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Petraeus, Polls Disagree On Afghan War Progress

Petraeus, Polls Disagree On Afghan War Progress by David Wood, Huffington Post. BLUF: "Petraeus argued that a substantial number of American troops will be needed well after this July, while the Afghan government, at the national and local levels, is prodded and encouraged and trained. While the Post-ABC poll found that nearly 80 percent of respondents wanted a "substantial'' withdrawal of troops this summer, Petraeus said many of those who are withdrawn from secure areas may be reassigned within Afghanistan rather than brought back home."


I didn't get to see the entire hearing, so I'm asking if someone can enlighten me. How many times was meddling on the part of Pakistan's ISI or corruption within the Karzai government mentioned? These are serious concerns within the Af-Pak problem that need to be addressed.