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Recent DoD Blogger Roundtables

Transcripts from 1 - 25 January 2008 Department of Defense Blogger Roundtables.

U.S. Army Colonel Edward J. Kornish on Afghan Police Force training. The Regional Police Advisory Command-South is making steady progress building a professional Afghan police force in Afghanistan's austere South region.

U.S. Army Colonel Wayne W. Grigsby, Jr. on combating extremism south and east of Baghdad. The Army 3rd Infantry Division's 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, deployed since February 2007, is fighting extremism in areas south and east of Baghdad, Iraq.

U.S. Army Brigadier General Edward Cardon on local security gains influence national action in Iraq. As Iraqis continue to organize at the local level to help with security, they are creating pressure on Iraq's national leaders to build on momentum.

U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Gregory J. Smith on Iraq still in Al Qaeda's grip. The coalition's success securing Baghdad and Iraq's Anbar province from al Qaeda will need to be repeated in other parts of Iraq.

U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel David L. Coggins on Iraqi Navy progress. Over the past year, NATO members have been working to train the Iraqi navy and its petty officers.

U.S. Army Major General Rick Lynch on Iraqis continuing to move forward. More than 31,000 citizens are now providing security assistance to coalition forces south of Baghdad and southern provinces.

U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Cy Bartlett on Iraqi Air Force 'coming on strong.' Iraq's new air force passed its infancy in 2007 and will continue to grow over the next few years.

U.S. Army Colonel John S. RisCassi on U.S. forces eliminate al Qaeda sanctuary in Baghdad. A Baghdad neighborhood formerly overrun by al Qaeda has been cleared of the enemy and is starting to thrive again.

Mr. Louis P. Lantner, Provincial Reconstruction Team Leader, on micro-grants helping to rebuild Iraq's economy. Small grants to help Iraqi businesses rebound are paying dividends, as improved security has benefited economic recovery.

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