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“During the campaign, the president-elect criticized the alliance for failing to spend enough on defense.”

“A former national security adviser for George W. Bush and congressional defense leaders are considered front-runners.”

Now that the Grunts have carried the Hill, what do we do with it? Can the leaders be worthy of the led?

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"Like many Americans, active-duty service members stationed around the world were stunned at Tuesday’s night’s presidential race results."

"The most likely bet is that as president he will seek to do what he promised during the campaign in breaking from current U.S. approaches to Russia, the Middle East, Europe and Asia."

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"On day one, the new commander-in-chief will have to begin determining a course of action on a number of staggering security challenges."

"The Pentagon will likely have to decide in the coming days whether American troops will enter Mosul."

"It is the first time that a foreign power has unleashed cyberweapons to disrupt, or perhaps influence, a United States election."

Always, our young men with guns trudge, crawl, climb and run with a quiet universal dignity.

Kurdish-led Syrian forces, backed by U.S. air power and military advisers, launched an offensive Sunday to gain control of Raqqa.

“Rather than allow one group to hold control in the future peace planners want to rekindle the legacy of Syria as a place that was often inclusive.”

"Enough, America. If you want to honor your service members, your nation’s history of military leadership in the world, then honor the civilian-led democracy it serves."

"The battle to drive Islamic State out of Mosul is the biggest ground operation in Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003."

Pentagon officials are inviting individuals and groups to submit papers putting forth ideas for addressing five questions.

"For the next administration, the report identified several changes that would benefit special forces, including having a more active role in when special operators are used."

"Whoever wins Tuesday’s presidential election will face an assertive, aggrieved Russia whose risk-taking behavior under Putin is increasingly worrisome to U.S. experts."

A spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve said Thursday the SDF is ready to at least start encircling the city while planning for its eventual liberation.

“When Carter promised an assault on ISIS’s capital in ‘weeks,’ the Pentagon reacted with a collective WTF. Officials say an attack is more like six months off.”

The Army needs to make "clear and compelling arguments" for capabilities that advanced ground combat vehicles will bring to the fight with their effective mobile protective firepower.

Carter’s new proposal to relax the military's recruiting standards & Mabus’ dozens of solutions in search of problems.

Strikes in October against al-Qaida operatives in Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan show the transregional nature of both the terrorist group and the approach to countering them.

"Syria has become a byword for the sort of vicious assault on civilian life unseen in the 21st century. In a rare press trip to the capital, Damascus, visitors tasted a different reality."

"al-Baghdadi released a blistering audio recording imploring his forces to remain firm in the face of the American-backed Iraqi offensive and excoriating those who might consider fleeing."

Two VOA articles: Reporters Without Borders’s press predators and the Taliban’s assaults on news media.

"There is a larger systemic issue in the evaluation system itself that is holding back the talented, but more unconventional soldier."

Oxford University Press book now available from Amazon.

Iraqi special forces seized control of state television facilities inside Mosul on Tuesday, as a loose-knit combat coalition allied with Baghdad pressed an offensive.

"Washington, D.C. October 31, 2016 - The CIA today released the long-contested Volume V of its official history of the Bay of Pigs invasion, which it had successfully concealed until now."