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“The Iraqi military marked ‘their Iwo Jima’ against the Islamic State group, according to the general overseeing air operations.”

“If he hadn’t failed at the Battle of Fort Necessity in 1754, we might not be celebrating Independence Day.”

“Here are snapshots of some brave American soldiers and civilians I met inside Syria last week who should make us all proud.”

“Long after the city is back in the hands of the Iraqi government, it will continue to be a prop for the Islamic State - although an altogether different one.”

"The White House has yet to define strategy for the next step in the struggle to restore stability."

"Raqqa and the Kurdish-dominated forces fighting in the city are now the epicenter of a new chapter for the Syrian conflict."

"The Syrian Kurds and their Arab allies are doing the fighting and the dying on the ground, and for better or worse, it’s their vision of governance that will take hold."

This recent CTC report examines the Islamic State’s self-reported military activities in 16 cities, 11 in Iraq and five in Syria.

Many U.S. military officials point to the Euphrates River Valley, namely Deir Ezzor province in Syria, and the area around the city of al-Qaim in Iraq.

“Cities in Iraq and Syria that have been liberated from Islamic State control still suffer a great deal of violence at the hands of the extremist group.”

“There is no guarantee that the United States can ‘win’ in Afghanistan, but it is quite clear that it can lose, with grave consequences for American security.”

“From Hue to Mosul, the mechanics of fighting in cities remain much the same.”

As the push to recapture Mosul from Islamic State enters its final days, Iraqi forces say they will soon launch an assault on Hawija, the terror group's last stronghold in the country.

WSJ op-ed: “President Santos’s deal for the FARC yields more violence.”

“As the fight against the Islamic State moves beyond its de facto capital in Raqqa, the Pentagon is readying itself for an increasingly complex battlefield in northern Syria.”

“Fast-paced developments between the various players of the Syrian war raise questions about the geopolitical importance of the northeastern region.”

“The Pentagon is considering a plan to cancel enlistment contracts for 1,000 foreign-born recruits without legal immigration status, knowingly exposing them to deportation.”

Lessons via the Australian Army’s Land Power Forum.

The deputy commander of the U.S.-led coalition working to defeat the Islamic State group said Monday "the final liberation of Mosul is drawing ever closer."

"The Islamic State group is in retreat across Syria and Iraq, and the contours of a new conflict among the array of parties battling it are already starting to appear."

Islamic State fighters defended their remaining stronghold in the Old City of Mosul, moving stealthily along narrow back alleys and slipping from house to house through holes in walls.

“What the siege of a Philippine city reveals about ISIS’ deadly new front in Asia.”

"The combination of ROK and U.S. SOF provide a powerful capability to the Commander of ROK/US CFC."

“It’s Trump’s national security adviser H.R. McMaster vs. Putin ally Valery Gerasimov.”

DOD faces five key challenges that significantly affect the department's ability to accomplish its mission. DOD has demonstrated progress addressing challenges, but significant work remains.

“Cases in Sahel, Lake Chad and other regions illustrate what works.”

“The president campaigned against nation-building. But he hasn't decided what to do instead.”

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"Several new factors now in play make the ISIS-linked coalition different. The ISIS drive to establish a global caliphate has given common cause to formerly unaffiliated groups."

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