Parameters - Spring 2017 - Now Online

Parameters - Spring 2017

Mission Command: Strategic Implications

Mission Command 2.0: From an Individualist to a Collectivist Model by Anthony C. King

Mission Command in the Australian Army: A Contrast in Detail by Russell W. Glenn

Legacy Concepts: A Sociology of Command in Central and Eastern Europe  by Thomas-Durell Young

After 15 Years of Conflict

Operational Success, Strategic Failure: Assessing the 2007 Iraq Troop Surge by Charlotte F. Blatt

Tracking Democratization: Insights for Planners  by Stanley J. Wiechnik

Immunity in Contingency Operations: A Proposal for US Contractors by Ellen "Elle" Klein

Enhancing Resilience in an Operational Unit by Douglas A. Sims II and Amy B. Adler

Modernization among US Partners

Australia's Offset and A2/AD Strategies by Ian Langford

The French Army at a Crossroads by Rémy Hémez

Review Essay

Torture and the Human Mind by Larry D. Miller


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Commentaries and Replies

A Dialogue on Strategy

Book Reviews

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