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OBL: Epic Fail and Legacy

Osama Bin Laden: Epic Fail? - Dr. David Betz at Kings of War:

"... On the other hand, I also agree with something Bruce Berkowitz wrote about Bin Laden years ago in his book The New Face of War: 'History will not portray Osama bin Laden as a mere terrorist, rather instructors at West Point and Annapolis will cite him as one of the first military commanders to use a new kind of combat organization in a successful operation.' There's no contradiction here; Bin Laden joins a long list of military innovators who fought in lost causes. The advantage of being first is often fleeting and I think, hope earnestly, that that is what is happening here ..."

FPRI Perspectives on bin Laden's Demise - Foreign Policy Research Institute:

The world is better off without Osama bin Laden. But his demise does not mean the end of terrorism. What is bin Laden's legacy, and what will Al Qaeda and its affiliates do in the post-bin Laden era? We asked two Senior Fellows of FPRI to comment on these questions -- Lawrence Husick and Barak Mendelsohn.


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Wed, 05/04/2011 - 12:15pm

hai omar.
You should watch these videos.

<a href="… Khan Rips Apart MQM And Hoodbhoy 4 of 4</a>
Want me to translate? American terrorists go home.
<blockquote>This is the may 4th 2009 episode of Capital Talk show with Hamid Mir. Imran Khan leaves his critics and enemies speechless and clueless. You dont want to miss this episode!</blockquote>
Dr. Hoodbhoy is a maftoon.