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"U.S. military troops in Afghanistan have begun working with smaller Afghan units to prepare them for a more aggressive offensive against the Taliban."

"The FDF has managed a feat that other armed forces could learn from: it has made itself an attractive destination for conscripts and professional troops alike."

The Army has accelerated fielding of its security force assistance brigades. As a result, the first SFAB, which is training now at Fort Benning, Georgia, may deploy as early as February.

“Bergdahl’s trial had been scheduled to begin Oct. 23, but those dates are expected to be used for sentencing now.”

"The theft, which hasn’t been disclosed, is considered by experts to be one of the most significant security breaches in recent years."

American troop deployments to Afghanistan to support the Trump administration’s new strategy there have lagged due to the military's ongoing support of hurricane relief efforts.

Defense News was given an exclusive interview with Heritage expert Dakota Wood, who edited the over 400-page report, ahead of its formal release.

A Belfer Center report by former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter.

"The world could be excused for thinking that another war was about to break out in Iraq."

"The administration’s Afghanistan strategy has a new acronym, one which the Pentagon’s top officials say will lay the groundwork for a stable Afghanistan in the future."

The outgoing head of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency urged analysts there to “speak truth to power” despite any political pressures they may face.

"The Pentagon’s top leaders defended the Trump administration’s new strategy for Afghanistan in detail Tuesday, saying that it will last as long as is needed."

"U.S. forces in Africa this week staged what would have been an otherwise unremarkable attack against Islamic State extremists but for one key detail."

Continue on for the video, it speaks for itself...

“The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Russian military—not the Syrian army or the Syrian political class—are managing Syria’s destiny.”

"US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was very clear when he said last week that the US will not recognize, neither support the Kurdish independence referendum."

"Hundreds of suspected fighters for the extremist group, dirty and disheveled, arrive at checkpoints claiming innocence and begging for mercy."

"State Department specialists sent dissent cable urging more-intensive talks to end Afghanistan war."

Increasingly, the written word is being tossed aside in favor of film and the “documentary” – both allow for “artistic license” instead of facts.

"Espionage is sometimes called the cloak-and-dagger business. That term no longer applies to the Central Intelligence Agency."

In recent years there has been much discussion about the “weaponization” of social media.  My friend Dave Maxwell weighs in.

As international pressure is mounting on Islamabad to do more against militant groups operating from its soil, some militant groups are rebranding themselves as political parties.

DoD is accelerating relief operations and response capacity to Puerto Rico to meet the FEMA's need for a comprehensive commodities distribution network.

"And buying Facebook ads is much cheaper than an F-35 fighter jet, said Sen. Mark Warner."

As the Islamic State group faces military defeats in Syria and Iraq, the group has an eye on war-torn Libya, hoping to re-emerge there and organize in the country's desert.

Continue on for the video. Well said LtGen Silveria!

"The accuracy of sources is always incredibly difficult to determine in a conflict zone."

"Commanders warn that proliferation of the inexpensive technology may allow terrorist groups to launch other aerial attacks around the globe."

"China will inevitably be affected by the humanitarian costs of a collapsed DPRK, the security of DPRK’s nuclear material, and any large US-ROK force mobilization."

"Penetrating Latin America has been an Iranian and Hezbollah project for decades. They have been recruiting allies and agents."