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“For us, it’s not a question of if it will happen but when.”

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“The true debate isn't about how much coverage ISIS merits, but what type.”

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An Infantryman’s life is defined by boxes.  They carry, they feed,  they arm, they sustain and they contain.

"Defense Secretary Ash Carter wants to open the door for more “lateral entry” into the military's upper ranks."

"More cash for Afghanistan’s army and police force — without any new conditions to try to ensure it doesn’t get gobbled up before making it to the battlefield."

"NATO is discussing how to step up its response to the European migrant crisis by expanding its presence in the Mediterranean region."

The report argues that the United States should develop a Uniform Policy on Civilian Protection.

“Conventional forces, Special Forces, guerrillas, terrorists, criminals all mixed together in a highly complex terrain environment, with potentially high densities of civilians.”

"Far from ending the two wars he inherited from the Bush administration, Obama is wrestling with an expanded set of conflicts in the final months of his presidency."

Some excellent work by Special Forces students at the Naval Postgraduate School.

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At the Hotel DeVille, the city hall of St Mere Eglise, France, the latest memorial ceremony highlights how tenuous is our hold on D Day first person participants.

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Islamic State has come under fierce attack on three fronts stretching from Iraq to Syria.

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“A day after Iraqi troops advanced through the southern suburb of Nuaimiya, scores of IS fighters attacked them, army officers told news agencies.”

“The response was overwhelming, though not in the direction that the journalist, Jessikka Aro, had hoped.”

Infinity Journal announces the release their latest issue. Registration is easy and free.


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Who are we and what are we all about?

“If you have not ever done so, I urge you to program into your next trip abroad a visit to an American military cemetery.”

U.S. officials are warning of Islamic State’s ability to inspire violent deeds around the world without commanding or having any direct contact with terrorists.

“After a series of terrorist attacks on hotels and other tourist sites that raised concerns all across Africa, the United States has increased training exercises with militaries here.”

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"From the outside, U.S. Special Operations Command’s latest attempt to find and test the best technology for its operators looks like one more downtown storefront here."

New York Times Op-Ed by Vietnam War veterans John Kerry, John McCain and Bob Kerry.