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Senator McCain said he had been assured by defense chief Mattis and new CIA Director Pompeo that they would adhere to the Army Field Manual's limits on interrogation of terrorist suspects.

"It appears that new Defense Secretary James Mattis is preparing to start as early as Friday, when Trump is scheduled to visit the Pentagon."

"There are times when quick action can do more harm than good. The way in which the United States deals with violent Islamic extremism and terrorism is a case in point."

"With Britain set to leave the bloc within the next few years, the calls for a European Union military force could grow louder."

"Use of the law as a weapon of war may find favor with the Trump administration, according to some scholars and attorneys. The concept is popularly known as lawfare."

“Not enough was being done by the government of South Vietnam to remove the causes of the insurgency or the conditions that had driven so many to want to live under Communism.”

"The reality is, the U.S. military continues to rely on the Marines as a land force for confronting the nation’s most challenging ground-level, ­infantry-oriented missions."

"Experts see one hybrid tactic – narrative and cyber – playing an increasingly prominent role in current conflicts."

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"A handgun is not an aircraft carrier... The system is broken."

Short and sweet - Via USNI - SECDEF Mattis’ first message.

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“President-elect Trump should zero in on the following lessons from the Surge.”

"Islamic State is fighting hard to reinforce its presence in Syria as it loses ground in Iraq."

Trump has professed no great power doctrine and his advisers discourage applying labels to his vision of the world.

“The U.S.-led coalition in Syria has amassed an Arab force it considers large enough to move the fight against Islamic State into the city of Raqqa.”

“The so-called Islamic State lost almost a quarter of its territory in 2016, according to new analysis.”

President-elect Donald Trump's campaign pledge to wage war on "radical Islamic terrorism" is about to become U.S. policy.

"With just days left as commander in chief, President Obama is confronting a wrenching decision on whether to move ahead with plans to arm Syrian Kurdish fighters battling the IS."

“A top NATO general said aspects of the alliance were ‘obsolete’, saying that the Western military alliance needs to adapt for a changing world.”

“These options would increase the risk for US troops beyond what Obama accepted. One option would put hundreds of additional US troops into a combat role to take Raqqa.”

“Officials credit their slow-and-steady strategy, centered on local combat power backed by U.S. air support, for the gradual recapture of much of the territory held by IS militants.”

"In a 33-page white paper, 'Restoring American Power,' McCain says the US military cannot do what he says it must."

“A period of looming unpredictability will make the role of the Department of Defense unusually important in shaping the Trump team’s thinking during its first year and beyond.”

"They are some of the biggest names in the Republican national security firmament, veterans of past GOP administrations."

A grand U.S. strategy for Syria - three options and the risks and gains for each.

"The president-elect favors people who have been successful in the private sector and amassed personal wealth over those who have achieved prominence in academic or policy fields."

"Outgoing CIA Director John Brennan on Sunday issued a stern parting rebuke to Republican Donald Trump."

To be sure all governments collect intelligence, including damaging information on rivals, real or imagined. But "kompromat" is an entrenched Russian practice.

“Commanders say they’re already fighting ISIS the right way: ‘by, with, and through’ local forces.”