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Marine Corps Center for Irregular Warfare

In an earlier post we linked to a Fredericksburg Free Lance Star interview with Colonel Dan Kelly, Director of the new Marine Corps Center for Irregular Warfare. At that time we could not locate a web page for the CIW -- this morning we did. From the index page:


The Center for Irregular Warfare (CIW) is the central Marine Corps agency for identifying, coordinating, and implementing irregular warfare capability development initiatives across all elements of DOTMLPF in order to increase, improve, and enhance Marine Corps capabilities and capacities to conduct operations across the spectrum of war against irregular threats.


USMC CIW improves IW and related capabilities across the entire operational spectrum with particular emphasis on the irregular operational challenges by researching best practices, supporting doctrinal development, providing subject matter expertise to leaders and organizations, and by coordinating and supporting improvement and integration of IW tenets into training and education programs and curricula. CIW conducts outreach to other military and civilian entities with a shared interest in irregular warfare and non-kinetic effects operations.

Be sure to check out the IW 101 slide presentation. Other material includes the CIW Charter, the IW Joint Operating Concept and the QDR Roadmap. It appears the CIW will also begin producing a monthly newsletter in the near future.



Sun, 11/25/2007 - 4:19pm

Concerning the links - I just accessed each link provided above. If I were a betting man I'd go with the TECOM site was temporarily down. Try again.

Tomcat1 (not verified)

Sun, 11/25/2007 - 2:15pm

Looks like if the links with CIW did not work