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Joint Force Quarterly Articles of Interest

Joint Force Quarterly is published by the National Defense University Press for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. JFQ is the Chairman's flagship joint military and security studies journal designed to inform members of the U.S. Armed Forces, allies, and other partners on joint and integrated operations; national security policy and strategy; efforts to combat terrorism; homeland security; and developments in training and joint professional military education to transform America's military and security apparatus to better meet tomorrow's challenges while protecting freedom today.

Issue 47, 4th Quarter 2007 of Joint Force Quarterly is now posted. Here are several articles of interest:

The Country Team: Restructuring America's First Line of Engagement by Robert Oakley and Michael Casey, Jr.

The Phoenix Program and Contemporary Warfare by Mark Moyar

Arresting Insurgency by Kyle Teamey

The U.S. Air Force and Stability Operations Transformation by Oliver Fritz and Gregory Hermsmeyer

The Missing Component of U.S. Strategic Communications by William M. Darley

Anaconda: A Flawed Joint Planning Process by Richard B. Andres and Jeffrey B. Hukill

Five Years after Operation Anaconda: Challenges and Opportunities by Michael W. Isherwood

Countering Chinese Influence in Africa by Philippe Rogers

Five Lessons from China's War on Terror by Martin Wayne

More in this "Focus on China" edition of JFQ.