Small Wars Journal

Parameters Spring 2012 Now Posted

The latest edition of Parameters (Spring 2012 Vol. 42 No. 1) is now available online. Here's the lineup:

The Complexity Trap
by Michael J. Gallagher, Joshua A. Geltzer, and Sebastian L. v. Gorka

The European Debt Crisis and American Security Policy
by Zachary Selden

Counterinsurgency, Legitimacy, and the Rule of Law
by Thomas B. Nachbar

Identifying Emerging Hybrid Adversaries
by Christopher O. Bowers

Fear and Outrage as Terrorists' Goals
by John A. Lynn II

Allies and Airpower in Libya
by Erica D. Borghard and Costantino Pischedda

The Reassertion of the United States in the Asia-Pacific Region
by Tanguy Struye de Swielande