Kurdish militiamen or Turkish-led Syrian rebels will be in the vanguard."

“The battle to recapture Islamic State’s de facto capital in Syria risks drawing world powers deeper into the country’s long war.”

"A strategy session on how to counter the Islamic State after a widely expected U.S.-backed military assault on the extremists’ home base."

“The U.S. should take a closer look at where the fighting is stalemated, where political progress can be made, and where urgent humanitarian action is needed.”

"The U.S. and Russia have found themselves teaming up for the first time in the war in Syria - against a country both call an ally - Turkey."

The enemy is being degraded by every measure and is on a trajectory to lasting defeat, a defense official told reporters on background today.

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Acting DoS Spokesman Mark Toner rejected suggestions that the State Department has been marginalized in the new Trump administration.

The latest alleged bombshell meant to send shockwaves through the U.S. intelligence community is stoking renewed fears about the ability to secure classified information.

“This struggle, or "war," will be won or lost at a global level. It is a fight for the hearts and minds of some 1.6 billion Muslims throughout the world—some 23% of the world...

"In a COIN environment where the population is the center of gravity, access to the entire population is an obvious necessity for operational success."

“The military’s favored option among several variations currently under White House review, would ease a number of restrictions on U.S. activities.”