Small Wars Journal

October's CTC Sentinel

The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point has recently posted the latest edition of the CTC Sentinel - lots of good stuff as usual to include the feature article Field Notes on Iraq's Tribal Revolt Against Al-Qa`ida by Dr. David Kilcullen.

Here is the scoop on the remaining articles listed as reports by the Sentinel:

Islamic State of Iraq Commemorates its Two-Year Anniversary by Pascale Combelles Siegel, British Muslims Providing Foot Soldiers for the Global Jihad by James Brandon, Anatomy of Spain's 28 Disrupted Jihadist Networks by Javier Jordan, The Impact of Global Youth Bulges on Islamist Radicalization and Violence by Colleen McCue and Kathryn Haahr, Jama`at al-Fuqara': An Overblown Threat? by Farhana Ali and William Rosenau, The Threat of Terrorism to the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa by Anneli Botha and Iraq as the Focus for Apocalyptic Scenarios by David Cook.

Check it out.