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“The history of America’s special operations forces recommends caution. They are primarily tactical tools, not strategic options.”

Soldiers on board were Taliban militants, disguised in ANA uniforms with fake identification cards. Inside the first vehicle, there was a wounded soldier who was pleading for urgent care.

Defense Secretary Mattis has arrived in Afghanistan on an unannounced visit to discuss the country’s security situation with political and military leaders.

Why is there so much confusion about irregular warfare?

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is in Djibouti, the tiny east African nation that’s home to the United States’ only military base on the continent.

“The security force assistance brigade, a 529-man team of officers and senior noncommissioned officers, will be tasked specifically to train allied forces to help them maintain their own...

“The attack in northern Balkh province came during afternoon prayers.”

If the government continues to refuse comment on most of its counterterrorism activity abroad it will struggle to win what is increasingly a war of narratives.

"Does the State Department need reforming and streamlining? Yes."

“The Silicon Valley data miner no longer works with the NSA, and its chief executive described the CIA as “recalcitrant” in the summer of 2015.”

“Harsh counterinsurgency tactics have led to mass frustration.”

The Weather Channel is airing a special program Sunday called Winter Warfare - a behind-the-scenes look at U.S. Marines as they prepare for combat in extreme cold conditions.

As its losses mount in Iraq, will a less potent Islamic State merge with its precursor, al-Qaida?

“The review is being led by Army Training and Doctrine Command and the Intelligence Center of Excellence.”

Survival is offering free access to four articles authored by US National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster. Continue on for the links.

“ISIS is using human shields, embedding armed fighters among fleeing residents, and firing on escaping women and children to draw Iraqi forces into the open in rescue attempts.”

Justice in Mexico recently completed its 2017 annual report on drug violence in Mexico. Continue on to download the report.

More than illegal immigrants who try to cross the border, more than drugs, what worries Homeland Security Secretary Kelly is the criminal network that lays all of it on America's doorstep.

“Near the blast site of the “Mother of All Bombs,” U.S. and Afghan forces are trying to dislodge Islamic State from a mountain stronghold.”

“Defense officials can’t tell you how many contractors they employ or at what cost. Finding out is critical to personnel reform.”

“A limited troop presence would support a strategy aimed at containing Iranian aggression.”

U.S. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster made the remarks Sunday after talks with Afghan leaders on his first trip to Kabul since taking office.

“Good strategies are essential for the priority national-security challenges America faces, whether it is Syria, ISIS, Russia, China, North Korea or Afghanistan.”

“It was born out of deadly failure and evolved into an organization that other nations seek to emulate.”

“The military is looking for new ways to bring in more civilians with high-tech skills who can help against IS and prepare for the new range of technological threats the nation will face....

“Pentagon brass take lead on decisions that were made by White House under Obama; ‘I authorize my military,’ Trump says.”

"Eastern Afghanistan was chosen for the first use of the bomb Thursday for what may seem like a counterintuitive reason: to avoid civilian casualties, because the target was in such a remote...

The decision to strike the Shayrat airbase in Syria after it was linked to the Sarin gas attack on civilians has generally received bipartisan support in the U.S. and found approval among our...

"President Trump called the recent high-profile military actions overseas proof that he’s fulfilling his promise to let defense leaders act decisively without interference."

Dozens of American soldiers have deployed to Mogadishu to train and equip Somali and African Union Mission in Somalia forces fighting extremism in Somalia.