Now Hear This... (Bumped)

Bumped to the top - weekend surge anyone?

We really, really, try to avoid inter-service rivalries but will make an exception in this one case -- because it is for a really good and noble cause, we were asked to help out Team Navy and we like underdogs. Via e-mail from Project Valour-IT shipmate Maggie:

... Every year, just before Veteran's Day, the Milblog world breaks up into service related teams to raise funds. The funds we raise purchase assistive technology for wounded service members. It started with voice activated laptops and has expanded to include WII units (which help with physical therapy) and GPS (which helps brain injured patients stay on track). Because the parent charity -- Soldiers' Angels, covers overhead, 100% of donations to Project Valour-IT go directly into purchasing technology.

This is our 5th year and Navy normally makes a very good showing. This year, inexplicably, we are getting creamed. So I write for two reasons -- one, this is pretty much our one big event and we need to do well in order to meet the needs of the wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. There is a waiting list as I write.

Secondly (and much less important), Navy is getting creamed and it's killing Mary and I!

Here is some additonal information, how to help out Team Navy and contribute to a very important cause:

Project Valour-IT Main Page

Contribute to Team Navy's Efforts

The History of Project Valour-It

Editors' Note: Forgive us Chesty for we have sinned.

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I know it's Saturday and all - but not much movement today after a great Friday. Brother, can you spare a dime?

Let's Beat Army!

Oooh, I like your gumption. We're only 15k behind. That's what Bill Gates shakes out of his pockets at night.

...anyone know Bill Gates?


Looks like more than squeaking right now, but we still need more surge power - Let's not look back at Air Force - Let's Beat Army!


Too kind and thanks.


I owe you big time! You ask and it's yours....

Maggie, Goddess of the Naval Blogging Strike Force


Hey, I'll take squeaking ahead over lagging behind! But we have five more days to make some progress. Navy can do it!


What I find even more disturbing is that this project has nearly equaled the *entire* Combined Federal Campaign annual donation from the staff members at the Missile Defense Agency. (Our total Agency goal is $95,000 -- or one Starbucks grande latte per month from each of our 1,800 government employees and military. Even DARPA, with less than 10% of our total staff, has a higher goal....)


Well we ain't one-percenters around here - come on guys and gals - can we see a couple more percentage points tonight?

Hells bells, I chipped in a few bucks and with that and this post I've had my Marine decal stripped off my truck by the MPs - in my driveway no less, been PNGed by the Marine Corps Association, forced to march the walk of shame in front of the Quantico O'club and told I have to have my EGA tatoo surgically removed NLT COB tomorrow!


Thank you! Thank you!

Now that we've lulled the others into a false sense of victory, Team Navy can pull ahead! (or something)


Thanks for the support! I'm an Army vet, but for this cause I joined the Navy to honor the memory of my dad who served in the Navy AMPHIBS in WW II.

Thanks for the post, guys. I think you bumped us up by the 1% we needed to squeak past USAF!

Thanks for posting it. I misunderstood what Valour IT was. I didn't realize it was for wounded vets - I thought it was just for vets in general.

Hmm, things looking dynamic over at PV, looks like Navy just pulled ahead of the junior service. Go Navy!

Navy does have some nice items up for auction.

Ultimately, all funds go to the same pot, so donations only matter as point of pride. I'm sure the Army doesn't mind being a distant runner-up to the USMC in much the same way the Navy doesn't mind being edged out for third place by the Air Force.

Well, the Marines do have a commanding lead, so I guess they can safely endorse the Navy this time :)

Thanks you guys!!! And let me know if you need a ride when the Quantico MP's pull the stickers off your car!

Forgive us Chesty for we have sinned.

We are hurt! Deeply hurt! :)

Seriously, happy to see anything that helps out our sister sea service (try saying *that* 3 times fast!)

Thank you so much for jumping in to help the underdog! And look at it this way: Navy... Marines... it's all in the family. ;)