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“Kerry that progress has been made in combating the Islamic State and violent extremism, and called fighting government corruption an integral part of the battle.”

"As Defense Secretary Carter calls for continued U.S. "boots on the ground" in Iraq and Syria to defeat the Islamic State, the public is still trying to figure out the current role...

“As Russia and the U.S. work to bring Syria’s government and its domestic opponents to peace talks next week, the two countries are jockeying for position on the ground.”

“Whatever the administration is thinking, it is clear that they have failed to learn at least five important lessons from the experiences in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.”

We are likely stuck with the lead from behind Global Shepherd doctrine until January 2017; this administration is not going admit that it is wrong at this point.

“Potential adversaries know U.S. military capabilities and vulnerabilities.”

"Peace in Afghanistan is possible, but first the parties need to let go of five pernicious myths."

“The balance of power in the Pacific is slipping away from the U.S. because the ‘pivot’ has been hampered by budget cuts, lack of clear policy goals and China’s willingness...

“A former Navy SEAL and current Defense Department official is being called on to revamp the federal government's effort to counter ISIS and other groups' recruitment propaganda....

“Slowly but surely al-Qaida’s Syria affiliate - Jabhat al Nusra - appears to be positioning itself to emerge as the victor in the U.S.-led war against the Islamic State.”

“The main 26 nations in the anti-IS coalition, as well as Iraq, will assemble in Brussels next month, after a NATO defense ministers' meeting, to continue the talks.”

“The Pentagon may strip the former general of a star. And Hillary?”

“His death was shocking: Suicide was rare among SEALs, unusual during a deployment in a war zone and unprecedented for a high-achieving SEAL officer.”

“Russia’s military intervention in Syria is finally generating gains on the ground for Syrian government forces.”

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Videos: “The Radicalized Foreign Fighter Threat: Real or Imagined?” & “Lessons Encountered: Learning from the Long War.”

“The UN says violence suffered by civilians in Iraq remains staggering, with at least 18,800 killed between 1 January 2014 and 31 October 2015.”

“The generals and admirals, who have been at war for 15 years, know that success can’t be bought cheaply.”

“Discovery of more civilians than expected, after what was a deliberate effort by fighters to use them as shields, suggests future battles against IS could be more complicated.”

A months-long struggle for control of the northern Aleppo countryside between Syrian insurgent factions and Islamic State militants is at a stalemate.

“A look at some issues that will shape the secretary’s legacy.”

Military Strategy of Ukraine by Yurii Butusov in his article for Dzerkalo Tyzhnia. Translation source is Censor.net.

“The Gray Zone is intense political, economic, informational, and military competition more fervent than normal steady-state diplomacy, yet short of conventional war. It is hardly new.”

“It would go down as the largest battle of Operation Desert Storm, yet it wasn't much of a fight.”

“Six weeks of relentless bombing. A ground war lasting all of 100 hours. Victory declared.”

“There was something almost biblical that transcended the spectacle of prime-time pyrotechnics and space-age war machines.”

"On 17 January 1991, exactly 25 years ago, Kuwaitis woke up to the news that the war to liberate their country, after five months of Iraqi occupation, had begun."

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“The United Nations' nuclear watchdog on Saturday confirmed that Iran has curtailed its nuclear program as agreed with world powers.”

New York Times twofer: The manhunt for El Chapo and why Mexico's mayors are cartel targets.