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This comment responds to the SWJ publication of  “A Proposed Framework for Appreciating Megacities: A US Army Perspective.”

A Professional Development Opportunity: A Summer With Grant - From the Green Notebook

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The release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl highlights a fundamental difference between the war in Afghanistan and previous American conflicts.

The Outpost - Book Review and Commentary

The New FM 3-24: What Happens When the Host Nation Is the Problem?

The counterinsurgency debate must go on, but is it going anywhere?

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What lessons should we have learned from Iraq and Afghanistan?

A Kellog-Briand Pact for the 21st Century: Why the International Community Rejected the Call for a Ban on Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems

"Mexico's apparent unabated rates of homicide, kidnappings and assassinations, with targets that include public figures and journalists, continue."

"The changes taking place within the wider Taliban network mean 'a wave of attacks throughout the country' should probably be expected".

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“There were some really fine foreign policy ideas being promulgated down to the tactical level. Unfortunately, no one had bothered to ask about the feasibility of implementation.”

What are the Basics? Developing for Mission Command by Donald E. Vandergriff, Law Enforcement and Security Consulting

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Until we figure this out, I'm afraid West Point will perpetuate an unacceptable gap in the space between the "scholar" and the "warrior."

Nigerians are increasingly pointing to rampant corruption and incompetence among police and military units.

“Terrorism is a tactic, it’s not a thing. They have now defined the United States as being in a global confrontation with a tactic…”

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“An exclusive look at the Afghan special operations forces that are key to President Obama’s Afghan counterterrorism strategy.”

Full Transcript of President Obama’s Commencement Address at West Point via The Washington Post (Foreign Policy Focus)

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"President Barack Obama will seek to keep 9,800 U.S. troops in Afghanistan after the war formally ends."

Best Practice or Best Strategy: Can New Counterinsurgency Doctrine Win Future Wars? By David Ucko,  ISN

The White House accidentally blew the cover of the top CIA officer in Afghanistan Saturday.

We shouldn’t approach professional reading with a checklist mentality, but instead put forth a more comprehensive effort.

Special Operations - An Army Core Competency by Lt. Gen. Charles T. Cleveland and Lt. Col. Stuart L. Farris, Army Magazine